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From: "Pat Obrist" <>
Subject: Re: More Virginia DRURYS
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 15:49:50 -0500

Kathleen and list: Below is another Drury family I came across a few
years ago. This is ALL I know about them. Pat Bishop Obrist

Generation No. 1

1. ??? DRURY

Children of FATHER-VA DRURY are:
2. i. JOHN2 DRURY, SR., d. 1750, Norfolk Co., VA.
ii. ELIZABETH DRURY, d. Abt. March 1751/52, Norfolk Co., VA
(Elizabeth has more sisters at York Co, VA); m. ??? WARREN; b. Could
he be John Warren, Sr. with will 1752 Norfolk?).

Mrs. Elizabeth WARREN (Noncupative) Book 1, p. 256(torn) 2 March 1752
Norfolk Co., VA
...the bulk or chiefest part of her Estate... to Mary FISHLEY, her
Sister's daughter; and John DRURY, her brother's son... gave the two
Houses down the Alley (meaning alley called Yaxley Alley), to Mary
FISHLEY; only the House that Mrs. HIGGINBOTTOM lived in she gave to
Esther THOMAS for six years to bring up the said Mary FISHLEY. The
Land at Town Bridge... to Elizabeth CLARK Daughter of her Sister,
Lydia CLARK, and if either of the sd. Mary FISHLEY or Elizabeth CLARK
should died without Heir the part of her so dying should go the said
... nine gold rings...
...her eldest Brother's son, John DRURY
...Elizabeth WARREN said she had two Sisters ( and more at York)
...Spoken the 3 March 1752. Testators: Ashbury SUTTON, Katherine
BROWN and Ruth (her mark) McHENRY.
Summon: Thomas DRURY, Sarah MCDUELL, and Wm. CLARK, Next of kin.
Witnesses: Mr. Ashbury SUTTON, Mrs. Katherine BROWN, Ruth McHENRY.

Other DRURY/DREWRY wills from Virginia (Torrence, p. 128)
DREWRY, Thomas, 1772 w
DRURY, John Sr., 1750 w
DRURY, John, 1752 w

DREWRY, Edward 1687 i.
Jno., 1714 i
Jno., 1727 i
Robert, 1744 i
Peter, 1761 i
Samuel, Jr. 1767 w
Samuel 1768 w
Robert, 1782 w
Henry 1783 w
Mary, 1792 w
Wm. 1799 i
DRURY: Wm. 1726 w.

DREWRY: Thomas 1777 w
Wm. 1781 w
Saml. 1790 w
Humphrey, 1797 w.
Wm. 1797 w.
DRURY: Thomas 1777 i

DRURY: Wm. 1703 i

? DREWITT, Jno. 1674 w.

3. iii. SISTER DRURY, d. Bef. 1752.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 DRURY, SR. (FATHER-VA1) died 1750 in Norfolk Co., VA.

Notes for JOHN DRURY, SR.:

Will of John DRURY, Norfolk Co., VA filed 19 Feb. 1750/1 - proven 21
March 1750
... John LLOYD and John DRURY junr. being in Company with John DRURY
Senr. on his Death Bed, heard the said John DRURY, Senr. say that all
he had in this World he gave his Wife Sarah DRURY.
Feb. 26, 1750/1. Signed John LOYD, John DRURY.

Personally appeared John LLOYD and John DRURY before me one of his
Majesties Justices of the Peace for said County and made oath. Robert
(Abstract of Norfolk County Wills (VA), Book I, Folio 212, author?
________ p. 269-70.)

23 Dec. 1714. a John DREWRY 15 a. (N.L.) York Co, VA in Charles
Parish Imp of : Mary GWITE. ("Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 3" p.

Child of JOHN DRURY, SR. is:
5. i. JOHN3 DRURY, JR., d. 1752, Borough & County of Norfolk, VA.

3. SISTER2 DRURY (FATHER-VA1) died Bef. 1752. She married ???
FISHLEY. He died in (no Fishley wills in Torrence).

Child of SISTER DRURY and ??? FISHLEY is:
i. MARY3 FISHLEY, b. Bef. 1752.

4. LYDIA2 DRURY (FATHER-VA1) She married ??? CLARK.

Child of LYDIA DRURY and ??? CLARK is:
i. ELIZABETH3 CLARK, b. fl 1752; d. Aft. 1752.

Generation No. 3

5. JOHN3 DRURY, JR. (JOHN2, FATHER-VA1) died 1752 in Borough & County
of Norfolk, VA. He married SARAH ???.

Notes for JOHN DRURY, JR.:
The Will of John DRURY - Dated 16 March 1752 Proved 16 April 1752 of
the Borough and County of Norfolk, VA
... to my loving wife Sarah DRURY the house wherein I now dwell
together with the Land and premises thereunto belonging / which
descended to me by the Death of my late Aunt Elizabeth WARREN deed /
... during her life. And after her Death ... to my son, Thomas

...to my said son, Thomas DRURY the house which Reodolphus
HIGGINBOTTOM lately lived in joining the aforementioned house together
with the House at Town Bridge and the Lands & premises adjoining &
belonging to the said Houses / which also descended to me by the
death of my aforesaid Aunt / ...

...to my said wife Sarah DRURY all the remaining part of my Estate
both real & personal...

...appoint my Friend Horatio STAMMERS and my loving wife Sarah DRURY

Witnesses: Nicholas WINTERTON, Wm. McENNERY, Ruth McENNERY, her +
mark , Jas. HOLT
Signed John DRURY & Seal.
(Abstract of Norfolk County Wills (VA), Book I, folio 248, author?
________ p. 290-91)

Child of JOHN DRURY and SARAH ??? is:
i. THOMAS4 DRURY, b. Bef. 1752.


Thomas received legacy from his father: the house where I now dwell
together with the land and presmises thereunto belonging...from my
late Aunt, Elizabeth WARREN, dec'd., ... (and after the death of his
mother, Sarah DRURY.) AND the house which Reodolphus HIGGINBOTTOM
lately lived in joing the aforementioned house together with the House
at Town Bridge and the Lands & premises adjoining to the said Houses /
which also descended to me by the death of my aforesaid Aunt /

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From: Kathleen Bowen <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 7:55 PM
Subject: Jurningham Drury? MD and VA connection?

>Hi list;
>I spoke with my mother today about some Drury gaps and out of the
blue she
>mentions that she clearly remembers her uncle walter Drury talking
about the
>Drury kin in Virginia and that the connections went back to when they
>immigrated form England (she also remembers something about proximity
to the
>Potomac and that there were Drury relatives south of Alexandria...)
So, as I
>had never really tried to search for Drury ancestors or relatives in
>Virginia, I went to some sites and the LDS site and did some
>I pulled some Drury names in Nansemond, Virginia. I found Charles
Drury and
>Jurningham Drewry (Drury) at the LDS site. Charles is such a common
>and I didn't get too excited about that one; however, the
"Jurningham" rang
>a bell. Then I pulled some data I had form Anne arundel Co. wills
and I
>have this:
>In the book- Heirs and Orphans: AA Co, Md Distributions 1788-1838 by
>Arps, Page 15:
>"Mr. Charles Drury administrator of Hester Drury late of AA Co.
deceased. 26
>Jan 1797. Surieties: Juningham Drury + Abel Hill. Ninths of the
>balance to: Sarah Hodge, William Drury, the two children of Elizabeth
>(unnamed), Margaret Pindell, Mary Simmons, Ann Brown, Charles Drury,
>Drury + Juningham Drury; page 18: Mr. Charles Drury executor of Mary
>Wood late of AA Co., deceased. 22 Nov. 1803. Sureties: Cephas Childs
>Juningham Drury, Ann Brown, legacy of a negro; the remainder of the
>to Margaret Pindell d/o John Pindell."
>Amazingly, I had just recently explained this reference to a Pindell
>researcher who had run across it at my Family Tree Maker site! So
the names
>were fresh in my mind....hence, the instant recognition of
>Then, one of the references at the LDS provides his spouse :SARAH
>I search for her, and she has references in Nansemond, Virginia....
>Here is the reference for Jurningham (just one on LDS):
>Jurningham DREWRY;Spouse: Sarah HILL Marriage: 1790 Anne Arundel,
>Maryland;Batch number: M533511
>Here is what I found on Sarah Hill there:
>1.) Born: ABT 1738 Nansemond', 'Virginia;Father: Abraham HILL Mother:
>Judith HILL;Film Number: 457153;
>2.) Born: ABT 1727 Nansemond', 'Virginia;Father: Benjamin HILL
Mother: Sarah
>LATHAM;Film Number: 447924 Page Number: Reference Number: 21029.
>I'm not sure what abel Hill's realtionship os to Sarah, bet there are
>several Abel; Hill references in Anne Arundel Co...
>Does anyone out there have anything to add or have this Jurningham
and sarah
>in their data?
>Kathleen in Ridge Manor, Florida
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