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From: "Thomas R Cole" <>
Subject: Keats of Newfoundland
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 23:45:39 -0400

There is a large extended family of KEATS in the Bonavista Bay area of
Newfoundland today, included among them my ancestors. The name of course was
variously spelled but they are all known today as Keats. The earliest record
is John Keats who was there in 1675. On many occassions however, in the
1950s, I have heard the name pronounced there as "cates", in spite of the
well-known Keats spelling.

I have a primary interest in a Job CATE, a lad who was apprenticed into the
Newfoundland trade out of Poole to Isaac & Benjamin LESTER and believe that
he is the same born at Lychett Matravers 1763, son of Sarah CATE.

In reference to East Lulworth - one of the most influential Newfoundland
merchants, George GARLAND(1752-1825) was born there and married to Amy
Lester, daughter of the above Benjamin Lester.

>From Seary:
KEATS, a surname of England, from Old English cyta, Middle English kete,
kyte - (the bird) from greed or rapacity, or from Old English cyte - (worker
at the) shed, outhouse for animals, hence herdsmen. (Reaney, Cottle).
Traced by Spiegelhalter in Devon.

In Newfoundland:
John Keates, Justice of Ferryland district 1730.
William Keat(e)s, of Trinity Bay, 1765.
M. Keates, of St. Mary's 1782.
Sarah, of Trinity (Trinity Bay), 1794.
Robert Keats, of Bonavista, 1794.
_____ Keat, joint purchaser of fishing rooom on Pond Island, Greenspond
Harbour, 1802 (Bonavista Register 1806).
Robert Keates, missionary of Twillingate, 1813
James Keat, of St. John's 1828.
George Keets, schoolmaster of Ship Cove (now part of Port Rexton), 1843.
Samuel Keates, of Castle Cove (Bonavista Bay), 1856.
Thomas J., granted land at Little Placentia (now Argentia), 1857 (Nfld,
Archives, Registry Crown Lands).
Ann Kates or Keates, of Grates Cove, 1860, of Caplin Cove (Conception Bay),
Samuel Keats, of Musgravetown, 1871.
Samuel & William, of Newman's Cove, 1871.
Theodore Kates, of Cape Norman, 1871.

Thomas R Cole

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