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From: Iain Kennedy <>
Subject: [R-M222] New branch of M222 defined by FGC4077 and FGC4078
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 08:27:39 +0000


I am pleased to announce that Steve Lominac who tested S7073* with Chromo2 has just tested positive for the FullGenomes discovered SNPs FGC4077 and FGC4078. These two SNPs are derived in my results and a person in the Personal Genome Project. David Wilson is also currently testing them and I look forward with great interest to hearing his results. Two people with sequencing results have confirmed they are negative for them as predicted.

Thanks to Thomas and Astrid Krahn for turning this test around so quickly (about 10 days) and to Dr. Greg Magoon for the analysis work that found the SNPs, and my personal research team.

My private SNPs are also going to be available for further testing very shortly. In the meantime anyone who comes up as S7073* on Chromo2 should consider taking this new test. Anyone who hasn't yet done Chromo2 but is either DF85- or thinks they are a suitable candidate for trying it are advised to contact me. They only cost USD35 each to try.

FGC4077 and FGC4078 replace the 'FGCtba' markers in the online tree.



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