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From: M & R Leam <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 12:47:45 +0800

Hello all
Could someone tell me where I would look to try and find Richard Edwards
who died somewhere between 1851 to 1860. Dyson family stories say he
died of a horse riding accident. He had a daughter born in 1851 and a
son was registered as his in 1853 (James). However Richard's wife Jane
appears to maybe had this child to a James Dyson. She had a number of
other children to James Dyson before marrying him in 1861. None of her
children prior to 1860 are registered under Dyson however. The family
bible of the Dyson family has overwritten the date to read married 13
Feb 1852. James Edwards is listed in the bible as being a Dyson. So did
Richard die prior to Jane being pregnant with James or later on when she
offically got married in 1861.
Would there be a police report or a coroner's report and where would I
find them indexed. Richard could have been living anywhere Fremantle,
Perth and Upper Swan.
Robyn Leam

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