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From: Jill Morley <>
Subject: The Chimes Cattistock
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 13:57:35 +-10-30

Hi all, I found this little book dated 1928 with poems. One of these I thought you might be interested in, especially if your folk came from this area.
The book is called 'All the Year Round by Eleanor Farjeon'.
(On hearing how people came from far and wide into Dorset, and gathered in the open for half a mile about the tower of Cattistock, to hear the playing of the famous Cattistock Carillon by Joseph Denyn of Malines)

INTO the Vale of Dorset flock the people;
Old men and young, maids, wives and children flock
For half a mile all round about the steeple,
To listen to the Chimes of Cattistock.
O happy Bells,
Your music peals and swells
Through the clear air
In the green valley there!
How many listen
To your bright music, risen
On farm and meadow,
On homes in sun and shadow,
On widwood bowers,
And blooming garden-flowers!
O brave Bells swinging!
O waves of happy ringing!
In the green western valley sing your flock
To joy again, sweet Chimes of Cattistock!

Oh that the world itself might be the valley
Where all the peoples of the earth should flock,
By every ocean way and grassy alley,
To listen to the Chimes of Cattistock!
O Bells, sweet Bells,
You would ring golden spells
Through earth and heaven
>From dawn to day to even,
While myriads listened
And loosed their love imprisoned,
The love of brothers,
Till each had caught the other's
Light in his bosom-
And, like a single blossom
Together clinging,
Men heard you ringing, singing,
And round them felt the world's green valley rock
With joy, to the sweet Chimes of Cattistock!
Merry Christmas everyone from Jill Morley in South Australia.
And Happy Hunting in the New Year.
(Researching : ARNOLD in Dorset and Australia.)

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