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From: Uncle Billy Dunbar <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Surname Sampling
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 14:45:28 -0400 (EDT)
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Interesting Don; My Ancestor William Dunbar came over from Ireland somewhere between 1728 and 1730 and his Wife Catherine who I believe was Barclay not sure where they married but she is possibly from N. Ireland too. They settled in Penn around Carlisle.

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From: Don Milligan <>
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Sent: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 12:35 am
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Surname Sampling

I can confirm that my ancestor was "George Millikin ( son of Samuel Millikin
and Elizabeth Barclay) became "Milligan" in the 1820 census of Warrenton,
Jefferson Co., Ohio, emigrated in 1819 from Ballynashee/Ballyeaston area of
Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The ancestry of the above George and Samuel Millikin goes back to "John
Millikin" circa 1640, who is listed along with a "James Millikin" (brother
or father) within the plantation area of Co., Antrim, Ireland.

Presumably; John and James Millikin were from the Morton area of Nithsdale,
Scotland. Our Milligan family DNA shows a common ancestor with the Grierson
family of Nithsdale. See Anatole's DNA analysis of the Amuligane and
Grierson families.

George Milligan's first wife was Mary McClelland and their daughter Mary
Milligan came with them to Jefferson Co., Ohio. His wife Mary died soon
after arrival.

George then married Mary Pasters, daughter of Francis Pasters and Anastatia
Maria Beall who came from Maryland to Warren Township, Jefferson Co., Ohio.

George and Mary Pasters Milligan had ten children there.

My ancestors were George Milligan and Mary Pasters Milligan's second son
George Milligan Jr., who married Mary Jane Smith and were the parents of
Clyde Mitchell Milligan, who married Katherine M. Hoel, and they became the
parents of Donald Clyde Milligan Sr., who is my father, who married my
mother Alice Shea, daughter of Peter James Shea (son of John Daniel Shea
from Co. Kerry, Ireland, who moved to Iowa and then Minnesota, with his
wife, Sarah Ann Nugent, daughter of Mathew Nugent, descendant of the Nugent
and Carbery clans in Co. Armagh, Ireland.

Peter J. Shea's wife, Esther Andersson, was the daughter of Karl Andersson
and Kristina Kjell from Vastergotland Sweden who settled in Ogema, Outagamie
County, Wisconsin.

I am Donald Clyde Milligan Jr. married to Angelina Rose Jimenez, deceased:

Our son George O'Shea Malcolm McLean Milligan & his wife Sherry Ballough:
Their son Brady Alexander Milligan, & their daughter McKenzie Milligan.

Our daughters:

*Erin Margaret McGriff Milligan & her husband Paul McAleese from Belfast,
Northern Ireland: Their children Malachy Cucullainn Milligan McAleese, and
Bronagh Angelina Milligan MAleese.

*Bridget Mary Jane McKee Milliigan.

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Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:18 PM
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Surname Sampling

Well I can confirm that my Ancestor to this country settled in the
Lancaster, Cumberland area of Penn. I have a written record that he came
from Northern Ireland 1730. I believe he had two brothers that came over
too just notting saying what County they left. It Could very well have be

Billy Dunbar

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From: Malcolm McClure <>
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Sent: Thu, Apr 12, 2012 4:46 pm
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Surname Sampling

McCune's 1966 list of Scotch-irish Ancestors is interesting and in
reasonable accord with my own interpretation of their origins. I would
reserve judgement on whether all those surnames were indigenous the Galloway
area for centuries before the 1700s. Some of the names have a distinctly
Irish identity and several others could also be construed as originating in
North Ireland. There has been travel between Ireland an Galloway for many
millennia, although of course the use of surnames goes back only a thousand
years or less.

I have selected some candidate names with seeming Irish affinities from
McCune's list for discussion:
Possible Irish Migrants to Galloway?


Baird, Beattie

Campbell, Cannon, Carrick, Clark, Cormack, Cunningham

Dun, Dunbar, Duncan

Gilchrist, Gillespie, Gillmour,

Kennedy, Kilpatrick, Kyle

McAdam, McBride, McCall

McClanachan, McClelland, McClure

McConnel, McCormick, McCrae, McCulloch

McGhie, McGill, McGowen

McKelvie, McKenna

McNab, McTaggart

Martin, Milligan, Mulroy

Tait, Tagart

Susan has said

" I'm not certain for myself in regard to M222 that surname is one of the
criteria that I would use to look at the clade. I would rather see a nearly
blind study where the surnames were kept separate from the study until that
data had been analyzed and the information ready to assemble with the names
then matched up to the numbers assigned to each result. That would be a
more honest approach, and likely would be more revealing than if surnames
were a consideration from the beginning. But that is simply an opinion."

I think there could be merit in a wider debate about the structure of a 37
marker study of say, 1000 males.
We are seeking convergence of M222 clades at some undefinable point in the
distant past.
If we select the blind 1000 sample from names that have a stable history in
the "source " area it seems we would be more likely to distinguish branches
than twigs.
It might well be that the branches pointed to early migration of distinct
populations to the common area, with the common M222 ancestor much father
back in time. However I think we need to restrict the sampling method to
that possibility before attempting to extract time estimates from a
mish-mash of anonymous randomised data, albeit currently indigenous to

If we can develop a clearcut rationale to justify our objectives, it will be
much easier to gather support for the necessary expenditure.


On 12 Apr 2012, at 15:12, Susan Hedeen <>

> A post from C McCown to the L21 list has a link to this which is
> interesting and in the subject of surnames and likely pertinent to
> M222 or some of the names listed below. L21 group 1426C apparently
> has a SNP! This is from his post: "McCowns believe themselves to be
> Scotch-Irish... aka Ulster Scots that came to American( VA and PA )
> in the early 1700s. Since there seem to be ties Clan MacLellan, I
> think this is a Galloway/Scot Borders type."
> You'll find several of the 1426C surname matches on this list.
> Chuck Gibson (View posts
> <http://boards.ancestry.com/authorposts.aspx?uname=Chuck+Gibson&uid=&u
> em=iT6K9cpDEI4R8U5VrkYzHNPh9GNjBd53&rurl=http%3a%2f%2fboards.ancestry.
> com%2fthread.aspx%3fmv%3dflat%26m%3d98%26p%3dlocalities.britisles.scot
> land.kkd.general>)

> Classification: Query
> Posted: 18 May 1998 12:00PM GMT
> This was found in the SCOTCH-IRISH archives at rootsweb
> The following is an excerpt from THE ANCESTORS OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH by
> Joseph Condit McCune, published in Western Pennsylvania Historical
> Magazine, volume 49, (1966), pp. 328-329. McCune argues that not only
> were the Scotch-Irish of Presbyterian Lowland stock but that they came
> exclusively from the southwest region, Galloway. This was, of course,
> the area where the the Covenanters were most prevalent and, according
> to McCune, these people are the ancestors of the Scotch-Irish of
> America. A very interesting and partially convincing argument but the
> list of names, however intriguing, suggest some of the problems as
> well. His point is that about two thirds of the same names for
> Galloway appear on the 1790 census for Pennsylvania. However, he does
> not account for the fact that many of these names could also be
> English and Irish. W. John Shepherd.
> "The following are some of the surnames from Galloway transplanted to
> Pennsylvania anterior to the taking of the first United States Census
> in
> 1790-
> Adair, Agnew, Alexander, Alison, Allan, Anderson, Andrew, Arnot,
> Austin, Baird, Barbour, Barclay, Barton, Beattie, Beck, Beggs, Bell,
> Benton, Bigham, Bishop, Black, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blythe, Boyd,
> Bratton, Broadfoot, Brown, Bruce, Bryan, Bryce, Buchanan, Burney,
> Byres, Caldwell, Calhoun, Campbell, Cannon, Carlyle, Carrick,
> Carruthers, Carson, Chalmers, Chambers, Charters, Christie, Clark,
> Clelland, Cockrane, Colvin, Connell, Cook, Cormack, Corsan, Coulter,
> Cowan, Craig, Crawford, Crumb, Cunningham, Currie, Dalrymple, Dalzell,
> Davidson, Dempster, Dicksone, Dill, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Dods, Donald,
> Donaldson, Dorman, Dougan, Douglas, Dun, Dunbar, Duncan, Edgar,
> Elliot, Erskine, Ewart, Ferfuson, Findlay, Fisher, Fleming, Forsythe,
> Fraser, French, Fullerton, Fulton, Galbreath, Galloway, Geddes,
> George, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gillespie, Gillmour, Gladstone, Glover,
> Gordon, Gowan, Gracie, Graham, Gray, Guthrie, Hall, Hamilton, Hanna,
> Harkness, Hay, Henderson, Heron, Heslop, Hope, Houston, Hunter,
> Hutcheson, Inglis, Innes, Ireland, Irving, Irwine, Jackson, Jamison,
> Jardine, Johnston, Kay, Keith, Kennedy, Kent, Kerr, Kilpatrick,
> Kincaid, Kinzean, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kyle, Laurie, Law, Lawson, Leith,
> Linn, Little, Livingston, Lockart, Lockhart, Logan, Lorimer, Lowrie,
> McAdam, McBride, McCall, McCallum, McCance, McCartney, McClanachan,
> McClean, McClellan, McClung, McClure, McComb, McConnel, McCormick,
> McCrae, McCulloch, McCune, McCutchon, McDougall, McDowall, McElvain,
> McEwen, McFadden, McGhie, McGill, McGowen, McIntosh, McKain, McKay,
> McKee, McKelvie, McKenna, McKenzie, McKnight, McLean,McMaster,
> McMillan, McMurray, McNab, McNaught, McNish, McRobert, McTaggart,
> McWhurter, McWilliam, Mair, Marshall, Martin, Matheson, Maxwell,
> Miller, Milligan, Mitchell, Moffat, Montgomery, Morison, Morton, Muir,
> Muirhead, Mulroy, Mundell, Murchie, Murdoch, Murray, Neilson, Nicoll,
> Nicholson, Orr, Osburne, Pain, Palmer, Park, Parker, Paterson, Paton,
> Pauling, Peacock, Pearson, Peden, Porter, Porterfield, Pott, Ramsay,
> Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Rigg, Robertson, Robeson, Robinson,
> Robison, Robson, Roger, Rose, Ross, Rowan, Rule, Russell, Sanderson,
> Scot, Semple, Shank, Sharp, Shaw, Shearer, Shilling, Short, Simpson,
> Skelly, Sloan, Smith, Spence, Steven, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling,
> Stott, Strachan, Sturgeon, Tait, Tagart, Taylor, Telfer, Templeton,
> Tennen, Tennet, Thomson, Trail, Turner, Vance, Walker, Wallace,
> Wallis, Warner, Watson, Waugh, Weir, Welsh, Whitehead, Whyte,
> Wightman, Wilkie, Williamson, Wilson, Woodde, Wright, Wylie, Young,
> These names appeared in the Borgue Covenant, 1638; the official lists
> of testaments (wills) of Kirkcudbright; the census of Wigtown and
> Minnigaff, 1684; lists of Covenanting ministers, or lists of persons
> whose lives and estates had been forfeited."
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