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Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] DNA-NEWBIE re: the Spanish Influenza, etc.
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Could this be what you were thinking about?
A sample of lung tissue from a 21-year-old soldier who died in 1918 at Fort
Jackson in South Carolina[4], yielded what the Army researchers were looking
for: intact pieces of viral RNA that could be analysed and sequenced. In a
first publication in 1997, nine short fragments of Spanish flu viral RNA
were revealed (Taubenberger et al. 1997). Due to the rough tissue
preparation procedure in 1918, no living virus or complete viral RNA
sequences were recovered.



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> If I recall, there is a laboratory in Canada that has "DNA" from bodies
> of
> the Spanish Flu victims. OR....maybe I am just dreaming!! But I do
> believe
> that there were many bodies exhumed from a cemetery near the border of
> Canada
> and the U.S. about 10 or so years back. Can someone substantiate that??
> My maternal grandmother had that flu and survived...barely I guess...so I
> should have an immunity to it. Another immunity that I have evidently
> collected is due to the "Hong Kong Influenza" bug I caught in the
> 1960s/late or early
> 1970s....can't recall exactly. It was the worst I have ever seen in my
> lifetime... I almost died of it. The doctors seem to think that it gave
> me an
> immunity to other types of influenza.
> We could stand to take a look at history to determine the importance of
> vaccines, etc.
> Thanks all....and to the person that noted the flu story.
> For the amateur genealogists, it is a good practice to acquire obits,
> death
> certificates, and written family histories at least 70 or so years old.
> This
> will give you clues regarding your family immunity and health matters.
> Barb By.
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