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From: "Debbie Kennett" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-NEWBIE] How many family members should be tested?
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 14:47:49 +0100
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As others have advised, you only need to get one male from each line tested.
It is usually best to get the oldest family member tested wherever possible.
This is especially important if you are considering the Family Finder test.

One Y-DNA test on its own doesn't tell you very much. The value of the test
is in the comparison process and whether or not you get the answers you want
depends on who else is in the database.

For both testing scenarios you might have to wait for the appropriate
matches. There is currently no project for the Saul surname, though the name
is included in a project for the surname Soule. This is however an American
project looking at Mayflower descendants of a specific lineage in America
and is therefore not likely to yield any useful matches. Ideally you would
need to galvanise all your fellow Saul researchers in the UK and get your
own surname project set up.

There is quite a large project for the Evans surname, though looking at the
results again it does appear that quite a high percentage of the project
participants are in America. There are however growing numbers of people in
the UK taking DNA tests, and the databases are growing all the time.

I concur with all the other respondents that Family Tree DNA is by far the
best company to test with. They have the largest international database
(including more British participants than any other company), the widest
range of tests and an extensive number of projects. The two projects
mentioned above are both hosted by Family Tree DNA.

In addition to the surname projects there are lots of geographical projects.
I have put a list of the geographical projects for the British Isles on my


You can also join the relevant haplogroup project at Family Tree DNA if you
are interested in exploring your deep ancestry.

The 37-marker test is usually sufficient for surname matches but if you are
interested in deep ancestry then it's worth ordering the 67-marker test from
the outset. If you start with a 37-marker test you can always order an
upgrade at a later date. It is marginally more expensive to order this way.

Debbie Kennett

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