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From: "Tompkins, M L.L. (Dr.)" <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] The Devon muster roll for 1569
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 21:41:55 +0000
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<<Does anyone have this book and would do a look up?
The Devon muster roll for 1569
As the record in 1577 indicates he was a Esquire I'e been told he should be listed in that record.>>

Dear Nelda,

I was in the library today so I had a look at the Devon Muster Roll of 1569 and the Devon Lay Subsidy Roll of 1581. Bad news, I'm afraid - Martyn Dare wasn't mentioned in either.

In fact the 1569 Muster Roll mentioned only one Dare - a Robert Dare in Yarcombe. He was one of the parish officials who provided the parish's information to the musterers, so he was presumably one of its leading inhabitants, perhaps a yeoman or minor gentleman.

The 1581 Subsidy listed two Dares - Robert Dare in Yarcombe again (one of the few inhabitants to be taxed on land, not goods, so again one of its leading residents), and a John Dare in Dawlish.

I also looked at the Devon Subsidies of 1524-7 and the Hearth Tax of 1660. These each listed a handful of Dares, in Seaton, Axminster, Kilmington and Totnes (1524-7) and Seaton, Beer, Kilmington and Yarcombe (1660) - all (except Totnes) in the far eastern corner of Devon.

Interestingly a quick look at the Dorset subsidies of 1523, 1545 and 1594 produced another handful of Dare references, all crowded into the far western corner of Dorset (in Wootton Fitzpaine, Charmouth and Lyme Regis), plus one in Overcompton. So it seems such Dares as the two counties contained were largely to be found in a small area on the Devon-Dorset border, and perhaps that is where Martyn Dare is most likely to have come from.

Unless he came from somewhere else entirely, of course. If, however, he was a gentlemen and was living in Devon in c1570-80 then it rather looks as though he was not sufficiently wealthy to have been taxed in 1581 or required to pay for a militia man in 1569 - perhaps he was a younger brother or son of someone who was. Of Robert Dare in Yarcombe, perhaps.

Matt Tompkins

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