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From: Beth MacDonald <>
Subject: stanford Doud
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:55:16 -0400

The query on the subject of Stanford Doud reminded me that I had this
information I had found at the Allen County Library some time ago.
Stanford is prominent in this article.
Beth MacDonald

From a family genealogy found at the Allen County, Indiana library.
Submitted by Mrs. Mae Godfrey Gladson, 1412 Clark St. Des Moines, Iowa
and Lloyd Godfrey, 3519 Architect Ave, Minneapolis, Minn; Feb 27, 1968

David Doud was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, April 22, 1776. He was
married to Fear Beaumont of Lebanon, Connecticut in 1801. They were the
parents of Stanford, David, Eliab, John Mason, Harriet, Alonzo, Norton
and Edward Doud. It is known Stanford, David, Eliab, John Mason,
Alonzo, Norton and Edward came to Iowa as did their father David and
mother Fear Beaumont Doud in the early 1840’s. They settled in what is
now VanBuren County, Iowa. In 1866 David Jr. and Eliab founded the
little town of Douds, Iowa. David and Fear Doud’s daughter, Harriet,
remained in Ohio.
As sometimes happens in families, there is a difference of opinion on
ancestors a few generations back. So it was when the little book,
“Cedar Brakes and Hamilton Prairie”, a Story of Four Pioneer Iowa
Families was written and published in 1958 by W. E. Sanders M.D. of
Tucson, Arizona, a former resident of Marion County, Iowa. It was then
believed Rebecca Fear Stanford was the wife of David Doud and mother of
Stanford, David, John Mason, Eliab, Norton, Alonzo, Edward and Harriet
Doud. This was not true. Recent research of records in the Eastern USA
showed Fear Beaumont to be David Doud’s wife and the mother of Stanford
Doud and the other children. Rebecca Fear Stanford was Fear Beaumont’s
A female descendant of David and Fear Beaumont Doud is eligible for
membership in the D.A.R. thru the aforementioned ancestor, Isaiah
Beaumont. Mrs. Nellie Doud Lindley, a former resident of Douds, Iowa,
now living in Santa Cruz, California, is a great granddaughter of David
and Fear Beaumont Doud. Mrs. Lindley is a member of the D.A.R. through
this verified lineage.
The children of David and Fear Doud are descendants of Henry Doude who
came from Kent County, England in 1639 with a colony under Reverend
Henry Whitfield and settled in Guilford, Connecticut. From there the
Doud family migrated to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Later the Doud
family moved on to Licking County, Ohio, and in 1841 Stanford moved from
Johnstown, Licking County, Ohio, to Van Buren County in S.E. Iowa. He
soon pushed on up north to what is now Liberty Township, Marion County,
Iowa and homesteaded land there in 1843. It was located approximately
two and a half miles north of the present town of Bussey. His oldest
son, Washington Cicero Doud, later homesteaded land near by.
On the Stanford Doud homestead is located the old Doud family burial
plot. It is the oldest known cemetery in Liberty Township0 and perhaps
in Marion County. The first burial was in 1844. Few of the old markers
remain as time and weather have destroyed most of them. Way, Teas,
Burton, Darnell and Godfrey are some who are buried there. It is
believed that between 25 and 30 are buried there.
While living in Liberty Township, Marion County, Iowa, Stanford was
quite active in the civil organization of the county. He was elected
first clerk of the Commissioners Court but failed to appear and be
qualified. He was elected county surveyor in 1847. Pella,
Pleasantville, Hamilton, Attica, and several other towns which never
developed were surveyed and laid out by him. He was also foreman of the
first grand jury ever empaneled in Marion County in 1846.

In 1840 in Licking County, Johnstown, Ohio, Stanford became a Mason in
Center Lodge 86. In 1859 he transferred to the Masonic Lodge in
Lovilla, Iowa, and in 1881 he demitted to the Masonic Lodge in Douds,
After approximately 20 years in Marion County, Stanford returned to
farming in Van Buren County and later moved to the town of Eldon in
Wapello County where he served the community as Justice of the Peace.
Here he died in 1891. He and his third wife, Elizabeth, are buried in
the Eldon Cemetery. A marker was erected by Mae Godfrey Gladson and
Lloyd Godfrey at his grave in 1957, through contributions of the
following descendants: Mae Godfrey Gladson, Lloyd Godfrey, Leota
Godfrey Henrion, Bernice Godfrey Hart, Edna Burton Whitlatch, Stanford
Blehschmidt and Maxine Doud. Later a marker was placed on the grave of
his third wife, Elizabeth Darnell Doud, and two of their children, Fred
and Fear.
Stanford Doud, Sr. made the trek overland to the gold fields of
California near Weaverville. He was accompanied by his oldest son,
Washington Cicero. The return trip was made by boat around the Horn to
New York and overland again to his home on the banks of the Cedar.
Washington Cicero remained in California.
An attempt has been made to build the fanmily tree of the descendants
of Stanford Doud, Sr. born in 1804 and died 1891. He was married three
times and the father of 33 children.
Some of the names of the 33 children were obtained from Mark Doud,
recorder of the Doud reunions held at Douds, Iowa in the early 1900’s.
Other names, dates and information were obtained from records of
descendants of these 33 children.
Some of these records are incomplete as some of the old court house
records in Ohio were destroyed, and Marion County, Iowa, records are
incomplete as to births, deaths and marriages. All information
available was secured as to preserve it and make it available for future
Stanford Doud, Sr.’s third wife, Elizabeth Darnell, was a sister of
Stanford Doud Jr.’s first wife, Martha Darnell. Ellis Darnell was
Martha and Elizabeth’s brother and was Virginia Doud’s second husband.
After Wm. Burton’s first wife, Letharissa Doud, died he married her
sister, Virginia Doud. After Stanford Doud Jr.’s first wife died he
married Wm. Burton’s sister, Eliza Burton.
In years to come, anyone reading these family trees that can contribute
any authentic information or carry on their family line, please feel
free to do so.
Research and compiling of the family trees was made and prepared by
Mrs. Mae Godfrey Gladson, 1412 Clark St. Des Moines, Iowa and Lloyd
Godfrey, 3519 Architect Ave, Minneapolis, Minn; Feb 27, 1968

David Doud’s Lineage
There is no verified lineage of David Doud born 1776 in Connecticut and
who married Fear Beaumont in March 1801. All that is known was, his
mother’s maiden name was Norton. After careful research of the Reverend
W.W. Doud’s book “Descendants of Henry Doude,” published in 1886 it is
believed the following is the correct lineage:

Henry Doude married Elizabeth (last name unknown) in England. They
brought the Doude name to America in 1639. They had eight children.
Their second child was John Doude.

John Doud, b. 1650, d. 1712 married first, Sarah Tallman, married second
Mary Bartlett. John and Mary had six children. Their sixth child was

Isaac, born 1700, d. 1769, married Abigail Stevens in 1725. Their sixth
child was Amos. He was the second one of their children named Amos. A
child born earlier by the same name having died.

Amos, born in 1744 married Sarah Norton in 1768. Their second child was
David and we feel sure this is the David Doud, born 1776 in Lebanon,
Connecticut, who married Fear Beaumont in March 1801.
David Doud, b. April 22, 1776 in Lebanon, Conn; d. Dec 20, 1858 in
Douds, Iowa, married Fear Beaumont in March, 1801. She was born March
8, 1781 in Lebanon, Conn and died July 19, 1862 in Douds, Iowa. They
are buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery near Douds, Iowa. They had 8
children: Stanford, Norton, David, Edward, Eliab, John Mason, Harriet,

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