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Subject: Will of John Duke, Montgomery co, TN April 8, 1803
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 11:49:19 -0500

Below is the will of John Duke, Montgomery Co, TN 1803. He is one of my
ancestors - his daughter (by his marriage to first wife Charlotte Green)
, Charlotte Green Duke married Robert Luke Duke, son of Brittain Duke
and Anne Bennett (Brittain and John are first cousins).

The writing is mostly legible but there were very few punctuation marks
which made it difficult - I have copied it as I transcribed it.
Spelling was a bit of a problem - in many cases for instance he spelled
'also' with two 'l's - my computer kept correcting it.


John Duke Will, April 8, 1803 Montgomery Co,TN Probates A 178-9

In the name of God amen. I. John Dukes being of sound & perfect mind
but by the providence of Almighty God am laid low upon a bed of
affliction well knowing that it is once appointed to die I therefore
commit my soul to God the gracious giver of all blessings who has been
my kind preserver from my infant days to this time. I will give my body
to the dust from whence it was taken desiring it have decent burial. I
therefore constitute this to be my last will & testament and my desire
is, that my business be conducted in the following plann. I lend to my
beloved wife Patsey Dukes my house and home plantation whereof I now
live containing two hundred acres and fifty acres with every adavantage
thereunto belonging also one Negro man named Cesor and one Negro woman
named Jeney his wife also one Negro woman Named Isabel and an Old negro
woman Named _eccy which said lands & slaves I lend and bequeath to her
duing her natural life or widowhood. I also leave with and lend to my
beloved wife Patsey Duke the following Negros viz one boy named Carry.
One girl named Grace one negro Ben & one named Cuccy(?). and one named
Liddy and Easter be under her management and direction until my son
Samuel Dukes arrives to the age of twenty one at which said time the
said negros is to be appraised and the amount to be equally divided
amongst the following children as it possibility can that is to say if
one of worth more than another the other must make it up and the
children name is as follows John Dukes, Eldy, Samuel Beckey, Dicey and
Caty also to my beloved son John Dukes I give and bequth one certaian
tract of land containing two hundred fifty acres lying in the county of
Montgomery on the waters of Camp Creek it being the tract that did
formerly belong to Richard Mirick, also I give & bequeath to my beloved
son Samuel Duke one tract of land containing two hundred & fifty acres
lying on Cumberland River above Miricks ferry it being the tracat that I
bought of Simson(?) Harris. I also lend to my beloved wife Patsey duke
all my household & kitchen furniture together with all my stock of every
kind that is to say horses, cattle, hougs and all the perishable
property to be with my wife at her discression until my son Samuel comes
to an age of twent one and all my plantation tools of every kind except
one sorrel mare. Now I also give and bequeath to my daughter Sally one
negro woman named Peg with the child she now has with her child named
Amey. I price them at 250 dollars also one marea 30 dollars one cow &
heffer 12 dollars also I give and bequeath to my daughter Bartchdat a
proved account which I have against the estate of Richard Mirick
deceased to the amount of $285.79cents also two cows and calves 16
dollars price I also leavae it in the power of my said daughter Bartchet
to redeem the said tract of land that she now lives on to be redeemed at
the price of two hundred and thrity three dollars and on third to be
paid at or before the expiration of two years from this date the said
money to be paid to my beloved wife Patsey Dukes. I also give and
bequeath to my daughter Nancy one negro woman named Amey and her child
at the price of three hundred dollars, one horse 30 dollars also I give
and bequeath to my son Josiah on negro woman named Hannah with her child
Jim price 300 dollars I also give to my son Philip one negro boy named
Tom price 300 dollars I also give my son Micajah one negro man __(?)
Ephraim (paid? Price?) $300. I also give to my daughter Betsey one
negro girl named Sally price 300. I also give to my daughter Polly one
negro girl named Fanny price 250 dollars and oen sorrel mare price 50
dollars. The mare is now in the possession of my wife Patsey Dukes also
one feather bed and furniture price 15 dollars. Allso one cow price 8
dollars, I also give to my daughter Patsey one negro woman named Ross(?)
price 300 dollars the negro to be taken into her possession at the
expiration of the term(?) of the time for which she is now hired out.
Allso I give to my daughter Charlotte one negro girl named Lindah price
200 dollars, one mare price 80 dollars also one bed and furniture 15
dollars also one note of hand for 10 dollars and now my will and desire
is thus my land in the state of North Carolina be sold by my three sons
whom I do constitute to be the executors and sole managers of my
business in that country that is to say my son Josiah, Phillip & Micajah
and that they account to and settle with my first wife's children
equally , my ____(?) also is that the money arising from the sales of
that land be put to the use of making my first wife's children legacy
even and proportionate that is to say each one to be equal the balance
to be equally divided amongst them(?) said children. I give unto the
hands of my beloved wife Patsey Duke together with my son Phillip Duke
all the management of my business as an executor & an executress to
settle my business agreements to my will and as the law directs all the
debts that is due to my estate I give to my beloved wife Patsey after
she pays all just debts that is due from my estate for her own use & the
support of my rising little family. In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal this 8 day of April 1803.
Witnesses S. Trebble and Benja Whitehead./s/ John Duke

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