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I had intended to post this someday anyway, now seemed to be the best time. Information taken from Moritzfeld Heimatbuch, provided by Don Mingesz. For years 1880-1902 we have accurate information about the breeders and their success in the Banat and Arad counties:

I wish we had some photos of these silkworms.

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One should never consider it as a dumb question, but rather consider it as
an educational question.

The factory who collected the cocoon's in the city or a bigger village,
distribute the silkworms either to the city hall or a popular store in the
After the silkworms arrived, the news was broadcasted throughout the
anybody wishing to obtain silkworms should go and pick them up.
There was no quota for families, first come, first served.
It was quite educational to watch when the silkworms "spun" themselves
forming a co-coon, (like peanut shape). The worms died inside the co-coon.
The co-coon's looked so beautiful yellow-silks.
The co-coon's were spread out to dry and a week or so later, they were taken
to the same place who supplied worms.
Some people did this for years.
Now, please understand different parts of the country, different system.

The next two valuable products which made good money for the Schwobs were,
kemp and tobacco. Don't underestimate this, they are the two who required
the most work.


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> Now I know about silkworms eating the Mulberry leaves -- but from whom did
> your parents get the silkworms and then did they sell the cocoons back to
> the same people?
> Hope the question doesn't appear too "dumb" although I an usually the
> one to say the only "dumb question" is the one not asked. Just trying to
> learn. Thanks Alex.
> Take care. Susan

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