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Perhaps this information will help you Jane!

Dear Julie,

If you can help me, please do, possibly this will help you also!
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From: Tom McGinn
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 6:16 PM

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From: Tom McGinn

Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 7:59 PM

Dear Family and fellow descendents of Jeremiah O' Donovan Rossa,


This woman was my gggg grandmother (Elen Buckley)

>From the Southern Star Millennium Supplement of Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland.
"O'Donovan Rossa was married three times and had eighteen children. His first wife was Nora Eager of Skibbereen whom he married in June 1853 and the pair had four sons but then, Nora died tragically in 1860 and a year later (1861)Rossa married a young girl of eighteen years, Ellen Buckley of Castlehaven. This young lady, who married Rossa against the wishes of her parents, bore him a son (Timothy Francis was born in Ireland in 1862) but then,again a tragic end, as she died in July 1863, aged only 20 years. Rossa,at that stage,was in America,unaware of his wife's death but his third marriage,which took place in November 1864,to Mary Jane Irwin of Clonakilty, was of much longer duration.It lasted until his death on June 29, 1915 and Mary Jane bore him thirteen children,meaning that between his three marriages,he had eighteen in all"

My gg grandfather was named Timothy Francis O' Donovan Rossa (Donovan) he was born in Ireland in 1862. He must have been her son that you speak of. The fact that Tim lost his mother at about the age of one, could account for the fact that he ran away from home at about 14 and was a stow-away on a ship for the US this must have been around 1876. SEE ATTACH:

Timothy Francis Donovan
b. 29 Sep 1862, Ireland
d. 6 Dec 1944, burried in Cherokee, Iowa
MARRIED TO: Elgien (Ella) Korthuis
b. 26 May 1869, Bellingwolde Holland
d. 22 Jan 1910
m. 1889
THE CHILDREN OF Timothy and Ella:

Mary Donovan
b. 1890
d. 1949
MARRIED TO: Frank Klingseis

Harry Benjamin Donovan (Dr. of Chiropractic)
b. 12 Aug 1892 in Minnesota
d. 4 Jan 1977 in Jefferson, Iowa
MARRIED TO: Margaret Sweeney 31 July 191; Sutherland, Iowa

Timothy Donovan
MARRIED TO: Margaret Pruitt

Anna Donovan
b. 1895
d. 1961
MARRIED TO: Frank Sweeney
d. 1929

Cornelius Donovan
b. 26 Apr 1899
d. 27 May 1899

Grace Donovan
b. 1900
MARRIED TO: James Carpenter
b. 1897
d. 1946

Caroline Donovan
b. 1902
d. 1960
MARRIED TO: Ambrose Mellon

Claus Donovan
b. 1904
d. ?
MARRIED TO: Margaret Redding

Loretta Donovan
b. 24 Oct. 1906
d. 29 Dec. 1906

Tom Donovan
b. 1908
d. 1965
MARRIED TO: Mildred Midland

THIS may seem a coincidence however, the names Corneilius and Anna (see above) may be related to the following:

J.O'D.R's, mother was Nellie O'Driscoll (my gggg-grandmother). She was born @ 1803, she married Denis O'D.R.(my gggg-grandfather) in 1818. He died in March of 1847.

Denis O'D.R. was from Carrig-a-grianaan, and his father's name was Jeremiah O'Donovan. Denis's mother was an O'Donovan Baaid.(my ggggg-grandmother)

Nellie's parents were Cornelius O'Driscoll and Anna Laoghaire. Nellie was the oldest of 11 children.

I am still trying to find more of the information that I have on J.O'D.R's siblings. I did find somethings regarding two of his brothers.

His brother John was about three years older than him, so he was born probably @ 1828. I also know that John was living in Philidelphia, PA, in 1863. I also think that their mother might have been living with John at that time.

Another (Half) brother, Con (I beleive that would be Cornelius), was three years younger than Jeremiah, so he was probably born in 1834.


Thomas Donovan McGinn, D.C.



I think you are in mistake in your liniage of Florence Stephens O'donovan Rossa.

The following article says the only SON of Ellen Buckley and Jeremiah O'donovan Rossa not daughter.

Timothy Francis O'donnovan Rossa was born in 1862 in Ireland. Some say he was the son of Cornelius and Anna, the half brother of Jeremiah. If you read closely, Ellen (the second wife of Jeremiah has a SON. There were married in 1861 and she died in 1863. Timothy was born in 1862, and of course, he was a boy!

He told his family that he was the SON of Jeremiah O'donovan Rossa many many years ago. I do not want to, for a minute, change history, but Cornelius and Anna were likely the adoptive parents of Timopthy. Why, because Ellen's parents were AGAINST HER MARRYING JEREMIAH! It is likely that his new wife would not watn to raise his child so . . . of to uncle Cornelius!

WE CAN SAY FOR SURE Timothy Francis Donovan descended from one of these two men! Timothy told us it was Jeremiah! He was born in the right year in the right place and under the right circumstances to be the SON OF JEREMIAH O'DONOVAN ROSSA . . . EXACTLY WHO HE SAID HE WAS!

Birth records began in 1864 . . . no help there!

Baptism record may be revealing!

MY VOTE > > Timothy Francis O'donovan Rossa is the only son of the second wife of Jeremiah O'donovan Rossa, Ellen and was born in 1862. HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW FOR SURE?

Thomas Donovan McGinn, D.C. BS

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