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Subject: Re: [DRAKE] Simon Drake, again (long post)
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 07:37:46 EST

In a message dated 11/16/2001 12:46:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> However, it gets even better, for I suspect Goodson had
> melungeon ancestry. Goodson was a surname for
> a melungeon family in Southampton County, VA,
> and having it turn up as a forename suggests
> the possibility that Goodson's mother was
> a Goodson and perhaps at least part melungeon.
> Perhaps she was quadroon, which would make
> Goodson legally white, I think.
> Hmm,. interesting. I'll have to look further into a melungeon connection.
> Alfred Drake's branch has the tradition that Simon and two brothers or
> Simon and his father or something else, came here from England. Then
> either Simon or his father or someone returned to England, abandoning the
> family.
> Alfred should be able to clear up my muzziness on the family stories. I
> can't because mine left Indiana at such an early age I didn't get any
> family stories.
Intermarriage with natives in Indian Territory wasn't that unusual. The Five
Civilized Tribes were just that...civilized, with churches, schools, stores,
train stations, coal mines, etc. The only restriction on the white Boomers
was not being allowed to own tribal land. Many men married the women and
many women married the men and their children were permitted to inherit the
My grandmother married a half Cherokee and had a child with him before he was
killed in the mines. She married 2) William Joe Drake.
Her sister married a full Choctaw, Ed Barnes.
William Joe's father Tom married two Choctaws, I've been told--his third and
fourth wives.
They co-mingled freely and there was no shame to it until much later when OK
became a state. Then they hid their heritage. I know there was a hassle
when the grandson of the half Cherokee married a full Cherokee and his
mother, who was a quarter Cherokee herself, raised hell. She said life was
too tough for his kids to be involved in such a struggle.
Ah, if she'd only lived long enough to know how they brag about their
heritage. <grin>
Thank you for the neat speculation that does sound like it's on the right


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