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From: Nelda Percival <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] mtdna is not a sex chromosome...
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 17:33:19 -0500
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Hi Val...
Good to hear from you too.. MY only point in this... is this is a newbee list... and although, some of you into biology know the difference, between saying some thing creates the sex of a person and something is sex-linked. Others do not.. to include myself when I first started.

I thought mtdna was the female sex chromosome.. how else could they get dna from it to test.. then I learned!!! ... then my next suprise was that not all chromosomes were held within the nuculas.

MTDNA because it has is its own cicular dna string is considered a chromosome. it is the dna within the mtdna that allows it to be tested. Because it is passed almost unchanged and has no recombination as the X sex chromosone does, it is used for identifying the female in the case of genealogy.

And when they ever get the kinks out of autosomimal testing... It will open a world of research for all of us..


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