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I used the wrong address the first time...Maybe this is right now. Till next
time.....Lona Faye Duke Bows

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Subject: Joyce Hollers Jones ltr to Atlanta Archives 1959
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 19:41:01 EST
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Here is the contents of a letter that was discovered at the Atlanta Archives
on my search for ancestors of the DUKE family. Tex Ann I think it is of
special interest to you. The only problem I see with it is John P Duke
married to Delilah. I have come across two John P Duke. This one (according to
the letter) died 1829 Morgan Co GA. The only thing I can find is where his
estate was settled. Would they settle his estate if he just disappeared? Maybe
moved to Texas without letting his family know? I also have a copy of a
document where a John P shows up and states he did not desert during the war.
I am not going to assume anything with out more concrete evidence. If this is
the same one then at that time he fits in with my line. I have my doubts about
the two John P. Duke info I have being the same ones. I just don't know ,
but I will share with you what info I have.
Contents of the letter word for word follows:
Received at the Atlanta Archives Oct 24, 1959
cover letter:

October 22,1959
1304 Stanford
Longview, Tx 75601

Department of Archive & History
Atlanta, Goergia 30334

Dear Madam:
Evclosed herewith you will please find some unfinished data on my Duke
ancestors, which I would like very much for you to place in a File Folder or
on index cards for public use, in the hopes that someone may come along some
time in the very near future that may be able to help me finish my ancestor
search. I have been up the proverbial stump for ever so long.

If there is anyone who would like or desire furthur information on any names
listed, I will be happy to furnish what I can for them.

Thanking you for your assistance and consideration, I am
Joyce Hollers Jones

Second page:

John P. Duke marr. DELILAH________________
B. B. D.
D. Oct.1829 MorganCo., Ga

ISSUE: (children) as far as I know at this time
*DAVID DUKE marr.C/A 1819 Elizabeth Jones
B. 11/20/1798-Franklin Co Ga. B.4/27/1803-Greene Co, Ga
D. 7/12/1876-Panola Co., Miss D. after 1860-Panola Co., Miss
(David Duke marr. 2nd widow Mary Warren)
(who had three children)

ISSUE of David Duke and Elizabeth Jones
1. LUCINDA C. DUKE- B. 7/22/1820Morgan Co., Ga D. 2/17/1881-Enid, Miss.
2. Julia Delilah Duke-B.3/6/1822 Morgan Co., Ga Marr. Mc Coy
3. Lorenzo Dow Duke-B. 11/27/1824Morgan Co., Ga
4. Francis O. Duke-B. 10/20/1826 Upson Co., Ga Marr. Gideon Bowden
5. Francis Marion Duke-B. __/13/1827 Coweta Co., Ga D. 1908 Tex.
6. Benjamin Franklin Duke-B. 12/26/1831 Coweta Co., Marr. Elizabeth
7. Nancy H. Duke-B.8/7/1832
8. *John William Duke-B. 10/12/1836 Pope, PanolCo., Miss. D.7/9/1917
Ballenger, Texas - Marr. Catherine E. Packer 9/15/1859-Panola Co., Miss.
9. Henry Clay Duke-B. 5/4/1837-Pope, Panola Co., Miss
10. Mary P. Duke-B. 5/24/1839-Pope, Panola,Miss. Marr. Carroll Bowden
11. Cynthia Ann Duke-B. 1841 Pope, Panola Co., Miss D. 1927-Tex. Marr. Jim

John William Duke Marr. 9/15/1859 Catherine Elizabeth Packer
(she is following her line)
B. 10/12/1836 B. 1/20/1844 Panola Co.,
D. 7/9/1917- Ballinger, Texas D. 1/2/1911-Ballenger, Texas
1. James David Duke Marr. "Lucy" Louanna____________
B. 5/20/1861-Panola Co., Miss
D. 7/20/1905 Cleburne, Texas
Amanda Catherine Duke b. 12/9/1894-Marr. W. R. Miles
George Wm. Duke-B. 4/26/1904-Johnson Co., Tex. D. 10/26/67
Carrie Luanna Duke-B. 10/21/1897-Temple, Tex. D. 12/7/1963 Marr.
Ida Lenora Duke-B. 6/29/1899-Milam Co., Tex.D.6/27/1963 Tex.
Wm. David Duke-B. 2/17/1902-D. 9/2/1957-Tex.

2. John Walter Duke
B. 3/6/1863-Pope,Panola Co., Miss.
D.7/24/1864-Pope Panola Co., Miss

3. Catherine Elizabeth Duke Marr Ewell Young
B. 8/31/1865-Panola Co., Miss B. 6/6/1856-Miss.
D. 9/17/1956-W.Falls, Texas D. 9/6/1856-Miss.
Infant-B. 10/2/1882-D10/2/1882
Bertha E. Hildreth-B. 12/2/1884-Terral, Okla.-D.3/8/1901
Infant-B. 12/29/1886-D. 12/29/1886
Young Ewell Hildreth-B. 9/9/1888-Haskell, Tex.

Third Page:

John Oscar Hildreth-B. 9/8/1890-Haskell, Tex. D. 6/27/1957 Tex. Marr. Mary
Minnie E. Hildreth-B. 10/2/1896-Terral Okla.D. 10/2/1896
Susie LaHildreth -b.6/5/1898- Terral Okla. D.5/24/1960
Marr. (1) Lath(unreadable) (2) Evans
Sam Graceford Hildreth-B. 2/25/1902-Terral Okla. D. 5/24/1960
Pauline Catherine Hildreth-B. 9/19/1904 D. 2/18/(unreadable) Texas

4. Lorenzo Dow Duke Marr. 8/30/1896 Florence Sims
B. 8/11/1867 Panola Co., Miss B. 11/17/1877Yorkshire(unreadable)
3/3/1950-W. Falls Texas D. 4/4/1941 Lancaster,
Lucy Mae DukeB. 8/4/1897Salado, Texas marr. (1) T.E. Simmons
Park Caswell
Chas. Bates
Stella Florence Duke-B.3/24/1908 Winters, Tex.
Willie LorenzDuke-B.8/2/1902 Corn Hill, Texas D.3/18/1920

5. Willie Layfayette Duke Marr. 9/28/1891 Delia LaPearl Story
B. 1/13/1870 Panola Co., Miss B. 6/9/1877 D. 3/9/1955
D. 3/10/1963-Ballinger Texas (this date does not coincide with the date
she wrote the letter)
Homer Byron Duke-B 2/25/1893- Ad Hall, Texas Married Ella Mae Ca(unreadable)
James Hill Duke-B. 5/11/1894 Ad Hall , Texas Marr. Clariett Nich(unreadable)
Wm. David Duke-B. 8/5/1896 Ad Hall , Texas Marr. Nan Crouch
Chas. Layfayette Duke-B.10/11/1897- Ad Hall, Texas Marr. Mabel Jackson
Mabel Catherine Duke-B. 7/5/1899 Ad Hall, Texas Marr(1) Earl Whisman (2) Jim
John Wm. Duke B. 1/17/1901 Ad Hall, Texas D. 11/20/1955 Marr. Modena Barnett
Luther Marion Duke-B. 1/21/1902 Ad Hall, Texas 6/1/1965 Marr. Luella
Thomas Leo Duke-B. 4/24/1905- Ballinger,Tx D. 5/15/1935 Marr Pearl Bridwell
Walter Sims Duke B.-8/18/1907 Paint Rock , Texas Marr. Lois Pip(unreadable)
Delia Naomi Duke B. 9/30/1909 Ballinger Texas Marr Robert or Herbert
Fannie Alma Duke-B. 12/29/1911 Ballinger Texas Marr Herbert(?)
Hollis Florence DukeB. 8/1/1913 Paint Rock, TexasMarr. (????) Robibson
Pearl Pernell Duke B. 1/14/1915 Ballinger Texas Marr. Walter Morris
Myrtle Geneva Duke B. 9/26/1916 Paint Rock, Texas(2) Tom (????)(1) Claude

6. Minnie Bryant Duke Marr Willie Tyson B. ? D.? Ballinger Texas
B. 4/12/1872 Panola County Miss
D. 1926 Ballinger Texas
Benjamin John Tyson

7. Robert Edward Duke Marr (1) Mattie Frances Tyson
B. 6/15/1875 Panola Co., Miss
D. 8/2/1954 Witchita Falls, Texas
Lora Vivian Duke 2/1/1898 Gause, Tx D. 8/2/1966 Austin, Texas
Marr(1)_______Smith (2) Claude Goodwin, Sr. (3) Sam Nunnelee

*ROBERT EDWARD DUKE married(2) Ellen Yarborough B. (?) D. 1903 Jarrell, Texas
*Stella Lassophane Duke B. 6/8/1903 Ad Hall, Texas Marr(1) Albert E. Cardwell
Sr. Marr(2)* WILLIAM ARTHUR HOLLERS B. 5/28/1903 Chillocothe, (?) D.
10/11/1962 Dallas, Texas (3) Charles M. Pointer

ROBERT EDWARD DUKE marr(3) Addie Alma Harrison B.(?) D.(?) W. Falls Texas
ISSUE Ethel Ruth (Holt) Duke "Legally adopted" B. 5/30/1918 Marr.

8. Thomas Arthur Duke Marr. (1) Plannah Ethel Nichols
B. 4/15/1878 Maysfield TX B. 4/19/1882 Ad Hall
D. 8/17/1953 W. Falls, Tx 10/13/1940 W. Falls
Jasper Holbert Duke B. 9/2/1902 Ad Hall Texas D. 9/7/1959 Marr.(unreadable)
Vada Catherine Duke B. 5/12/1904Ballinger Texas Marr. Rufus Sni(unreadable)
Ruth Irene Duke B. 3/26/1909 Ballinger Texas Marr. Bill Bell
Matilda Alyce Duke B. 9/18/1912 Ballinger Texas Marr. R.N. Dodson(spelling)

9. Jesse Dale Duke Marr. (1) Lula____________
B. 8/23/1882 Ad Hall Texas
D. 2/14/1915 Ballinger Texas
Foe a little on the background history on some of the above:

David Duke was born in Franklin Co., Ga on Nov 20,1798 son of John P. Duke
and wife Delilah Duke, who was probably from the carolinas prior to going to
Georgia, where I found them first in Franklin Co., Ga in 1802 in land records,
John P and Delilah Duke then sold their land in Franklin Co., Ga in 1809,
leaving there and going on to Old Baldwin Co., Ga which was later cut off and
made into Morgan Co., Ga. I found John P. Duke's estate settled in Morgan
Co., Ga in October 1829 (If it is the same John P. Duke my ancestors are
listed at the estate settlement LFBows) David Duke and wife Elizabeth Jones
Duke left Morgan Co., Ga and went to Upson Co., Ga about 1825, where David
was Justice of the Peace and road commissioner. Leaving Upson Co., Ga David &
Elizabeth Duke went to Coweta Co Ga where he was Sheriff in 1833-34. David
Duke absconded with the counties funds and left Coweta Co Ga going to Panola
Co., Miss. There David Duke lived for approximately 40 years, being a farmer
and at one time a tax collector. David Duke bought and sold much land and
property in Panola Co., Miss. After the death of his wife, Elizabeth, he
married a widow, Mary Warren, who had three children by a former husband.
David's children by Elizabeth did not get along with Mary Warren, so most of
them left and went to live with other relatives.
David and Elizabeth Duke's daughter, Francis O. Duke married Gideon Bowden,
who was an overseer. Gideon Bowden was killed by a run away slave and Frances
O. Duke Bowden died shortly there after. They left three children, who were
raised by their Grandfather , David Duke, and another daughter who never
married Lucinda C. Duke until David married the widow Warren. As far as I know
a few descendants still live of the orphaned children of Gideon & Frances O,
After the death of David Duke in 1876 in Panola Co., Miss., John William &
Catherine Elizabeth Packer Duke with their children, one of these being my
grandfather, Robert Edward Duke, moved to Milam County Texas. They all lived
in Milam Country TX for a number of years, prior to the time that John William
and Catherine Elizabeth Packer Duke moved on to Ballinger TX, where they are
now buried. The children are mostly scattered out over TX.
Francis Marion Duke, Son of David Duke and Elizabeth Jones Duke made and sold
"Duke's linament", a copy of the ingredients I now have in my possession.
Each and every one of our Duke ancestors relatives and decendants have
individual personalities, but most of them are known for their generosity.
A little more information regarding John P. Duke as follows:
John P. Duke registered to draw in the 1805 Georgia land lottery from Franklin
County Georgia but drew BB. John P Duke was one of the fortunate drawers in
the 1827 land lottery of Georgia, being from Morgan County and Griggs
district, drawing number 29 district 14 Section 1 which was in Lee county
Georgia. Then after the death of John P in October 1829, Charles Duke drew for
the orphans of John P. Duke #63, from Morgan County, Cox District, 6th
District, 4th Section, Cherokee Land (now Walker County) in the l832 Cherokee
Land lottery of Georgia.
When John P. Duke Died, he owned lands in the 20th district, (Originally
Baldwin County) now Morgan County Georgia, known as the Sharp Place which was
sold to Julius Skinner by Edmund Duke, his administrator, on December 24th
l830. Other properties in Morgan County Georgia belonging to John P Duke were
sold to John Duke Sr., Charles Duke, Edmund Duke, and David Duke son of John
P. Duke. in the administration papers legatees were listed as follows: John
Duke, Thomas Duke, David Duke, and Greeneberry Darnell. Greeneberry Darnell
may have been a step son of John P. Duke, which matter I am not working on.
If anyone can advise me who the orphans of John P. Duke were, and who
Greeneberry Darnell might be or how related, if he is, to John P. Duke, it
will be greatly appreciated. I located Greeneberry Darnell in the 1840 Morgan
County Georgia census as head of a family. Hopefully submitted, Joyce Hollers
Jones, 1304 Standford, Longview TX, 75601.
******************I am sending this out in hopes of helping someone with some
missing info. I am NOT attesting to its accuracy, just that it is what I found
in the Atlanta Archives. I noticed that she made several mistakes on dates of
deaths which could not possibly be because the letter was written in 1959.
Maybe just a typo on her part. I hope it helps someone in their search. Till
next time.....Lona Faye Duke Bows


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