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From: "Pam Moore" <>
Subject: [DRIVER-L] Robert & Phebe DRIVER Line
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 12:04:54 -0600

>From my research, I calculate that I am the 13th
Generation descended from Robert and Phebe DRIVER of Lynn, MA
(Massachusetts). My Great Grandfather was William McCulloch DRIVER, b.
24 Aug 1870, Shillong, India; d. 10 Apr 1947, Clinton, IA. His father
was Andrew Brown DRIVER , b. 17 Nov 1842, Beverly, MA, d. unknown.

My branch of DRIVER lived mainly in Massachusetts, until my Grandfather
Prescott Oliver DRIVER moved to Iowa in the late 1940's after he served
in the Navy during WWI. Our lineage has gotten very short and there are
not many left, so this makes my research all the more important.

I have copied an old posting from RootsWeb (1999) which lists my lineage.
You might have seen some of the postings, photos and letters that I have submitted to
the Driver Family web site. I haven't been doing much genealogy lately as
I have been busy with the next generation, namely my 8 year old son!

Pam (Driver) Moore


(NOTE: All information taken from "The Driver Family: A Genealogical
Memoir of the Descendants of Robert and Phebe Driver, of Lynn, Mass,
compiled by a Descendant, Harriet Ruth (Waters) Cooke", Published by
University Press, 1889.) Please note that I am a volunteer for look-ups
in reference to this book.

(I). Robert DRIVER, b. abt 1592, England, d. 3 Apr 1680, Lynn, MA.
md. Phebe Maplisden, b. abt 1592, England, d. Feb 1683.
ch: (II) Robert, Phebe, Richard, John, Ruth.

(II) Robert DRIVER, Jr., b. abt 1631, d. bef 1708.
md. Sarah (no further data)
ch: William, Sara, Ruth, (III) Salmon, John.

(III) Salmon, (also known as Solomon), DRIVER, b. 11 Aug 1670, Lynn,
MA, d. bef 1722. md. Sarah (no further data)
ch: (IV) Solomon

(IV) Solomon DRIVER III, b. abt 1694, Lynn, MA, d. bef 30 Nov 1747,
Manchester, MA. md. Rachel Bishop, 13 Dec, 1698, Manchester,
ch: Rachel, (V) Solomon, John, Mary

(V) Solomon DRIVER, Capt., b. 27 Oct 1720, Gloucester, MA, d. abt
1761. md. Hannah Allen, 11 Dec 1742.
ch: (VI) Solomon, John, Hannah, Samuel.

(VI) Solomon DRIVER, b. 6 Apr 1746, Manchester, MA, d. abt Jul 1831.
md. Miriam Hooper, 1 Dec 1768.
ch: Solomon, Miriam, (VII) Andrew, Hannah, John, Bethiah, Samuel

(VII) Andrew DRIVER, b. 2 Nov 1774, Manchester, MA, d. 6 Feb 1826.
md. Rachel Day, 30 Sep 1795.
ch: Rachel, Andrew, (8) David, Joseph Day, Rachel, Abigail, John
Hooper, Maria, Jacob Hooper.

(VIII) David DRIVER, Capt. b. 30 Dec 1802, Manchester, MA, d. 17 Sep
1850. md. Emma Elizabeth Hammond, 25 Jun 1837.
ch: William Raymond, (IX) Andrew Brown.

(IX) Andrew Brown DRIVER, b. 27 Nov 1842, Beverly, MA. (death date,
unknown). md. Isabella McCullock, 18 Apr 1868.
ch: Emma McCullock, (X) William McCullock, Mary Adelaide,
Emily Frances Sinclair, David Ramsey.

(X) William McCullock DRIVER, b. 24 Aug 1870, Shillong, Assam, India,
d. 10 Apr 1947, Clinton, IA. md. Dora Butts, 14 Feb 1894, Salem,
ch: (XI) Prescott Oliver.

(XI) Prescott Oliver DRIVER, b. 16 May 1895, Lynn, MA, d. 5 May 1974,
Clinton, IA. md. Helen Claire Morehouse, 18 Mar 1919, Brooklyn,
ch: Marjorie Edith, Raymond Prescott, Ruth Elizabeth, (XII) Lois

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