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Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:38:34 -0700

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Author: John Robert PEAVY "Bob" Date:

Dear Judi HAMM,

This information principally concerns the late 18th and early 19th
century records of Luke MIZELL d 1827 and his grandsons Guilford PEAVY
b c 1800 and Luke Mizell PEAVY b 1805-1810. Prominent in these
WILLIAMS families. Some of this information is from The History of
Screven County, Georgia (THoSCG, edited by Dixon HOLLINGSWORTH, 1989,
318 pp); most of the remainder is from indices and published abstracts
of the records of Effingham Co GA (formed 1777, primarily from St.
Matthews Parish), Screven Co GA (1793) and Bulloch Co GA (1796).

Note (Historical Marker): "FIRST COUNTY SEAT -- Between 1765 and
1770 a group of settlers mostly from North Carolina settled and
received grants of land in the vicinity of what is now Rocky Ford.
Among the first settlers were Benjamin LANIER, Lemuel LANIER,
Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH, Francis JONES, Thomas MILLS, Anthony
BONNELL, Abraham MINCEY, Robert DICKSON, and Michael DICKSON. The
first county seat of Screven County was established here on December
14, 1793 at the home of Benjamin LANIER. Across Mile Branch from
this marker was the first Court House." [First Sheriff - William
COURSEY, First Clerk of the Superior Court - Thomas HILTON, First
Clerk of the Inferior Court Robert WILLIAMS, First Surveyor - Robert
STAFFORD, First Register of Probate - Lemuel LANIER, First Coroner -
William BRIGAR]

Georgia Loyalist Petition to Sir James WRIGHT - from Ebenezer, St.
Matthews Parish 21 Jun 1781:

Effingham Co GA Deed Book A-B p 22:
10 Nov 1786 Sarah MIZELL, planter, to Luke MIZELL, both of Effingham
Co. 200 acres on the south side of the Great Ogeechee River.
Witnesses: Francis JONES, James WILLIAMS

Note. Luke MIZELL (?son of William MIZELL I of NC, ?grandson of Luke
MIZELL II, and brother/son of William MIZELL II)
m1 ? NC? (Nancy MIZELL PEAVY's and Jincy MIZELL DOUGLAS' mother)
m2 by 1794 Susannah JONES DICKSON "Sukey" b c 1753 d c 1814 widow of
Robert DICKSON (RS b c 1750 d c 1783 m 1 Jan 1771 at Zion Lutheran
Church, Ebenezer in St. Matthews Parish, now Effingham Co GA) and
mother of
Sarah DICKSON (b c 1772 m Robert WILLIAMS),
Elizabeth DICKSON (b 20 Nov 1774 m1 22 Dec 1793 Effingham Co GA
m1 Bird Thomas LANIER b 1770 d < 1807, son of Benjamin LANIER m2
Susannah DICKSON (b c 1776 m Mitchell?/Michael? PEAVY),

Robert DICKSON (b 13 Sep 1777 m Hannah LANIER d 1817),
John DICKSON b 1780,
Allen Jones DICKSON b 1782 m1 Martha BONNELL (div! 1804) m2 4 Mar 1805
Bulloch Co GA m2 Susannah HENDRICKS
(reference Reavis DIXON of Waycross GA)
m3 c 1814 Patience DAUGHTRY MINCEY b 1756-60, daughter of Michael
DAUGHTRY d 1799 and widow of Abraham MINCEY d 2 Nov 1801.

Note: Francis JONES Sr of Wales moved through the Carolinas, then to
GA c 1764 d 1774 Screven Co GA m1 Mary ROBBINS, m2 Elizabeth HUCKABEE.
By m1, a son John JONES b c 1746. Children by m2 included: Francis
JONES Jr b c 1765 d 1811, James JONES RS b 17 Apr 1764 d 24 Jan
1824, Matthew JONES, and Susannah JONES "Sukey" who m1 Robert

Effingham Co GA Deed Book A-B p 106:
11 Mar 1788 John LANIER, planter of Effingham Co. to Luke MEAZLE,
planter of same county, 100 acres on the north side of the Great
Ogeechee River adjacent to the grantee. Witnesses: Caleb HOWELL J.
P., Benj. LANIER J. P.

Effingham Co GA Deed Book A-B p 336:
7 Nov 1790 Luke MIZELL to James JONES, both of Effingham Co., stock of
cattle and hogs, 2 mares, household goods, 5 sheep. Consideration 100
pounds. Witnesses: Robert WILLIAMS, Joseph JACKSON J. P.

Effingham Co GA Deed Book A-B p 337:
23 Dec 1790 Luke MIZELL to James JONES, both of Effingham Co., 955
acres on the south side of the Great Ogeechee River, bounded west by
John NEVILL, south by Andrew Elton WELLS. Also 200 acres on the south
side of said river, another tract of 200 acres on the same side of the
river, totalling 955 acres. Witnesses: Michael DICKSON, Jos. JACKSON
J. P.

Effingham Co GA Headright and Bounty Grants 1790-1795: Luke MEZELL
(and other MEZELLs)

Legal notice from newspaper "Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the
State" Augusta Richmond Co GA:
1 Oct 1791 Effingham County tax defaulters for 1991 include Robert

Effingham Co GA Deed Book C-D p 3:
29 Dec 1792 James JONES to Francis JONES both of Effingham Co. 250
acres on south side of Ogeechee River in Liberty Co. Witnesses: Luke

Note (from a HOLLINGSWORTH Christmas Card): "A Christmas Festival in
1793" portrays the historical events (historical facts mixed with
fictional details) which celebrates the marriage of Bird LANIER, son
of Benjamin and Susannah LANIER, to Elizabeth DIXON, daughter of the
late Robert DIXON and Susannah JONES DIXON MIZELL, wife of Luke
MIZELL, which was 22 Dec 1793. The party also celebrates the 14 Dec
1793 decision of the legislature to establish Screven Co GA and the
upcoming election on 19 Jan 1794 of the county's first officers,
including Lewis LANIER as the first State Senator, and Clement LANIER
(son of Benjamin) as first Screven County member of the State House.
The vows were taken before the groom's great uncle Justice Lemuel
LANIER. Likely participants include the widows Elizabeth MILLS, Vear

HOLINGSWORTH and Elizabeth HUCKABEE JONES. Likely guests include:
Anthony BONNELL, John and Winefred BONNELL, James and Elizabeth JONES,
Francis and Polly JONES, Ben and Mary WOMACK, Joseph and Sarah
JACKSON, Clement and Sallie LANIER, Robert and Sarah DIXON WILLIAMS,
Stephen and Jane MILLS, Abraham LANE, Drury JONES, Abraham and
Patience DAUGHTRY MINCEY, William and Anne BLACKMAN, Richard and
Letitia COOPER, John and Sarah LANIER, Lemuel L

Legal notice from newspaper "Georgia Gazette" Savannah Chatham Co GA:
10 Sep 1794 Screven County Mrs. Susannah DICKSON was appointed Admx.
estate of Robert DICKSON 27 May 1783 in Effingham County; she is now
Susannah MIZELL, and applies for dismission from her trust.

Bulloch Co GA Deed Book A (1796-1805) p 1, recorded 1796:
2 Oct 1796 Witnesses: Luke MIZELL J.P., Francis JONES, Suckey MIZELL

Notice from newspaper "Columbian Museum & Savannah Advertiser, Fri 20
Oct 1796 4:1 NOTICE This is to forewarn all persons, from trading for
a note of hand, given by Charlton, and Luke MIZELL, to Mordecai
SHEFTALL, for the sum of eleven pounds, seventeen shillings and
fourpence half penny -- Bearing Date the twenty-first day of April, in
the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four, -- As I have his
note for more than that sum. October 28th Luke MIZELL.

Screven Co GA Petition to Governor James JACKSON, Commander-in-Chief
for Georgia: 14 Jul 1800 -- Among fourteen listed in a volunteer
militia, Captain Clement LANIER's Volunteer Company of Artilley,
residents of Screven Co GA, were John LANIER, George WILLIAMS, Joel
JACKSON, Robert DICKSON -- signed James BEVILLE

Bulloch Co GA Deed Book A (1796-1805) p 52, recorded 15 Dec 1801:
25 Apr 1801 Indenture between Luke MIZELL & Suckey his wife, Planters,
Screven Co. and John STAFFORD of Hancock Co. $540 for 200 acres, 160
acres bounded by John NEVILS, Auder Litton MILLS

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 321, recorded 2
Jan 1804:
28 Nov 1801(?) Witnesses: Luke MASELES, Isaac PEAVY

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 321, recorded 9
Aug 1802:
20 ___ 1802 John DICKSON, planter, of Montgomery Co., to Isaac PEVEY,
planter, of Scriven Co., for $100, 150 acres on north side of
Ogeecheee River in Scriven Co. and vacant on all sides; also 100 acres
adjoining the above on the north and on the east. Witnesses: Allen

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 395, recorded 1
Jan 1806:
24 Nov 1802 Michael PEAVY and wife Suckey (also named as Susannah), to
James JONES for $90 a tract of land on the public road from Louisville
to Savannah adjoining lands of James JONES and Luke MIZELL, originally
granted to Sarah FOLSOM who married Robert BURTON, who conveyed the
land to John HENDRICKS, who conveyed it to Michael PEAVY. Witnesses:

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 333, recorded 11
Apr 1803:
22 Jan 18__ John HENDRAKES and wife Polly to Michael PEAVY for $500,
100 acres on the big road from Savannah to Louisville, originally
granted to Sarah FOLSONS. Witnesses: Lewis LANIER, Francis JONES

Screven Co GA Deed Book 2A p 78:
28 Mar 1803 Luke MIZELL to Nancy PEAVY - Bill of Sale conveys one-half
of all his stock, notes and money

Screven Co GA Land Plat Book A (1793-1812), p 311:
Warrant dated 5 Sep 1803 and surveyed 19 Feb 1805 for Michael PEAVEY
of GA for 200 acres of Pine lds. on Jackson Branch, bounded by vacant
land and the lands of Cullen HARDISON, Jno. DICKESON, Robt. WILLIAMS
and M. PEAVY

Screven Co GA Land Plat Book A (1793-1812), p 312:
Warrant dated 5 Sep 1803 and surveyed 18 Feb 1805 for Michael PEAVY of
GA for 200 acres of Pine lands bounded on three sides by vacant land
and on the fourth side by Cullen HARDISON (overwritten on "Vacant")

Screven Co GA Land Plat Book A (1793-1812), p 312:
Warrant dated 5 Sep 1803 and surveyed 19 Feb 1805 for Michael PEAVY of
GA for 200 acres of Pine ld. across Jackson Branch, surrounded on all
sides by vacant land

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 342, recorded 1
Jun 1803 (two entries):
Suckey MIZELL to her daughter Sarah WILLIAMS. Witnesses: Luke

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 369, recorded 24
May 1804:
Joseph PEAVY to Robert DIXON for $50, one half of two tracts surveyed
for John DIXON and conveyed to Isaac PEAVY, dec'd., the two tracts
containing 250 acres. Signed by Joseph PEAVY and Nancy PEAVY.
Witnesses: Luke MIZELL, Robt. WILLIAMS

Note: Thus, by 1804, this Isaac PEAVY has died, although his? lands
are referenced in a deed in 1806 - see below

1805 GA Land Lottry: the orphans of Isaac PEAVEY drew land in
Wilkinson Co

Screven Co GA Deed Book A (1794-1805, 1801-1810), p 420:
30 May 1806 Joseph PEAVEY registered his mark and brand - branded NP


May God Bless You and Your Family,

Bob (John Robert PEAVY)
Rincon GA
______________________________ Reply Separator
Subject: JOSEPH PEAVY Author: Date:

Mr. Peavy,

I am responding to a message you sent on Apr 16, 1998 regarding Joseph,
and Isaac PEAVY.

Do you have any dates for Joseph and his wife Nancy MIZELL PEAVY?

You reference a Michael PEAVY who married a Susannah ?DICKSON? who had land
warrants in 1803-1804-1805 in Screven Co GA.

I have recently received information that a Robert DICKSON b. abt 1750 Duplin
co NC d. 1782 Screven Co GA. married Susannah "Sukey" JONES in 1771. After
Robert died Susannah married Luke MIZELL.. I don't know if she was Luke's
1st or
2nd wife. Therefore, I don't know if she was the mother of Nancy MIZELL. I
Susannah's father as Francis JONES but do not know who her mother was.

I show Robert and Susannah DICKSON had a daughter named Susannah who married
Mitchell PEAVY.

I am trying to locate the parents of my 3 great grandparents who were John
DICKSON b. 1789 GA d. 1856 Conecuh Co AL and his wife Martha Patsy PEAVY b.
1784-89 GA d. 1776 Conecuh Co AL.

In your message you stated that Joseph and Nancy granted land to their sons
and Isaac in 1808. You also found a Luke PEAVY listed in the 1850 Randolph
census aged 40. Would this be the same Luke. Wouldn't he have had to of
been 18
to 21 yrs old in 1808 to receive land? Therefore, he would have been born
between 1787-1790.

You also found a Nancy and Michael PEAVY participated in the land lottery of
1807. Was Nancy listed alone? Could this be the wife of Joseph since he was
alive in 1808 to grant land to his sons?

I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, Judi HAMM
Pensacola, FL.

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