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Since we are on the subject of marriage and laws upon death, I want to know if people got divorced back then and there? And from reading church records, there were many illegitimate children, what was the consequences of that? Was cheating and adultery prevalent? These are things we don't talk or read about. I know people are people and there is nothing new under the sun. I am not looking for dirt on our ancestors, just reality. So I appreciate any further comments on these subjects.
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From: Eileen Wilson
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: [DVHH-Villages-L] Re-Marriage

I have to jump into this conversation here. I don't know what the law was
in the Batschka with respect to remarriage, but what happened if the husband
just up and left the wife and kids??

This happened twice -- to my father and to his father. In the first place,
my father's father left my grandmother and moved to Budapest where he had a
second family; in the second place, my great-grandfather left his wife and
son and went to the US where he also remarried.

My father was lucky enough to have a strong mother and a doting childless
great-aunt and uncle. Seems to me that the state allowed the husbands to
leave children fatherless of their own free will, but should they actually
die, the remaining partner was forced to remarry?? And we won't even get
onto the subject of bigamism.

Don't mean to sound bitter; just wondering if there really was such a law in
place, or was it just village custom???

Eileen Wilson
Uxbridge, Ontario

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Subject: [DVHH-Villages-L] Re-Marriage

> Thank you Alex,
> For explaining it so nicely to us.
> May I point out that those customs were not practised in Slavonia, the
sixth Danube Swabian Province. There was no such law. However, because the
very survival of the family depended having both a father figure and a
mother figure, there were quite a few remarriages sooner or later after the
death of one partner or other. For the widowed owners of the farm, (she or
he) those numerous children guaranteed extra working hands and not
hindrances to the remarriage. For widowed people, whose livelihood depended
on working for someone else would have the difficulties Alex was talking
> In quite a few families in my research if the husband died when his
children were already twelve and older, his widow did not remarry. She run
the farm with the teenaged children.
> Rosina
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