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From: "pauli1028 SMITH" <>
Subject: Re: [DRIVER-L] Driver Family Poll..pls respond
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 10:20:14 -0700
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Thank you all for your increased interest in the list and to Andy for
posting his poll. We all at the Driver Family Historical Society wish you
the very best holidays and and a very happy and productive New Year!

My brother Tom and I have been very busy with family obligations and yes,
both of us, while in our 50s are now back in school finishing up college
degrees started a very long time ago. <G. As such, we haven't had much time
to devote to the list or to our Driver Family Historical Society website but I do update the site, whenever I get a chance.

When we started the society back in 1990, we knew we had a lot of relatives
out there, but I don't think in our wildest imaginations that we could have
imagined how many we really have. Growing up in Southern California, I never
met another Driver, so I naturally thought our name uncommon. Well, it was,
in Southern California. <G> Now we are getting to know family from several
originating branches from all over the world. There is our Giles line out of
England that probably was the most prolific once they arrived here, then
James of Wales, Robert & Phebe of London/and Lynn MA, ancestors of the
famous ship's captain, William Driver, A whole slough of relatives still in
England and Ireland, the Canadians to the north, and the Australian and New
Zealand branches down under, and of course we can't leave out South Africa.
Then there are the Treber/Drivers from Germany - who can forget them. <G>.
Limited research on this line is starting to indicate that these Driver's
too originated from England, traversing first to Germany and then to the US.

So, we are indeed a very large and diverse family.

Love you all!

your cousin, Pauli Driver Smith

Subject: Re: [DRIVER-L] Driver Family Poll.. pls respond

> Hi Andy and list,
> My oldest DRIVER that I can trace back to is William DRIVER born about
> 1762,
> based on his monument inscription, was married to Hannah COATON 5 Feb.
> 1787
> in Lutterworth, Leicester, England and also died there 3 Jan 1845. They
> had
> 11 children all but two died young, one in 1792, 2 in 1801, 5 in 1802 and
> one in 1803. All in Lutterworth.
> If you have any information on this side of the family I would love to
> share
> what I have.
> Happy New Year,
> Richard DRIVER
> Cold and snow in Snoqualmie Valley, Washington State, USA
> Subject: [DRIVER-L] Driver Family Poll..pls respond
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> > I am very deep into Driver history, and I would be very interested in
> finding out exactly what the Driver ancestry line is for people who are
> checking out this chat line.. I have uncovered a ton of info, so I may be
> able to give any respondent some previously unknown information..
> >
> > SO PLEASE, if you or any of your ancestors, or your spouse, has Driver
> blood.. pls pls take one minute to email me and tell me the oldest Driver
> descendant that you have that you are aware of...If you are like me and
> can
> trace back to Robert Driver in 1520, then what I would want is the
> American
> Driver descendant..
> >
> > I specifically would be interested in anyone who can trace back to
> > William
> Driver b.1705. Thanks
> >
> > my email is
> >
> > pls email me.. we can help each other.. thanks
> >
> > Andy Brandon

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