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From: "David Butler" <>
Subject: Re: Robert Sydney Oliver born Torquay 1872
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 20:11:43 +1100
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New South Wales Death certificates can be obtained from the NSW
Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Box 30 GPO, Sydney,
Australia, 2001. It is some years since I last got certificates, at
that time the charge was A$20 if the registration number was quoted,
A$26 if registration number not quoted. In my previous email, I quoted
the reference numbers for the marriage and the death. There are
transcription agents who charge less. One such can be reached by
emailing but I have never used this service
and cannot give a personal recommendation - of course I have no
adverse report either.

Australian National Archives issue Fact Sheets, sheets 137, 31, 30 and
138 relate to the navy. Aust Nat Arvhives' web site is
I believe most naval records are held in Melbourne, their email
address is I believe they would reply to queeries
but would not undertake any research for you.

Other naval records could be found at Australian War Museum -
Canberra. The AWM often has interesting and unexpected information
including diaries, reference books, academic theses and artefacts. I
don't have that web site at hand, a search engine will find it for

If RS Oliver was a sea captain, NSW State Records (previously known as
NSW State Archives), can probably confirm that fact because they have
lists of shipping movements and the masters are listed. Other sailors
are seldom referred to. and
would be a help. Again, only very brief
questions can be answered by email.

"Osneath" would be the name of the house. It was a common practice, in
those times, to name houses. Letters were addressed to the house name,
usually with a street name as well and the suburb. If the house still
stands, it probably retains the name but the street name would be
needed to identify the house.

In 1924, Croydon would have been one of the most western of Sydney's
suburbs. Now it is still a predominantly dormitory suburb but
considered one of the inner western suburbs. In fact, Sydney has
expanded so much that its centre is approximately Parramatta, which is
considerably further west of Croydon.

Croydon is probably in the area controlled by Burwood Council - most
councils have archives and could provide a history of the suburb and
photos. I don't know if they have a web site but it is worth a search.

David Butler ()

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