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Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] DNA-NEWBIE Inherited "Stuff"...!
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 16:44:56 EDT

Now, stop me if this sort of thing is off topic, but I believe that I just
recently heard that "personality traits/characteristics," certain likes and/or
dislikes of food, temperament, etc. (I guess that falls under traits), are
being seen now as inherited.

This would mean that our entire DNA makeup is full of things that we
previously did not consider "inherited traits."

I have lined up all the death certs that I have on most of my 200 yrs of
family on both sides. Believe me, they tell a definite story about health,
profession, etc., and personality traits that have drifted down to the present

Well, I suppose this is not scientific to some folks, but to a genealogist
it "can" tell a story of sorts.

Thanks much from all the knowledgeable folks on the list!!!
Much appreciated.

Barb By.

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