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From: "Gary Banzhaf" <>
Subject: [DVHH] Pogatschen
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 09:07:13 -0400

I must address you as: "Dear All" so I will not be misunderstood, because E-mail can create confusion.
Since this is an organization of donauschwaben-villages, one must understand the expressions, speaking of the tongue of our ancestors.
The settlers to the vast, empty Pannonia, came from many provinces, as we know, so their speech was "unterschiedlich" - engl. varying.
The name, in the place I was born, for Pogatschen - was Krammelpogatschen. In the neighboring village it was always made with 'Kriewe', their word for Krammel.
Since they came from the real Schwabenland (Baden Wuerttemberg) the name for these goodies was known as Krieweloible. A "loib" was the word for a loaf, and a loible still means a little loaf. Interesting, isn't it.


Gerhard Banzhaf

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