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After a brief foray in to comments on SPAM, Carol Queen is nudging us
back to genealogy - so off we go: -

The MARTINS of East Central County Donegal (1)

My GGrandfather, James MARTIN, a butcher, is known to have come from
St Johnston, County Donegal b ca 1817 d Derry City 1877. His name
does not appear on any land records but other documentation ties him
to this time frame and locality. I have researched the various MARTIN
families in E. Central Donegal (part of Raphoe) with a view to
determining if a relationship exists between them, apart from their
common name. For example, information on a "William MARTIN" and his
descendants are detailed below and I will follow this up with details
of other MARTIN families from the locality. If any listers spot a
common ancestor or
have other information which might inform this genealogy, let me know.

The William MARTIN, described below could be related to James seeing
as they were both MARTINS, both butchers, both from St Johnston and
both from the same time frame.

1 Descendants of William MARTIN

Generation No. 1

1. William MARTIN1,2 was born in St Johnston. He married Mary.
More About William MARTIN:
Occupation: Butcher
Property: Bet. 1820 - 1830, Tithe Applotment-renting in St Johnston
Residence: 1857, 47 Main St., St Johnston Rented (Griffiths)
Child of William MARTIN and Mary is:
2. i. Mathew MARTIN, b. Abt. 1843, St Johnston County Donegal.

Generation No. 2

2. Mathew MARTIN (William1)3 was born Abt. 1843 in St Johnston County
Donegal. He married (1) Anne Jane HEANEY April 21, 1864 in St
Johnston4, daughter of John
HEANEY. She was born Abt. 1840, and died February 19, 1883 in St
Johnston, Taughboyne.

He married (2) Catherine RODDEN May 10, 1884
in RC Parochial House, St Johnston, daughter of William RODDEN. She
was born Abt. 1857 in St Johnston County Donegal.
More About Mathew MARTIN:
Census: 1901, Eliza MARTIN (gdaughter), 9 present in house
Occupation: May 10, 1884, Butcher
Children of Mathew MARTIN and Anne HEANEY are:
3. i. Eliza MARTIN, b. March 23, 1865.
ii. William MARTIN, b. May 2, 1867.
iii. John MARTIN, b. September 6, 1869.
iv. Anne Jane MARTIN7, b. September 10, 1871, St Johnston, Taughboyne;
d. April 7, 1874, St Johnston,
Taughboyne - from burns.
More About Anne Jane MARTIN:
Cause of Death: Burns
4. v. Mathew MARTIN, b. September 1, 1874, St Johnston (1901 census
reports him as 23 years not 26); d.
vi. Anne Jane MARTIN8, b. November 22, 1877, St Johnston9; d. December
2, 1877, St Johnston.
vii. Robert MARTIN10, b. June 8, 1879.
Children of Mathew MARTIN and Catherine RODDEN are:
viii. James MARTIN, b. April 2, 1885.
ix. Patrick MARTIN, b. December 13, 1886.
x. Daniel MARTIN, b. 1892.

Generation No. 3

3. Eliza MARTIN (Mathew2, William1)11 was born March 23, 1865 12.
Child of Eliza MARTIN is:

i. ELIZA MARTIN, b. February 21, 1884, St Johnston, Taughboyne.; d.
February 22, 1884, St Johnston,
Taughboyne13. More About Eliza MARTIN: Cause of Death: Debility.
Medical Information: Died 24 hours after birth, uncertified, no
medical attendant.
4. Mathew MARTIN (Mathew2, William1)14 was born September 1, 1874 in
St Johnston (1901 census
2 reports him as 23 years not 26), and died 1947. He married A N
Child of Mathew MARTIN and A OTHER is:
5. i. James MARTIN, d. April 1939.

Generation No. 4

5. James MARTIN (Mathew3, Mathew2, William1)15 died April 1939. He
married Catherine O'HAGAN,
daughter of Charles O'HAGON and Martha STEVENSON. She was born 1916,
and died 1982.
Child of James MARTIN and Catherine O'HAGAN is:
6. i. Mathew MARTIN, b. February 1939.

Generation No. 5
6. Mathew MARTIN (James4, Mathew3, Mathew2, William1)15 was born
February 1939. He married A N
Child of Mathew MARTIN and A OTHER is:
i. Michael MARTIN, m. Brenda.ii.


1. Tithe Applotment 1820 1830, St Johnston, 12 perches.
2. Griffith's Valuation, 47 Main Street, St Johnston.
3. Marriage Certificate Mathew Martin/Catherine Rodden, Mathew's
father is William Martin a Butcher of St Johnston.
4. Mathew Martin/Ann Jane Heaney, Marriage Register St Baithin's
Church, St Johnston.
5. No. 123 1867 Birth Register.
6. No 43 Birth Register 1869.
7. Registry in St Baithin's Church Anne Jane (1), This child died 7
April 1874 at 2 years and 7 months (Register of
Deaths No 82) - cause of death - burns.
8. No 399 Birth Register 1877.
9. Death Certificate Anne Jane Martin 1877.
10. No 98 Birth Register 1879. The Mathew Martins of St Johnston
11. No 222 Birth Register 1865.
12. Baptism Register Eliz Martin 165 No. 222.
13. Registrar of Deaths Eliza Martin No 476 1884.
14. No 388 Birth Register 1874, Father described by his wife as a
Labourer and not a Butcher.
15. From Mathew Martin son of James.

Asr\wjm7\The Mathew Martins of St Johnston


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