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From: "Michael L. Matthews" <>
Subject: [DRAKE] Watch for your Drake
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 08:01:06 -0600

Dear Drakes:

Are any of these Drakes yours?

State: South Carolina

Drake, James W. (Wardlaw)
Drake, Jessie L.
Drake, John
Drake, John Andrew
Drake, John William
Drake, Lawrence F.
Drake, Lois A.
Drake, Louie Devore
Drake, Margreta
Drake, Mary Frances
Drake, Mary J.
Drake, Mary C. Pruitt
Drake, Minnie Tinsley
Drake, Nancy Henrietta (Dickson0
Drake, R. Forest
Drake, Robert Marshall
Drake, Robert Reid
Drake, Robert Seawright
Drake, Robert W. (Wallace)
Drake, Sarah P.
Drake, Thomas Franklin
Drake, Two Infant Sons s/o James Newton
and Jane E. Bowie Drake
Drake, W. Frank
Drake William Baker

Amanda Drake
Margt Drake
Nancy J. Drake

Sarah Drake (widow of Benjamin Drake)
m. John Smith

Drake, Francis wife Joyce

State: Virginia

Drake, Agnes
Drake, Catherine
Drake, Celia
Drake, Ephraim
Drake, George
Drake, Hannah
Drake, James
Drake, James
Drake, John
Drake, Joseph
Drake, Joseph
Drake, Moses
Drake, Richard
Drake, Sally
Drake, Sally
Drake, Suckey
Drake, Sukey
Drake, Thomas
Drake, Thomas
Drake, William

Drake, Thomas

Roger Drake

William Drake

James Drake

Sally Drake
Sukey Drake

Sarah Drake
Thomas Drake

Thomas and Betsy Drake

State: New Jersey

Herbert Armitage Drake

More, much more later.

Tons of stories with some names.
In one story, a man, not a Drake
is whipped for abusing the governor.

I go back Tuesday (if the center is open)
and do more look ups. I will start on the
emails I received. Some of what I am
finding is already in the archives in the
Drake Exchange. Also, I am finding
many Drake related surnames for my
SC Drakes, in my Virginian searching.
That is the challenge with Drake gene
hunting. I find that I drift toward the
related surnames as I dig deeper into
the Great Drake Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, I look up Connecticut.

Happy Gene Hunting!


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