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Subject: Re: [DRAKE] Confed. marker
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 07:07:38 EST

In a message dated 11/24/2001 5:52:39 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I would guess they will, and if you like I will ask them to do so
> when the time comes. Being a Past Commander might help in
> persuading them to do that.
You are kind, Paul. I've been trying to contact the Magazine, Logan Co., AR
site coordinator to see if she will send a map of the cemetery. You have to
do this, then do that, then drive up this mountain, then that hill. And when
all else fails, ask the old timers if they remember where the cemetery is.
My youngest daughter took my father to visit it about 10 years ago in a free
period between jobs.
My other gr.gr.grandfather is buried in an unknown location. His home was
swallowed by the national/state park and is gone. He was buried on the
grounds. He was in the 7th AL Cavalry and assisted in the battle at Mobile.
I think he served earlier in GA and popped back over the Chatahoochie River
when Sherman took his TDY in Georgia.
I doubt if I'll ever find anything on which to put a marker on Mount
Magazine, but when I write to the SCV in Dardanelle, I'll ask if something
can be done for Monroe Hasty.
I'm still working on my John Will Drake's gov. headstone in OK. If he was
drafted, it was not in the county I thought. That just leaves St. Louis to
check and that's a Catch 22. You need to know in order to get and the
records might have been burned.


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