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Subject: Re: [DOWNING-L] Francis Downing
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:00:42 -0800

>Sorry Sue, all that was in the part of the book that I have about the 1624
>Francis Downing was what I sent out.
>Ruby Waugh
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>> Subject: Re: [DOWNING-L] Francis Downing
>> Date: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 10:23 PM
>> Ruby,
>> That article you posted of the Downings around Fayette County, Ky
>are in
>> my Downing line. Have you any idea how I might find out more on that
>> Fancis Downing, who settled in VA in 1624? I have been looking at early
>> settlers lists for VA, and found him on one such of West and Sherley
>> a corporation of Charles City. He was listed as a Throgmorton servant.
>> Another man was also listed as a Throgmorton servant, an Ellis Ridding.
>> Francis sailed from London to VA aboard the "Return"in 1624, along with
>> Ridding. A John Throgmorton sailed from London to VA in 1618. an
>> Kellam Throgmorton was on a list of Jamestown settlers of 1587. I didn't
>> think there were people over here that early making settlements. I'm
>> Francis Downing settled in VA, but i am wondering where. After that
>> of him in 1624, I can't find anything else about him. Sue Hodnett
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More English and Virginia records from Sherry:
Genealogies of Virginia Families From the Virginia Magazine of History and
Biography, Gen Pub Co, Baltimore 1981:
Vol I:
p 147 Blackwell Family by Miss Stella Pickett Hardy, Batesville, Ark: Mrs.
Margery Downing Hudnall, widow, married about 1708 Samuel Blackwell of
Northumberland Co VA, she the dau of William Downing of Northumberland Co
VA; she is buried "Walnut Lodge" in that county and they had these
children...Samuel, William, Joseph, Eliza, Hannah Blackwell, and maybe John.
p 148 Among the descendants of their son Samuel...Samuel Blackwell III b
1758, m Peggy Gillison and had son Samuel Blackwell IV who married Ann
Blackwell, dau of Capt William and Catherine [Downing] Blackwell. Samuel and
Ann had dau Caroline who married Major Joseph Downing of "Waterloo"
Northumberland Co VA, son of Capt and Mary [Edwards] Downing.
p 150 Elizabeth Churchill 1762-1785 m 1784 John Downing...still in the
Blackwell genealogy...I believe they married in Louisville KY and were cousins.
Vol II:
A footnote on page 96: Sir Maurice Berkeley of Gloucestershire: Sir Charles
Berkeley (son of Sir Maurice) of Bruton, Somersetshire; Richard Berkeley,
Esquire, of Gloucester, who, with John Smyth, George Thorpe, and Sir William
Throgmorton, jointly owned and named the Berkeley-Hundred
reference to Genealogy of the Cocke Family in Virginia prepared by James C.
Vol III: p 431-32 The Gorsuch and Lovelace Families...Harriet dau of William
and Averilla [Vaughan] Gorsuch, b 1795 d 1835 m Howell Downing by license
1815, and their children were Sarah d young, Sarah, William Joseph Howell,
Abarilla, Seelor Robinson, Harriet, Martha Anna, Henry Clay, Ardelia Tufts,
Emma Louisa.
Vol IV:
p 579 "The Nelms and the Downings of Northumberland Co. have intermarried
several times, so that a history of the Nelmses inevitably involves the
Downings." This work of Mrs. O. A. Keach of the Samuel Downing, (John2,
William1) who married Elizabeth Saunders. [Note: Samuel3 Downing and wife
Elizabeth Saunders had at least three children: William who died 1741 &
married Winifred Nelms dau of Samuel and Elizabeth Nelms, Samuel who died
1757 and married Elizbeth Dameron, and Elizabeth "Betsy"/"Betty" who married
William Nelms. ]
p 580 Sarah Cottrell dau of Thomas m William Downing, son of William and
Winifred Nelms Downing. p 581 William Nelms had by his first wife Elizabeth
Downing these children: Elizabeth m Lindsay Opie, Hannah Shapleigh m Joseph
Vol V: p 182 Mrs. Sarah Cox nee Downing m Col Beverley Robinson, a prominent
lawyer of "Mt. Pisgah" King William County.


The Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 compiled by Annie Laurie Wright Smith, Gen
Pub Co Baltimore: the quit rent roll includes 14 counties that paid their
tribute to the King, the only roll surviving the years; and a second part
giving the 5 counties of the Northern Neck which paid quit rents to the
Lords Proprietors, the Fairfax-Culpepper family. None of the records for
this second group are in existence but the names of the landowners are.
p 27 1704 Quit Rent Roll
John Dowie Middlesex County 75 acres
George Dowing Prince George Co 100 a
John Dowman Northampton Co 100 acres
John Downer King William Co 300 acres
Elias Downes King William Co 300 acres
John Downing Northampton Co 70 acres.

p 105 Land Grants by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia:
George Downing1704 Northumberland Co 70 acres
Thomas Downing 1704 same 646 acres
Capt William Downing 1692/1703 Stafford Co 770-200 acres
William Downing 1694 Stafford Co 228 acres.

Virginia Marriage Records from the Virginia Magazine of History and
Biography, the William and Mary Quarterly and Tyler's Quarterly, indexed by
Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Gen Pub Co 1984 Baltimore:
p 450-462 Marriage License Records of Northumberland Co VA from 1735-1795
as recorded in the clerk's fee books: William Fallin and Winifred Downing
1744; Andrew Robertson and Eliza. Downing 1760; Hudnall, Nelms and Blackwell
marriages; Thomas Downing and Sarah Anne Rogers 1765; Thomas D. Downing and
Betsy Cox 1777; J.B. Kenner and Sarah Downing 1777, Martin Shearman and
Hannah Downing spinster 1783; Samuel Blackwell and Catherine Downing 1786;
Fleet Cox and Elizabeth Downing 1787.
p 86 Marriages From The Augusta County Records:
John Downing and Rachel Dooly 1778; James McFarland and Margaret Downing 1763.

p 121 Caroline County Marriage Bonds: Jno.P.Downing and Ellen W. Hudgins.
p 190 in Goochland County George Downing and George H. Opie witnessed a
marriage 1763.
p 305-310 Marriage Bonds in Lancaster Co: Samuel Downing and Mary Robertson
1765; William Nutt of Northumberland Co and Mary Downing of Lancaster 1769;
Edward Downing and Hannah Ball spinster 1796.
p 416-448 Marriage Bonds of Northampton Co 1706-1800: Henry Custis and Betty
Downing dau of Arthur Downing 1763; John Downing and Edey Nottingham 1791;
William Downing and Martha Jacob dau of Philip 1772; Caleb Fisher and
Elizabeth Downing 177_; William Wainhouse Michael and Margaret Downing dau
of Zerobabell Downing 1772; John Tankard and Lilla Downing 1791; Harrison
Thomas and Elizabeth Downing 1793.

p 533- Marriage Bonds from Records of Hustings Court, Richmond VA include
some Throgmorton marriages 1803-1805, and Bellingham McCarty and Elizabeth
Downman 1756.

p 622...Marriage Notices from the Central Gazette 1820-1827: Married Charles
Downing, Esq and Miss Rebecca Gray late of Norfolk in 1-18-1822 issue.

Also see Vol 24 William and Mary Quarterly for the Downings of
Northumberland County, [VA] by Mrs., Keach of Wichita KS about Capt William
Downing of Northumberland Co VA...the Blackwell connection.

[From parish records, dept of Archives and History, Charleston WV in 1938 to
a Downing descendant: Capt John Downing of Fairfields Parish, Northumberland
Co VA, married Hannah Fallin dau of Charles, and records of their children
appear int he St. STephen's parish in that county: Charles 1738, Elizabeth
1740, Hannah 1740, Nancy 1748, Edward 1750, Sarah and John Jr. These records
should be checked to confirm accuracy of this information as I don't have
the documentation. ]

>From research of Colin McNish, London England about 1994 for Ross Downing of
Michigan regarding the burial place of Emanuel Downing:
The crypt of Croyden [Crawden] parish church in Cambridgeshire, England:
1683 Frances Howard, w/o Sir George Downing, small pox
1684 Sir George Downing of East Hatley, son of Emanuel
1686 James Downing, son of Sir George Downing of Gamlingay and Katherine
1688 Lady Katherine, wife of Sir George Downing of Gamlingay
1705 Mr. William Downing
1711 Sir George Downing, Baronet
1747 Sir George Downing, Baronet, son of the above
1764 Sir Jacob Downing, Baronet
1778 Dame Margaret Bowyer, wife of Jacob Bowyer, her 2nd marrige; wife of
Sir Jacob Downing.
Ross Downing [1994, spelled as Ross spelled these names] found the burial
records of Emanuel Downing at Westminister Archives, burial at
St.Martins-in-the-field, a very large church in Travalgar Square, died 26
July 1660 Scotland.

Another title that might be of help" English Origins of New England Families
by Gary Boyd Roberts, publisher not known.

Downing Family Historical Society of America page 3, volume not known,
probably 1992, no sources given:
Downing Immigrants to America:
1624 Francis Downing
1647 William Downing
1650 Richard Downing
1651 Enoch Downing
1652 Mary Downing, Ann Downing

Bonded passengers to VA:
1729 John Downing
1730 George Downing
1732 Mary Downing
1749 Michael Downing
1751 John Downing
1754 Biron Downing
1764 George Downing
1767 Robert Downing

Maryland Immigrants
1666 William Downing
1670 william Downing, Robert Downing
1678 William Downing
1680 Mary Downing.

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