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Subject: Re: [DRAKE] Elizabeth Rogers (Part 1)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 00:29:19 EDT

Dear Drakes,

There are so many problems with this material it is hard to
know where to begin.

<<1. John Drake b. abt 1448/1460, Otterton, Devonshire, England, (son of
DRAKE and ? CRUWYS (CREWS(E))) m. Agnes KAILWAY/KELLOWAY, b. abt 1452,
Otterton, Devonshire, England, (daughter of John KAILWAY). another source
has 1460
2. i Henry b. abt 1460.
3. ii John b. Abt 1474.
iii Gilbert DRAKE b. abt 1476.
iv Robert DRAKE b. abt 1478.
4. v Agnes b. abt 1482.
vi Thomas DRAKE b. abt 1483.
vii Richard DRAKE b. abt 1485, m. Ursula STAFFORD, b. abt
(daughter of Lady Dorothy STAFFORD).>>

There are two or three generations or lines jumbled up here. Neither Henry
nor Richard belong here. Note that Richard would be 50 years older
than his bride. This Richard who married Ursula Stafford was
actually b. c. 1535 and is duplicated later in the pedigree.

<<Second Generation

2. Henry DRAKE (1.John1) b. abt 1460, m. (unknown).
i William DRAKE.
5. ii John b. abt 1515.>>

This Henry Drake who we later see was from Crowndale in West
Devon was not closely related to the Drakes of Ashe in East Devon.
He certainly does not go here.

<<3. John DRAKE (1.John1) b. Abt 1474, Otterton, Devonshire, England, m.
1499, in Parish Whytecomb, Devon, England, Margaret COLE, b. 1476, Ashe,
Dorsethire, England,>>

Ashe is not in Dorset, but is in the parish of Musbury Devon. I have seen
this mistake made over and over again on the internet.

<< m. (2) 7 Feb 1540, Margaret HURST, b. 1506. John died
9 Nov 1554, St. Petrock, Exeter, Devon. no child recorded by second wife,
Margaret HURST>>

The John Drake who was buried at St. Petrock's Devon was a different
John from the one who married Margaret Cole.

<<Third Generation

5. John DRAKE (2.Henry2, 1.John1) b. abt 1515, Crowndale Farm, Devonshire>>

Again, the Drakes of Crowndale do not go in this pedigree.

<< According to Neville William's "Francis Drake", Francis's grandfather,
John Dr married to Margery Hawkins. William Hawkins, the father of Sir John
the Slaver the
William Hawkins who sailed with Sir Francis, was her nephew. This William
the first cousin of Edmund Drake, Sir Francis's father so that made Sir John
t and his brother William second cousins to Sir Francis.>>

Nope, sorry. Sir Francis and the Drakes of Ashe were much more
distant kin.

<<16. John DRAKE (12.William5, 9.Robert4, 6.John3, 3.John2, 1.John1) b.
1585, Devon Co., England, m. (1) 25 Jun 1616, in Hampton In Arden, Warwick,
England, Lettice SHAKESPEARE, d. 10 Nov 1623, Hampton, m. (2) Elizabeth
ROGERS, b. abt 1581, Hampton, Arden, Warwickshire, (daughter of Thomas
ROGERS) d. 7 Oct 1681, Windsor, CT. John died 17 Aug 1659, Windsor, CT.
Came to Boston in 1630 with 2 or more sons, settled in Windsor. From the
branch of the family of Drake of Ashe. Oct 19 1630 winthrop's Fleet lands
Mary and John (ship's name) Died in fall while carrying corn to his son's
livestock, thown, cart ran over him, died next day.>>

Here we go wrong again. The John Drake who married Lettice Shakespeare
in Warwickshire lived half way across England from the Drakes
of Ashe in Devon. There could be no connection. It was the yeoman
John Drake of Warwickshire who came to Windsor and was run over
by the oxcart.

More later.


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