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From: Robert Zink <>
Subject: Re: Silkworms (Re: [DVHH-Villages-L] Halbfrucht)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 13:02:58 -0400
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on 11/15/2003 5:02 PM, ajleeb shared the following:

> The government enforced some stipulations regarding what to do, etc...
> To raise silkworms, I don't believe was one of them.
> Raising silkworms was one of the easiest income there was in the early days.
> As long as there were Mulberry trees in the villages anybody could have
> silkworms.

Thanks, Alex. That makes more sense to me. I was having trouble
understanding how such a "requirement" would be imposed.

The translation as originally put was, "At the time of settlement, the
settlers had been required to raise silkworms." I question "required."

Perhaps it was intended to illustrate how it was economically imperative to
operate a cottage industry to remain financially secure. In that case it
should have read, "At the time of settlement, the settlers found it
necessary to raise silkworms."

Just my guess!

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