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Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 09:14:14 -0700 (PDT)
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I don't know if this will help or confuse the issue but our Dowell lines mite connect. I have John Dowell born 1764 in albermarle Co VA. He lived in 1810 in Kentucky but by 1815 was in Jackson Co Tn where he lived until 1851 when he died.. His brother George Dowell moved from North Carolina to Monroe Co Indiana in about 1814 (I think going from memory here). George had a son James who married Patsy Coffey, and a daughter Polly who married Ruben Coffey another daughter Jane married a Moore. They all moved to indiana. Names that come down the line in these Dowells are America, Franklin, George, Ruben, Hickman, Martin, etc. I see you also mention a surname Terry. My John Dowells line is closely intermarried into the Terry family. One researcher also has my John with a son named George in Kentucky who married Polly Tomberlin and moved to Indiana or Illinois. I have never found anything to document a son named George for him. However, his line has the same names - Rub!
Hickman, George Martin, America, so it is very very confusing. Good luck. I have been researching these Dowells since 1974 and still have not found George and John Dowell's parents in Albermarle Co VA. Ironically I also have a Scott line but they do not connect to my Dowells and are out of Duplin Co North Carolina to Dickson Co TN.

Sandra Nelson <> wrote:

Below is information ( documented) on two brick walls. I would really appreciate any help, even the smallest clue. My search is for the parents and siblings of both John M. SCOTT and wife Margaret A. DOWELL (Duvall?, Doyle?,McAdoo, Dial, McDowell?, Powell? Howell?). I have come to believe this Scott family is related to the Nelson County and Hardin County Scott's. I have found this family on census records in 1850 in Jefferson Co., KY. A central location is Perry County, Indiana.

Margaret/Margret A. Dowell applied for a pension as the widowed mother of John H. Scott .(died in the Civil War) The pension papers verify much of the information found in two family Bibles and in some loose notes in them. Additional information is that they were married by Rev. B. (Barksdale?) SNYDER/SNIDER

Margaret stated her husband JOHN SCOTT died in April 1877 in Perry County IN, but we can find no record .

Other names on documents that imply a connection to Margret and John are LESHER (Lasher? Fletcher?), WINTERS, BROWN, BARGER, AKERS, E. TERRY, and MITCHELL.

I have found John and Margaret on census records in 1860 in Indiana, in 1850 in Jefferson Co Ky. Later records only show Margret living with various children. May have found John in Martin County early 1800's and Breckinridge county in 1840. May have found John living with a sister Margaret and husband Walter Mounts in Saluda in 1870.

Margaret states she was born in Virginia.

After many years I have a lot of information related to the descendants, but little to pinpoint John and Margret's parents.

JOHN M. SCOTT was born 24 Oct 1815 in Kentucky. He married MARGARET A. DOWELL 04 Aug 1836 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. (No Proof except her affdavit). She was born 15 Jan 1813 (but some census records indicate she is younger than John.), and died 19 Sep 1898 in Lamar County, Missouri.


1. i. BOOKER SMITH SCOTT, b. 18 Nov 1838, Kentucky

2. ii. KATHERINE KITTY ELLEN SCOTT, b. 14 Jan 1839, Breckinridge Co., KY;

3. iii. FRANCIS C. SCOTT, b. 19 May 1841, Martin Co., IN.

4. iv. JOHN H. SCOTT10, b. 12 Dec 1843.

5. v. MARY A.D. SCOTT, b. 12 Jan 1845;

6. vi. JAMES A. SCOTT, b. 23 Oct 1846, Kentucky; d. 1934.

7. vii. BENJAMIN COPELAND SCOTT, b. 11 Aug 1848, Kentucky; ( ***This is my Line)

8. viii. AMERICA JANE SCOTT, b. 13 Oct 1850, Kentucky; .

9. ix. GEORGIE ANN SCOTT, b. 27 Oct 1852, Kentucky.

10. x. JULIA A. SCOTT, b. 17 Aug 1854.

11. xi. JOSEPHINE LETCHER (Lasher?) SCOTT, b. 16 Jan 1857; .

Generation No. 2

BOOKER S. SCOTT married EMILY J. SHUCK in Perry, Indiana.

Children of BOOKER SCOTT and EMILY SHUCK are:

AMELIA7 SCOTT, b. Abt. 1867.

GEORGE SCOTT, b. Abt. 1869.



MARGARET E. RICHARDS, b. 27 Dec 1869, Indiana; d. 11 Feb 1933, Perry, IN. MARY E. RICHARDS, b. 1872; m. GEORGE E. HINTON; b. 1866, IN.

DICEY JANE RICHARDS, b. 1874; m. JOHN BROWN, 13 Mar 1912.

JAMES EDWARD RICHARDS, b. Apr 1877, Perry County, Indiana;

FRANCIS C. SCOTT (AKA "Frank") married LOUISA 13 Aug 1865 in Perry County, Indiana, daughter of WILLIAM GOBLE and SUSANNAH HILL. :


HARRISON Y. SCOTT, b. Abt. 1867, Iowa.

JOHN W. SCOTT, b. Abt. 1870, Indiana.

THADEUS M. SCOTT, b. 1877, Illinois.

FRANK C. SCOTT, b. Apr 1880, Illinois.

5. MARY A.D. SCOTT married JOSEPH H. WRIGHT 25 Sep 1862 in Perry County, Indiana.

Child: MARY M. WRIGHT, b. 1866.

6. JAMES A. SCOTT (AKA "Jim") married NANCY SANDAGE 18 Oct 1877 in Perry County, Indiana,

Children: ROSCOE HERBERT7 SCOTT, b. Nov 1878, Indiana; d. 1972.

GERTRUDE SCOTT, b. Jun 1881.

ELIZA SCOTT, b. 1884.


LOLA A. SCOTT, b. May 1896.

EVA/ELZA SCOTT, b. 1899.

NEVA SCOTT, b. 1899.

7. BENJAMIN COPELAND SCOTT married (1) CHARITY E. SNYDER Perry, Indiana, daughter of ROBERT SNYDER and SARAH. He married (2) EFFIE JANE WILGUS 02 Jun 1877 in Lilydil, Cannelton, Perry Co., Indiana, daughter of JONATHON WILGUS and MATILDA DYE.

(Effie born in Ohio


SAVANNAH7 SCOTT, b. 10 Jun 1871, Tell City, Perry Co., Indiana; d. 15 Nov 1910.

WINFIELD F. SCOTT, b. 14 Mar 1873, Cannelton, Perry, Indiana; d. 27 Oct 1930.

JAMES ELMER SCOTT, b. 25 Jul 1875, Cannelton, Perry, Indiana; d. 31 Mar 1960, .


VIRGIL ROBERT SCOTT, b. 24 Mar 1878, Cannelton, Perry, Indiana;

MOLLIE GERTRUDE SCOTT, b. 21 Oct 1879, Cannelton, Perry, Indiana;

THOMAS ORVILLE SCOTT, b. 17 May 1881, Cannelton, Perry, Indiana85; d. Abt. 1951;

MYRTLE JANE SCOTT, b. 21 Jan 1883, Eagle Pond, Illinois; d. 09 Nov 1945, Kelso, Washington.

BENJAMIN CURTIS SCOTT, b. 07 Mar 1883, Cannelton, Perry Co., Indiana; ***(My line)***

FRANCES PRISILLA SCOTT, b. 09 Jan 1887, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Illinois. (twin).

FRANK AQUILLA SCOTT, b. 09 Jan 1887, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois; (twin).

NANNIE MAE BELL SCOTT, b. 09 May 1889, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Illinois;

LEE ARTHUR SCOTT, b. 18 Oct 1891, Shelbyville, Shelby Co.,

Notes for Ben and Effie raised (did not adopt) a child Marie, who married Ben Chapulsky in St. Paul, Minnesota

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