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From: "Donald Alexander Barnett" <>
Subject: [R-M222] Barnett surname with m-222 marker
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 10:04:41 -0300


I'm a Barnett whose ancestor Daniel Barnett or Barnet

supposedly emigrated from Orkney about 1811 to Pictou then Edgetts Landing
in what is now New Brunswick

Canada. Scotlandsdna tested my DNA and reported that I've the m-222 "north
Ireland - lowland Scotland" marker.

I note on the





web pages that Andrew Barnett, born in co. Antrim Ireland in 1808, is
M222+ also.

Apparently there is a descendant in Australia.

Barnetts with M222 seem rather scarce on the internet.

I am wondering if there are any other Barnetts out there who know they are
M222, and if they know of any relationship between

Andrew Barnett of Co. Antrim Ireland, and Daniel Barnet(t) of Orkney. I
haven't been able to clearly trace Daniel in Orkney though a local

Search was done for records.

This is my first shot at using this forum, so I hope the content is


Donald A. Barnett

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