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Subject: Re: [R-M222]Cenel Conaill And the Donegal Kingdoms, AD 500-800 - Dál Fiatach
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 20:08:50 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 8/22/2011 2:50:57 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
With McEvoy's Haugheys and Jerry's work with the Annals and my M222 test
unusual matches, I pretty sure that the Dál Fiatach were M222, at least on
the main line.

That would be an oddity in pedigrees if the Dal Fiatach turned out to be
M222. There's no link to the Dal Cuinn anywhere in sight.

Here's Dunlevy pedigree from O'Clery:

1789. Cu uladh m Concobair m Duinn slebe (o ta ffulit .h. Duinn slebhe) m
Eochada m Neill m Eachdach m Ardgair m Madadain m Aedha m Eochugain m Aedha
m Eachdhach m Fiachna m Aedha roin m Beicc boirche m Blaithmaic m Mail
coba m Fiachna m Demain m Cairill m Muiredaigh muindeirg m Forga m Dallain m
Dubhtaigh m Mianaigh m Lughdhach m Aednghusa finn m Ferghusa duibhdhetaigh m
Iomachdha m Fionncadha m Ogamain m Fiatach finn (o ta Dal fFiatach) m
Daire m Dluthaigh m Eithsin m Eachdach m Sin m Rosin m Trein m Roitrein m
Airndil m Maine m Forga m Fearadaigh m Oilealla erann m Fiacha fer mara m
Aonghusa turmigh m Echach foiltletain m Oilella caisfhiaclaigh m Connla
cruaidcelgaigh m Irereo gleofhataigh m Melge molbthaigh m Cobthaigh caoilbregh m
Ughoine moir.

This is one of the pedigrees O'Rahilly would have labeled Erainn from the
name Daire. Some think that is connected to the Darini of Ptolemy's map.
They appear near the Robogdii whom most think are the Dal Riata and the
Voluntii which most think are the Ulaidh.

I was puzzled though by the amount of M222 that seemed to appear in
Maguinness samples.

Let us lift our heads at Craebh Ruadh,158
Let us enumerate the chief kings of Uladh,159
The lands of hospitality, with spears,
The O'Duinnsleibhes,160 the O hEachadhas.161

160. O'Duinnsleibhe, otherwise called MacDuinnsleibhe, and now anglicised
Donlevy, without either prefix. This family lost its ancient rank shortly
after the English invasion, and a branch of them removed to Tirconnell,
where they became physicians to O'Donnell. Some of them passed into Scotland,
where they made the name Dunlief and Dunlap, and others have changed it to
Livingston. See Annals of Four Masters, A.D. 1149, 1178, 1227, 1395, 1586.

161. O'h-Eochadha.- This family was of the same race as O'Duinnsleibhe,
and also lost its ancient dignity about the same time. It is now anglicised
Haughey, Haugh, and Hoey, without the O'. See Annals of Four Masters, 1114,
1164, 1172, 1194.

These notes are by O'Donovan. I don't know where the idea that they
migrated to Donegal came from.
There is an oddity in the Leabhor Clann Suibhne that mentions a Dunlevy
family in descent from the MacSweeneys of Donegal..

"Of Toirrdhealbhach of
Béal Atha Daire, the next chieftain, there
is no record in the Annals. His descendants
are said to have assumed the name of Mac
Duinnshléibhe,^7 now known as ' Dunlevy".

There's a writeup of the Dunlevys in Donegal in Donegal History and
Society. It states the first Dunlevy on record in Donegal is Muirchetach mac an
Ultaigh sl. 1281 along with an O Domhnall. Then it mentions a physician
Muiiris mac Poil Ultagh who d. 1395, chief physician of the Cenel Conaill.

Somewhere, I can't remember where, I read a somewhat critical view of
this descent. Mac an Ultaigh just means son of the Ulster man. The surname
is not traced in the O'Clery genealogies and the writer speculated that the
Utlaghs of Donegal simply adopted the idea that their Ulster ancestors were
the O'Donlevys of east Ulster (KIngs thereof).

What the truth is I do now know.


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