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Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] SMGF
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 10:33:08 EST


You should be able to locate your results in the SMGF database by
searching on your surname. You will then be able to identify yourself from the
pedigree you submitted.

SMGF have a list showing the conversions for the various markers but
unfortunately Family Genetics are not included on this chart:


I believe Family Genetics upload their customers' results to Y-search. If
you are on Y-search I presume therefore that Family Genetics will have
converted your results to the FTDNA values.

Family Tree DNA have promised to update their database and Y-search in
line with the NIST standards. The upgrade is scheduled early this year as
stated in this interview:


I've not had my mtDNA tested with SMGF but I understand it's quite
difficult to convert the data into a format which makes it comparable with other
companies. The best solution might be to pay the small fee to unlock your
data and add it to SMGF's commercial arm Genetree. I've no experience of
using Genetree and perhaps others can advise.

The best place for searching for mtDNA results is Mitosearch, the public
database sponsored by Family Tree DNA:


You will be able to upload your SMGF results to Mitosearch for comparison

There is a list of mtDNA haplogroup projects and resources on this page:


By the way have you had any communications from Family Genetics in recent
weeks? Their website has been down for the last couple of months, they are
notably absent from the exhibitors' list for "Who do you think you are?
Live", and we rather suspect that they are the latest victim of the recession.
Do you have any idea what is happening to their database and their stored

Debbie Kennett

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