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From: Karen Dalton Preston <>
Subject: Re: [DVHH] Still hoping for research information on Frankreich
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 23:29:02 -0700
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Hi Jo,

To be able to research the French origins of your family, you really need to know the name of the town or village that the emigrated from. It would be the same as trying to locate someone by knowing only that they came from the United States.

To find the specific town, you should try going back to any church records from the village in Hungary where the first ancestor settled. Often, in the church death or marriage records, you will find the town of birth or origin listed.

Another possible source is the so-called "Vienna Lists". Many colonists to the Banat registered in Vienna and were assigned to a specific village. In some cases the town of origin was listed.

But once you know the town or village, there is good news. The LDS filmed a great many of records for the parish churches. I have several of my family lines that left French Lorraine for the Banat. Using the church records I have taken some family lines back to 1600 or earlier. Many of the records are very detailed, but they are in French.

If you can't find the town of origin using records from after the arrival in the Banat, you might try searching for the person in the databases online at or at Both have large databases of family trees contributed by users -- familysearch is all free, and is part of the LDS church. Geneanet allows you to do limited searches for free, or you can subscribe for full access. Sometimes you get lucky, and stumble onto a record that supplies all the info you need.

I hope some of this will be helpful,

On Jul 12, 2010, at 11:02 PM, JoAnne Jansen wrote:

> My original message regarding Frankreich was mainly sent to seek help in how to
> go about researching in that area. I guess I really worded it wrong.
> "For those of you that have done any research in this area, can you give me some
> background info of those that came from this area. What current areas make up
> Frankreich and what were the areas called back in
> 1765. He was born in 1719. Where would you start looking?"
> What I was hoping was not an explanation of the history, but perhaps help from
> someone that had done research in the area, and where to start researching if
> all I know is that the family lists its origin as "Frankreich" when they got to
> Vienna.
> I have such questions as,
> Is there a specific area in "Frankreich" that most of the immigrants who came at
> that time may have come from? (Just to narrow the area down.)
> Is there anywhere at the beginning of their trek that they may have documented
> origin information?
> Has anyone dealt with the microfilms of records from these areas?
> If I were searching the LDS Familysearch catalog for records from the 1700
> Germanic Empire would the microfilms for the area that is referred to as
> Frankreich or any other names ("Elsass and
> Alsace is the same, as is Lothringen and Lorraine") be under Germany or France?
> Do these even exist? I haven't found much help through the catalog.
> Thank you for those that have offered constructive information.
> Jo

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