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From: "Alfred Drake" <>
Subject: [DRAKE] Elizabeth Rogers (Part 1)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 18:55:23 -0700

1.John Drake b. abt 1448/1460, Otterton, Devonshire, England, (son of John
DRAKE and ? CRUWYS (CREWS(E))) m. Agnes KAILWAY/KELLOWAY, b. abt 1452,
Otterton, Devonshire, England, (daughter of John KAILWAY). another source
has 1460
2.iHenry b. abt 1460.
3.iiJohn b. Abt 1474.
iiiGilbert DRAKE b. abt 1476.
ivRobert DRAKE b. abt 1478.
4.vAgnes b. abt 1482.
viThomas DRAKE b. abt 1483.
viiRichard DRAKE b. abt 1485, m. Ursula STAFFORD, b. abt 1535,
(daughter of Lady Dorothy STAFFORD).

Second Generation

2.Henry DRAKE (1.John1) b. abt 1460, m. (unknown).
iWilliam DRAKE.
5.iiJohn b. abt 1515.

3.John DRAKE (1.John1) b. Abt 1474, Otterton, Devonshire, England, m. (1)
1499, in Parish Whytecomb, Devon, England, Margaret COLE, b. 1476, Ashe,
Dorsethire, England, m. (2) 7 Feb 1540, Margaret HURST, b. 1506. John died
9 Nov 1554, St. Petrock, Exeter, Devon. no child recorded by second wife,
Margaret HURST
Children by Margaret COLE:
6.iJohn b. abt 1500.
iiGilbert DRAKE b. abt 1506, Ashe, Dorestshire, England, m. 1547, in
Ahse Dorsetshire, England, Katherine SHERMAN, b. abt 1508, Ashe,
Dorsetshire, England. Gilbert died 9 Oct 1554.
iiiAlice DRAKE b. abt 1507, Ashe, Dorestshire, England, m. Walter
RALEIGH, b. Ashe, Dorsetshire, England.
ivJohanna DRAKE b. abt 1519.

4.Agnes DRAKE (1.John1) b. abt 1482, Otterton, Devonshire, Eng, m. William
POLE, b. abt 1482.
iWilliam POLE, Jr..
iiAnna POLE.

Third Generation

5.John DRAKE (2.Henry2, 1.John1) b. abt 1515, Crowndale Farm, Devonshire,
England, m. Margery HAWKINS, b. abt 1495, d. 1571, Plymouth, Devonshire
England. John died 1566, Crowndale Farm, Devonshire, England. According to
Neville William's "Francis Drake", Francis's grandfather, John Dr married to
Margery Hawkins. William Hawkins, the father of Sir John the Slaver the
William Hawkins who sailed with Sir Francis, was her nephew. This William
the first cousin of Edmund Drake, Sir Francis's father so that made Sir John
t and his brother William second cousins to Sir Francis.
iJoseph DRAKE.
iiJohn DRAKE b. abt 1515, Crowndale Farm, Devonshire, England, d.
7.iiiRobert b. abt 1520.
ivAnna DRAKE.

6.John DRAKE (3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1500, Ashe, Dorsetshire, England, m.
1535, in Ashe, Dorsetshire, England, Ann (Amy) GRANVILLE (GRENVILLE), b. abt
1513, Stow, Devon, England, (daughter of Roger Greenville and Margaret
WHITLEIGH) d. 18 Oct 1578, Musbury, Devonshire, Enlgand, buried: Parish
Church, Musbury. John died 4 Oct 1558, Musbury, Devonshire, Enland.
Sheriff of Devonshire
8.iSir Bernard b. abt 1528.
9.iiRobert b. abt 1530.
10.iiiRichard b. abt 1535.

Fourth Generation

7.Robert DRAKE (5.John3, 2.Henry2, 1.John1) b. abt 1520, m. Anne LUXMOOR,
b. 1520. Robert died 1570.
iJohn DRAKE b. abt 1562.

8.Sir Bernard DRAKE (6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1528, Ashe,
Dorsetshire, England, m. Gertrude FORTESCUE, b. abt 1538, Mount Drake,
Devonshire, England, (daughter of Bartolomew FORTESCUE and Ellen MOORE) d.
10 Feb 1600/01, buried: 13 Feb, Parish Church, Musbury, Devon England. Sir
died 10 Apr 1586, Mushbury, Devonshire, England, buried: Parish Church,
Musbury, Devon, Eng.
iGertrude DRAKE b. abt 1558.
iiUrsula DRAKE b. abt 1560.
iiiAmy DRAKE b. abt 1562.
ivHumprey DRAKE b. abt 1564.
11.vJohn b. abt 1566.
viHugh DRAKE b. abt 1568, d. 1589, Portugal.
viiRobert DRAKE b. abt 1568, d. aft 15 May 1604.
viiiMarie DRAKE b. abt 1570, Msubury, Devon, Eng.
ixWilliam DRAKE b. abt 1570, Wiscombe, Devonshire, Eng, d. abt 04 Dec
xBernard DRAKE b. abt 1572, Wiscombe, Devonshire, Eng, m. 07 Feb
1595/96, Elizabeth DENSLOE.
xiMary DRAKE b. abt 1572, Musbury, Devon, Eng.
xiiEllanor DRAKE b. abt 1574.

9.Robert DRAKE (6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1530, Wiscombe,
Devonshire, Enlgand, m. Elizabeth PRIDEAUX, b. 1529, England, (daughter of
Lord Humphrey PRIDEAUX and Edith HATCH) d. 1572, Wiscombe Part, Devonshire,
Englan. Robert died 30 Mar 1600, Wiscombe Park, Devonshire, England.
12.iWilliam b. abt 1564.

10.Richard DRAKE (6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1535, Eshire, England,
m. Ursula STAFFORD, b. abt 1535, (daughter of Lady Dorothy STAFFORD).
Richard died 11 Jul 1603, Surrey, England.
13.iFrancis b. ca 1557.

Fifth Generation

11.John DRAKE (8.Sir4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1566, Colyton,
Devon, England, m. in Witshire, England, Dorothy BUTTON, b. England,
(daughter of William BUTTON) d. Dec 1631, England. John died 11 Apr 1668,
Musbury, Devon, England.
14.iJohn b. abt 1591.
iiMary DRAKE b. abt 1594, Colyton, Devon, England, m. Henry ROUSWELL.
Mary died 4 Nov 1643.
15.iiiWilliam b. abt 1596.

12.William DRAKE (9.Robert4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1564,
Wicombe, Devonshire Eng, m. 1587, in Holcombe-Burnel, Devon, Eng, Philippa
DENYS, b. 26 Mar 1561, (daughter of Sir Robert DENYS and Margaret GODOLPHIN)
d. 5 Oct 1655. William died 4 Dec 1619.
16.iJohn b. abt 1585.
iiAmy DRAKE b. abt 1594, Devonshire, England.
iiiJoan DRAKE b. abt 1592, m. Robert COLLYNS.
ivActon DRAKE b. abt 1596, m. Jane (DRAKE).
vThomas DRAKE b. abt 1598, Devonshire, England, m. Helen WALKER.
17.viElizabeth b. abt 1590.

13.Francis DRAKE (10.Richard4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. ca 1557,
Eshire, Surey, Eng, m. 3 Mar 1603, in St. Dunstans, Joahn TOTHILL.
iFrancis DRAKE.

Sixth Generation

14.John DRAKE (11.John5, 8.Sir4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1591,
Colyton, Devon England, m. Elinor or Helen BOTELER. John died 26 Aug 1636,
18.iSir John.
iiAnn DRAKE.

15.William DRAKE (11.John5, 8.Sir4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt 1596,
Musbury, Devon, England, m. 14 Nov 1620, in Yardbury, Colyton, Devon, Eng.,
Margaret WESTOVER (WESTOFER), b. 1599, Colyton, Devonshire, England,
(daughter of William WESTOVER) d. 1635, Colyton, Devonshire, England.
William died 1639, buried: Temple Church, London, England.
iJohn DRAKE b. 24 Mar 1621/22, Colyton, Devon, Eng.
iiDorothy DRAKE b. 26 Mar 1623, Colyton, Devon, Eng.
iiiEleanor DRAKE b. 15 Dec 1625, Colyton, Devon, England.
ivJoan DRAKE b. 11 Jun 1628, Colyton, Devon Eng.
vWilliam DRAKE b. 22 Dec 1629, Colyton, Devon, Eng, d. 6 Mar 1679/80.
viJane DRAKE b. 13 Feb 1630/31, Colyton, Devon, Eng.
viiElizabeth DRAKE b. 10 Dec 1632, Colyton, Devon, Eng, d. 8 Jun
viiiEndimion DRAKE b. 25 Jun 1634, Colyton, Devon, Eng.
20.ixThomas b. 13 Sep 1635.

16.John DRAKE (12.William5, 9.Robert4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b. abt
1585, Devon Co., England, m. (1) 25 Jun 1616, in Hampton In Arden, Warwick,
England, Lettice SHAKESPEARE, d. 10 Nov 1623, Hampton, m. (2) Elizabeth
ROGERS, b. abt 1581, Hampton, Arden, Warwickshire, (daughter of Thomas
ROGERS) d. 7 Oct 1681, Windsor, CT. John died 17 Aug 1659, Windsor, CT.
Came to Boston in 1630 with 2 or more sons, settled in Windsor. From the
branch of the family of Drake of Ashe. Oct 19 1630 winthrop's Fleet lands
Mary and John (ship's name) Died in fall while carrying corn to his son's
livestock, thown, cart ran over him, died next day.

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