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From: Nelda Percival <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] DNA test pending WALKER: Glasgow Scotland andNew Brunswick
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 23:17:35 -0600
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Scotland has a pay site that is wonderful for records... I believe it is:


1. I have subscribed to the the Glasgow list and several related to New Brunswick. I followed the DNA list but found it too technical to be useful to me.
Answer: Glasgow list? A mailing list? at Rootsweb.com? Good idea!

2. At this point the personal page for me on the FTDNA site doesn't seem to let me set the options for how the data is released but in anticipation of that being turned on (when the tests are done I assume)
ANSWER: First you need to contact the Walker project administrator. Second… Yes and no on options of how the data is released. You either marked it to share only with your surname or to openly share.
3 I gather I will be able to set how widely my results will be shared, whether it is only in the surname group and what number of matches I would like to be notified about.
ANSWER: see basically above… No on number of matches, you will get everything from 12 marker matches to 67 marker matches…from perfect match to 3-4 – 5 - ??steps of differences. (You will be compared to all who have tested at FTDNA)

4. I wonder if I am missing the point of these settings. (SORT OF) I would have thought that doing this sort of testing one would want to allow the broadest available circulation of the data both in and outside of my surname group. Is there some reason to limit these settings?
ANSWER: That is up to you.. but, in my own opinion, no if you limit your comparisons you limit your ability to find relatives and to confirm your paper trails….

5. I would also have thought that circulating results amongst databases owned by other companies would enhance the likelihood of finding matches.
ANSWER: It would be if…(all this wasn't the truth) and this takes explanations… Different companies developed their own research – primers – primers allow different marker results – different companies want to get back their cost of research and write their scientific papers.. so they don’t necessarily share and when they do sometimes you have to adjust the results so that they can be compared. As new markers are found the company who found them will sell those markers but other companies can’t because they are preparatory.
There is some strong competition between the different companies. And! They do not all offer the same thing.

6. I gather Ysearch.org is one way to do that. Are there others as well? Is there any reason not to do this sort of thing?
ANSWER Ysearch was developed by FTDNA for “OUR “ use to do comparisons with other companies.. I know of no other company that offers this openly to anyone from any company.
7. Basic advice… talk to your surname project administrator… we are volunteers but normally everyone of us could answer these types of questions and should help you.
Your Welcome and ask more here if you need, as this is also where you learn….


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