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From: John R Peavy <> (by way of "Tony & Sue (Skay) Abruscato" <>
Subject: [DIXON-L] Re[4]: DICKSON MIZELL PEAVY Screven Co GA Part II
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:39:06 -0700

Dear Judi HAMM,

I placed numbers in your message and my response for clarifiaction.

{1} Please, there's no question of offense about the data or its
interpretation -- I too am just trying to get it right -- that's why I
attach all the pertinent data, particularly from "primary" sources,
that I run accross as support (or even when they amy seem to undermine
my interpretation). I should admit that abstracts are techincally
secondary sources - most of the time, I do not have easy access to
primary sources, that is, the documents that are abstracted. But even
primary sources must be looked at critically.

Note - examples: I recently found a ten-year error in an abstract
of an application for a pension from the children of an ancestral
Revolutionary War soldier; Screven Co GA probate documents confirmed
that the RS actually died in 1825, not 1835. A friend who has
copies of the papers from the application file confirmed the 1835
date included in that file (which could have been an inadvertent
error in the original writing or an attempt to avoid a possible
statute of limitations problem - the application was not made until
1845). I found one-year errors in a birth date and a death date
among two families buried at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah; a
list of church baptisms shows the error in the one, a newspaper
obituary shows the error in the other. So, even when written in
stone ... have that critical eye.

I am also just learning about these early Effingham, Screven and
Bulloch Cos GA citizens, and I truly appreciate your looking
critically at my effort for error and disagreement. My generous
use of ? concerning data which I cannot substantiate acts as a
guide in doing further research, and is not meant to mislead.

{2} I suspect that Mitchell is a mispelling (either 200 years ago or
more recently) or a corruption of Michael. I refer to him only as
Michael because all that I have, that is, the abstract of deed
records (technically secondary) and a copy of deed plats (primary),
show him only as Michael PEAVEY/PEAVY. The deed abstract mentions
his wife Susannah/Suckey. I, so far, have no way of knowing whether
this wife is Susannah DICKSON "Sukey," daughter of Susannah JONES
DICKSON MIZELL "Sukey" and Robert DICKSON Sr RS, and step-daughter of
Luke MIZELL. I have seen the Robert DICKSON webpage of Kati SMITH
(), and am very hopeful that we can find the
primary source for the Susannah DICKSON-Mitchell PEAVY connection and
the Mitchell spelling, however, on that webpage Kati SMITH does not
indicate a wife for the younger Susannah. My LDS-induced wild goose
chase of the mobile Mrs. Nathan (Bobbie DIXON) PORTER was to, in
part, clarify (and find the primary sources for) that connection and
the accompanying list of children, one of whom has the same name and
approximate birth year as my ggggfather, Guilford PEAVY b c 1800,

whom I know to be the son of Jospeh PEAVEY and Nancy, daughter of
Luke MIZELL. The information also lists Annie BLITCH as Guilford's
wife. My Guilford m 7 Sep 1829 Screven Co GA m Dicy MOORE, daughter
of John William MOORE b c 1779 d Nov 1837 and Dicy SIKES b c 1780 and
granddaughter of William SIKES (Richmond Co GA will) and Elizabeth
_____. Dicy's father is likely the John MOORE who witnessed Luke
MIZELL's will in 1827.

{3} Patience DAUGHTRY MINCEY MIZELL was Luke MIZELL's third wife and
his widow, as well as that of Abraham MINCEY's. I do not know if
there is a connection between her and Mary DAUGHTERY.

Luke MIZELL d 1827

m1 _____ in NC? (Nancy PEAVY's and Jincy DOUGLAS' mother)

m2 1783-1794 Susannah JONES DICKSON "Sukey" b c 1753 d c 1814,
widow of Robert DICKSON Sr (RS b c 1750 d c 1783 m
1 Jan 1771 at Zion Lutheran Church, Ebenezer in St.
Matthews Parish, now Effingham Co GA) and mother of
i Sarah DICKSON (b c 1772 m < 1794 Robert WILLIAMS, no
ii Elizabeth DICKSON (b 20 Nov 1774 m1 22 Dec 1793 Effingham
Co GA m1 Bird Thomas LANIER b 20 Nov 1770 Burke Co GA
d < 12 Jan 1807, son of Benjamin LANIER and Susannah
iii Susannah DICKSON (b c 1776 m? Mitchell (Michael?) PEAVY),
iv Robert DICKSON Jr (b 13 Sep 1777 d > 1817 m Hannah LANIER b
13 Sep 1779 d 8 Feb 1802, daughter of of Benjamin
LANIER and Susannah GREEN?, no children),
v John DICKSON b 1780 (to Montgomery Co GA by 1802),
vi Allen Jones DICKSON b 1782 Effingham Co GA d 1845 Bulloch
m1 by 1802 Martha BONNELL (divorced 1804)
[On 26 Feb 1802, Allen Jones DICKSON infamously deeded
Martha to John PARRAMORE, who deeded her in turn to
John BONNELL on 4 Mar 1802]
m2 4 Mar 1805 Bulloch Co GA m2 Susannah HENDRICKS
m3 23 Sep 1838 (where?) m3 Mary DAUGHTERY
[Sukey's children would have been age 1 to 11 in 1783 and 12 to
22 in 1794 - Luke and Sukey together raised at least some of
these children, and, about the time of and after her death, Luke
was appointed guradian for many other children: orphans of
Francis JONES 1812-1813, orphans of Bird LANIER 1815-1816,
orphans of David HENDRICKS 1817, and, in 1818, Cynthia WEATHERS,
daughter of William WEATHERS]

m3 c 1814 Patience DAUGHTRY MINCEY b 1756-60 d > 1830, daughter of
Michael DAUGHTRY d 1799 and widow of Abraham MINCEY d by 2 Nov
[Michael DAUGHTRY's will of 3 May 1798 was recorded 5 Apr 1800 in
Screven Co GA Deed Book A p 219. The will mentions his daughters
Patience, Mary (and her son Jesse), Elizabeth, Precilla, and
Abigail, his son Joseph [Joseph's will dated 8 May 1841] (and

Joseph's sons Michael, Lemuel [who had a son Francis by 1841] and
William) and a granddaughter Mary. Executors are his son Joseph
and Clement LANIER.]

{4} I have the following deed abstract:

Screven Co GA Deed Book A p 108 (recorded 6 Nov 1797):
James CASWELL to James Caswell DICKSON, son of friends, Michael
DICKSON and wife Ann, for 5 shillings and affection, 100 acres,
originally granted to Micajah BROUMLEY [BRUMBLY] on 8 Mar 1785 and
conveyed by him to Michael DICKSON on 26 Jun 1785, by him to John
MOORE, then to James CASWELL [7 Sep 1792 witnesses John MCCALL and
Clem LANIER], situated on Jones Mill Branch, bounded by unknown and
vacant land. Witnesses: Luke MIZELL, Bird LANIER, John HENDRICKS.

This and other deed abstracts place Michael DICKSON in Screven Co GA by
1785 and through 19 Apr 1804.

In the Fall 1976 issue of the Georgia Genealogical Magazine 62:293 is a
note from the Contributing Editor which follows an abstract of the 21 Apr
1817 will of Benjamin LANIER. The note refers to a book "Lanier" by
Louise Ingersoll; pp 93-106 show that his daughter Mary LANIER b 25 Dec
1759 Duplin Co NC m1 Benjamin WOMMACK/WARNOCK? (d by 1817 by whom she had
a son and four daughters) m2 Michael DICKSON (the will lists no DICKSON

{5} According to Reavis E. DIXON of Waycross GA, Robert DICKSON (b c 1742
PA?/MD? d c 1793 Duplin Co NC father of a John DICKSON) and Michael
DICKSON (b 17 Jun 1731 County Down Ireland, to Pendleton District SC) are
the sons of John DICKSON b 1704 County Down Ireland who came to New
Hanover Co NC c 1745. These two are sometimes confused with the Robert
DICKSON (b c 1750 d c 1783) and Michael DICKSON of Screven Co GA, who may
have been brothers and may have been the sons of the Michael DICKSON
of NC
and SC. The History of Screven County, Georgia, in Family History
F116 evidently does just that in saying that the GA pair sold land in
joint ownership in Duplin Co NC. Furthermore, if the GA Robert
was appointed Inspector of Tobacco by the Executive Council on 23 Sep
1784, as the article states, then it was done posthumously.
Incidentally, John LANIER, George WILLIAMS, William CASWELL and Robert
DICKSON [Jr] are on the roster of Captain Clement LANIER's Volunteer
Company of Artillery in 1800.

{6} I don't have any information about DICKSONs in VA. Do we know if
these folks are related to the NC, SC and GA DICKSONs? Are those
DOUGLAS folks related to the later ones in the Effingham, Screven and
Bulloch Cos GA area with some of the same names (see next paragraph)?

{7} I had included the DOUGLAS information because Luke MIZELL's
daughter was Jincy DOUGLAS, and the coexecutor of Luke MIZELL's will
was Daniel B. DOUGLAS. The 1818 abstract implies that Daniel B.
DOUGLAS was the minor son of the late John DOUGLAS and therefore would
have been a relatively young man by the time that he was coexecutor,

and was possibly the husband of Jincy (by age, more likely her son -
at least two PEAVY grandsons of Luke MIZELL are not mentioned as
beneficiaries in the 1827 will and at least one of them inherited;
Nancy's son Guilford PEAVY is the only grandson mentioned as such).
In a 23 Dec 1790 Effingham Co GA deed from Luke MIZELL to James JONES,
James DOUGLAS and Robert DICKSON [Jr] are adjacent property owners,
witness include Michael DICKSON. On 9/10 Sep 1791, Francis JONES,
John MIZELL and Samuel WILLIAMS appraise the estate of James DOUGLAS.
On 11 Feb 1793, John MIZELL deeded to Matthew JONES 200 acres on
Fulsom's Branch in Effingham Co GA, adjoining Francis JONES and _____
DOUGLAS. On 8 Nov 1794, the collector of taxes sold to the highest
bidder at public outcry, James JONES, 150 acres on Francis JONES' Mill
Branch and the Ogeechee River, the former property of James DUGLAS,
adjoining lands of Francis JONES and Matthew JONES. There are many
DOUGLAS(S)/DUGLA(E)S(S) entries in the first Screven Co GA deed book -
I can explore them later to see if there are clear connections (I'll
be away from my e-mail for about ten days).

{8} According to one scheme of the MIZELL ancestry (that my Luke MIZELL
was the son, rather than the brother, of William MIZELL II of NC to GA
c 1771), Luke MIZELL b 1757 d 1827 has a younger sister Sarah MIZELL b
1760 m David HENDRICKS d 1807. But, neither Sarah MIZELL HENDRICKS,
widow of David HENDRICKS, nor her daughter, Sarah HENDRICKS, who
appears to be a minor in 1817, is likely the second wife of Allen Jones
DICKSON in 1805 -- if the date of 1807 is wrong for her widowhood, then
the date of 1760 for her birth must also be wrong for her to have ten
children after 1805. So neither of these ladies is likely the one.

According to a cousin of mine, as supplemented by an article that
appeared in the Sylvania Telephone on 25 Nov 1976, Elizabeth HENDRICKS
b 1797-1800 d > 1860 m Thomas W. EVANS b c 1803 Morgan Co GA? d < 20
Apr 1859 Screven Co GA. These are my ggggparents. She was the
daughter of John HENDRICKS RS b 1755-1758 Saluta Co SC d 21 Oct 1837
Screven Co GA m c 1780 & Mary TALLENT "Polly." Her siblings were John
HENDRICKS Jr b 1780-1782, Martha HENDRICKS "Patsy" b 1782-1784 (m? John
WATERS in 1822), Sarah HENDRICKS "Sally" b 1784-1786, Celia HENDRICKS b
1789 m John MINCEY b 1787, Mary HENDRICKS b 1795, Jane HENDRICKS, James
HENDRICKS (b c 1800?), and Wyley HENDRICKS b 1802-1804 d c 1858 m 10
Apr 1823 Screven Co GA m Cynthia WEATHERS b c 1805 d > 1858 (by
Alexander DOUGLAS J.J.C.). John HENDRICKS Sr RS was a private in James
JONES Company of Effingham Co GA militia in 1793. This Sarah HENDRICKS
would be of about the right age, but I have no evidence at this time.
(Also, a Sarah HENDRICKS ?d < 1850 m 9 Aug 1823 Screven Co GA m Isaac
WATERS Jr b c 1804?).

I would think that Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia Volumes I though IX
(I hear X is in preparation) may help us with many of these families.

May God Bless You and Your Family,

Rincon GA
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Subject: Re: Re[2]: DICKSON MIZELL PEAVY Screven Co GA Part II
Author: Date:


{1} I hope you don't get offended when I question you on the information you
sent. I am not saying that any of it is wrong just trying to clarify things

{2} I wonder if Robert and Sukey's daughter Susannah did marry Michael rather
than Mitchell PEAVY. The name Mitchell was given to me by Kati Smith, email
. She has a web page at

www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/3043. She shows Robert DICKSON and his

{3} She descends from his son Allen Jones DICKSON and his 2nd wife Susan
HENDRICKS. She also shows Allen's 3rd wife to be Mary DAUGHTERY married on 23
Sep 1838. In your last message you listed this wife as Patience DAUGHTERY
and being married c. 1814.

{4} What do you have on the Michael with wife Ann?

{5} Do you have anything on John DICKSON b. 1704 Ireland d. 1774? moved to
Duplin Co NC around 1749 married Ann WILLIAMS. He came from Ireland to PA and
then Duplin Co NC. He had sons, Michael b.1731 Ireland d. 1825 Pendleton
District SC married Sarah NEELY b. 1735 d. 1830. John Jr. b. 1737 Ireland d.
1785 Abbeville District SC, and Robert b. ? Duplin Co NC married Catherine
Pearsall. This information came from Bennett DICKSON email bennett-

{6} Next there is the Michael DICKSON b. abt 1726 Lunenberg Co VA d. abt 1796
Person Co NC married abt 1747 to Mary DICKSON b abt 1729 Brunswick Co VA d.
bef her fathers will was written in 1763. This Mary was the daughter of
Thomas DICKSON b. 1690 d will probated 15 Mar 1765 Halifax Co VA and Mary ?
DOUGLAS b abt 1705 Va d. will probated 17 Mar 1774 Halifax Co VA.. In this
Mary's will she names her sister Anna DIXON, her son ALEXANDER DOUGLAS and her
brother William DOUGLAS. I don't know if the son Alexander means she had a
husband ? DOUGLAS before marring Thomas DICKSON or if DOUGLAS was her maiden
name which would be indicated by her brother William DOUGLAS. William DOUGLAS
is listed as ESQ when he gave an accounting of Thomas DICKSON's estate in
1773. In this he lists payments to care givers of the widow Mary and also
payments to Alexander.

{7} In your messge you listed Screven Co Ga Court of the Ordinary Minutes
(1811-1829) pp 86 & 90: 1818 Alexander DOUGLAS is administrator for the estate
of John DOUGLAS and guardian for Daniel B. DOUGLAS and Elizabeth DOUGLAS. Do
you know who these people are?

{8} Also Buloch Co GA Inferior Court Book X (1815-1843) p. 8: 3 Mar 1817 Luke
MIZELL was appointed guardian of Susannah HENDRIX, Mary HENDRIX and Griffin
HENDRIX heirs of David HENDRIX, dec'd. Is this the same Susan HENDRICKS that
was the 2nd wife of Allen Jones DICKSON and according to Kati Smith, they
married in 1805.

Again let me thank you for all that you have sent and your patience and time
in answering all my questions.

God be with you and yours,


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