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Subject: [D-G LIST] Coulters of Glasgow, Dumfries, Roucan and Torthorwald
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 13:24:17 -0600

Dear List Members,

Greetings to you all on this list! My name is Warren Coulter and I live in Arkansas, a southern state in the U.S.A. Last month my brother and I toured Dumfries & Galloway on holiday. We visited from the Lighthouse on the Mull of Galloway to Dumfries and points in between. It was an immensely pleasurable trip and we had a wonderful time, we were reluctant to leave. It was about the third such visit for me, but it was my brother's first. Thanks to the people of Dumfries and Galloway for being so hospitable! We will be back!

I just joined the list and am starting with a bang, as you will see. There is a small corps of Coulter cousins doing research together and we have been stuck on the below information for a couple of years. It is my hope someone on this list has some information that can help us learn more about our ancestor, his relationships, his family and what their lives were like.

Our ancestor in Scotland, we are convinced, was James Coulter who was born about 1655 and died before 24 August 1713, the date of a Precept for his heirs in a 1714 Sasine. It is believed his wife's name was Eleanor, however, we do not know her last name. James was a Merchant and Burgess of Dumfries, Roucan and Glasgow, but we do not know what kind of a Merchant. There is reason to believe he may have been involved with the Scottish Wool Merchants. He apparently lived in a house or on a farm or estate in Roucan known as "Greenhead". I have not been able to find "Greenhead" on old maps or in any writings. I have been up and down Roucan Road looking for something that could have been "Greenhead", but have had no luck finding anything.

James had several brothers, two of whom were Michael, a Merchant, Burgess and Baillie of Glasgow, and Robert Coulter of Roucan. We know little about Robert except that he was also a Merchant. Michael Coulter married Janet Cumming on 8 Dec. 1694. He had a son John who became Provost of Glasgow. Michael and Janet had a daughter named Janet who married Lawrence Dinwiddie of Glasgow. Lawrence was a Virginia Merchant who imported tobacco into Glasgow and was a partner in a Dinwiddie family enterprise known as the "Glasgow Saddle Factory". They also made shoes, ran a tannery and sold rope. Michael Coulter is on record as importing at least one ship load of tobacco into Glasgow. Michael's son, Hugh, was the Captain of a ship named "The Thistle" in 1756. Hugh sailed between Glasgow and Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

James also had a sister named Mary who married John Glassel of Roucan in about 1677. They had a son named Robert Glassel whose son John Glassel emigrated to Virginia sometime before 1776. The Glassels had a large wharf in Virginia for the docking of ships. In 1776 Robert returned to Scotland after making a fortune in Virginia and bought the "Long Niddry" estate in East Lothian. There, his daughter Joanna Glassel was born in 1796 and she married Lord John Campbell in 1820, John became the 7th Duke of Argyll. Another sister, Mareon Coulter, was married to George Irving of Roucan and their son was William Irving.

Three of James' children were Christened in the Parish Church of Torthorwald, 1693 -1697, and three were Christened in the Parish Church of Dumfries, 1696 - 1698.

James Coulter and his sister Mary (Coulter) Glassel were Covenanters.

There is an 8 January 1714 Sasine that was registered in Dumfries wherein Michael Coulter acquired for James Coulter's estate "...the lands of Kirkland...in the Parish of Glencairn..." from Abraham Creichton of Gairland and John Clerk of Troloss. Creichton and Clerk had acquired the lands from Archibald Douglas of Fingland on 24 March 1702.

Another Sasine registered in Dumfries dated 16 November 1719 approved the right to the deceased James Coulter's property to his eldest son John and for John to convey lands in Roucan, acquired from William Barton and his daughter Elizabeth, to Mareon Coulter and her spouse George Irving. This Sasine was within the jurisdiction of the Regality of Newdalgarnock and the adjudication was by a James, Duke of Queensbeery, deceased. The Duke of Queensberry was represented by a Baillie.

We believe that the Coulters, Glassels and Dinwiddies, and maybe Irvings, were in business together or at least closely cooperated in business because they were related. Their business or businesses were located in Glasgow, Dumfries and Roucan. Apparently, to expand their market they extended their business to America when it was still a colony . There was a John Colter in Virginia as early as 1695, but we do not know if he was part of this family. Michael and Hugh Coulter, descendants of the above brother Michael, were in Virginia and Maryland c. 1730 - 1763. Hugh's will was probated in Edinburgh in 1766. The Glassels arrived in Virginia in the early 1700's. We do not know when Lawrence Dinwiddie was in Virginia, but his brother Robert was Governor of Virginia during the period 1751 - 1758.

I know I have given you a lot of information, and I apologize for that; but I figured I might as well give it a shot since I had this wide and varied list as an audience. Of course, I do not expect answers to all my questions, but if you know something about just one of my enquiries your in-put will be very much appreciated.

1. Can you tell me anything about the abovementioned Coulters? Who was Jame's wife?

2. What kind of Merchants were the Coulters or how can I find out?

3. Where can I find information about the tobacco trade in Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1600's and early 1700's?

4. Where can I find information about the Scottish wool trade in that period?

5. What can you tell me about the Glassel family of Roucan and Torthorwald c. 1620 - 1714? They seem to be a small family with a short substantive history, I have been unable to find out much about them; their name does not even appear in Black's List of Scottish Surnames.

6. Can you tell me anything about these persons and/or places that the Coulters interacted with: Archibald Douglas of Fingland, c. 1702 -1714; William Creichton of Crawfordstone, c. 1702; Abraham Creichton of Gairland, c. 1713 - 1714; John Clerk of Troluss, c. 1713 -1714; James, Duke of Queensberry, c. 1713 - 1719 (the Sasines refer to him as "deceased", he was represented by a Baillie); and Kirkland in the Parish of Glencairn, c.1714?

7. Can anyone tell me anything about "Greenhead" in Roucan or how I can locate it?

8. Can you tell me anything about Lawrence Dinwiddie c. 1690 - 1750 of Virginia and Glasgow, Scotland?

9. What can you tell me about the Irvings of Roucan, Dumfries and Torthorwald c. 1690 - 1714?

10. Can anyone tell me anything about Hugh Coulter and "The Thistle", the ship he was Captain of, or how I can find out something?

Thanks for your attention! If anyone saw anything in this e-mail that seemed to be a clue about their family and you want to have more information, just let me know and I will tell you what I have. Anxiously looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Again, thanks a lot!




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