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From: "Terry Leaman" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:20:13 -0000
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Madalene, sorry can't help directly, but your piece about monies collected
for the repairs to St Pauls is an example of the collections ordered by the
Sovereign from around the country to repair or rebuild churches damaged by
fire or other disaster, I knew about one done for St Marychurch in 1713 and
recently found the following reference to it;-
Swanage Register. 1563 To 1812 (Dorset)
Briefes Colld- 1713
Another for St Mary Church, loss by ffire in ye County of Devon, publisishsd
ye 01 Nov 1713 & Coll'd thereupon one shilling 0 1 0 (Modern money 5p)
(From CD English Parish records, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset &

There is also a reference in Northumberland (way up north) where 2shillings
and ten pence halfpenny was collected (modern money about 14p)

So I reckon that the parish of Ilsington was very generous in its collection
for St Pauls.(modern money £2.52)
Terry Leaman
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although I can still offer full transcriptions of any entry found there.
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On Mike Brown's "Guide to Dartmoor" CD, in reference to Ilsington parish
church he comments on:

notes penned on a couple of spare pages of one of the seventeenth
century registers .... briefly mentioned... the tax [which] became known
from henceforth as Queen Anne's Bounty.

In addition to a 1291 tract he found another record of a type which he
had found for no other Dartmoor parish. He says the preamble at the head
of the page is in many respects the more interesting than the 1291
tract, for it records the monies -

"Given and collected in the pish of Ilsington by the pishnors towards
the reparation of the famous Cathedral Church of St Pauls in London Ao
1637: the sume of fifty shillings and six pence - £2 10s 6d"

Then follows two lists of donations given to the two churchwardens,
which suggests that these were house-to-house collections, with the
names of all of those who contributed, the sums given varying from
tuppence (two pence) to five shillings.

Could sks in or around Ilsington have a look at this record and provide
the list with the names of the contributors? My interest is in any
SKINNER contributors.

TIA, Madalene Frost, Gt Barrier Island, New Zealand

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