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From: Jane Moore <>
Subject: [DVHH] Announcement - DVHH Members Update
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 15:32:17 -0600
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The Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands ( membership
continues to grow. In eight months, 57 people have joined us, and we
now have members from Austria, 3 provinces in Canada, and 19 states in the USA.

Once again, we would like to publicly acknowledge and express our
appreciation to our current members. thanks each of you for
your financial support, which helps to support our on-line archives
and keep our Donauschwaben ancestors' memory and history alive for
generations to come.

Danube Swabian Assn. of Trenton
Dennis Bauer
Eve Brown
Gabriele E. Bugaisky
John E. Busch Jr.
Heidi L. Capello
Donna Chandler
Frank Dohr
Helen Dubas
Roy R. Engel
Henry Fisher
Mrs. Katherine Flotz
Nancy Friedenberg
Noelle Giesse
Suzanne R. Gross
Peter Haas
Karl Heinz Halter
Barbara Hilderson
Carolyn Hoelzle
Rudy Jobba
Yvonne Juhl
Robert Kasicki
Rose Mary Keller Hughes
Linda Klewinowski
Hans Kopp
John J. Kornfeind
Tony Kramlik
Rodney & Shelley R. Kuhn
Daniel Larson
Alex Leeb
Lorraine M. Lees
Tina Leto
Catherine Malone
Stephen Marschall
John Martini
Leo Mayer
Jody McKim
Jane E. Moore
Sherry Munyon
Howard Noel
Marlene Norton
Mike O'Brien, honorary member
Judy Ottinger
Brian Phail
Mike Polsinelli
Karen D. Preston
Mary E. Regan
Gayle N. Robinson
Brigitta Ruth
Barbara Samson-Willis
Kathleen Schwab
Kathleen Timko
Peter Tisch
Beth M. Tolfree
Nicholas Tullius
Rose Vetter
Susan Witzman

Thank you!
Jane Moore, Membership Registrar
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