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Hope this helps someone out there.
Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, pages 1044,& 1045 DUNN ONLY:

DUNN, Andrew, S43519, VA Line, sol appl 8 Apr 1824 Butler Cty PA aged 76
& stated he had no family living with him, sol mentioned a bro (not
named), in 1824 John Dunn, John Dunn, Jr. & Robert Dunn of Butler Cty PA
made aff'dts but no relationship to sol was stated, sol d 9 Feb 1834

Cary, S12823, Cont Line (NY), appl 1 Sep 1832 NY City NY aged about 73,
sol stated his father (not named) lived in NJ in 1779 as a Whig exile
from NY City, sol stated he m in 1807 & moved to Queens Cty NY, sol
mentioned his father m a 2nd time & a John Doughty was grdn of a child
by his father's 2nd marriage (neither wife or child was named), sol
signed his name Cary Dunn, Jr., sol's father had left a will leaving all
his estate to his 2nd wife & child

Christopher, S17936, MA Line, sol was b at Cape Elizabeth in the Dist of
ME, appl 2 Oct 1818 Kennebec Cty ME aged 58 a res of Belgrade ME & was
living there in 1832, sol d 1 Apr 1838

Duncan, S42685, MA & VT Line, appl 6 Aug 1818 Boone Cty KY aged 66, sol
enl 1st in Bennington Cty VT & later enl in Rensselaer Cty NY, on 11 Sep
1820 sol was a res of Fayette Cty KY with a wife aged 61 & they were
supported by a son-in-law (not named), sol's son John Dunn of
Switzerland Cty IN made an inquiry 5 Oct 1842 in which he stated sol d
29 Aug 1839, on 4 Jun 1831 sol had moved to Cincinnati

George, S41515, SC Line, appl 5 Nov 1818 Rowan Cty NC aged 60 & sol had
no family, sol enl in SC

Henry or Henry Dun, R3118, NY Line, see Henry Dun

Isaac, S869, NJ Line, appl 13 Aug 1832 Somerset Cty NJ, sol was b 6 Dec
1760 in Piscataway twnshp in Middlesex Cty NJ & lived at Woodbridge in
same cty at enl

Isaac, S43520, VA Line, appl 25 Aug 1818 Greene Cty PA, in 1820 sol was
a res of Morgan Twnshp in Green Cty PA aged 63 with a wife & 2 daughters
also 2 orphaned grandchildren; John Dunn aged 8 & Moses Dunn aged 6, in
1819 a Samuel Dunn was a witness in Freene Cty PA but no relationship

Isaac Budd, Abbey, W21022, BLW #2224-300, PA Line, sol d in Jun 1789, it
was stated that on 12 Dec 1834 at Providence RI that sol had d leaving a
wid & 1 child named William Richard Dunn who with his mother moved to
Cranston RI & the son d in 1827 leaving no wid or issue, wid appl 31 Aug
1838 at Cranston in Providence Cty RI aged 72, wid appl for BLW 14 Jun
1838, sol had m Abby Tweedy in 1785 & a daughter Elizabeth Tweedy Dunn
was baptized 4 Oct 1787 at which time sol & wife were of Trenton Landing
(the same as Lamberton RI), sol had srv as a Capt & Maj

James, Rachel, W14652, MA Line, sol m Rachel Lund of Merrimack NH on 18
Dec 1787 & he was referred to as James Dunn, Jr. of Chelmsford MA, wid
app 24 Oct 1838 Middlesex Cty MA aged 78 a res or Chelmsford MA, sol d
16 Nov 1820, sol had appl 8 Apr 1818 at Chelmsford MA

James, Priscilla, W7049, NJ Line, sol lived at Piscataway in Middlesex
Cty NJ at enl, sol d 16 Dec 1820 at French Creek in Crawford Cty PA, sol
had m 20 Feb 1772 in Middlesex Cty NJ to Priscilla or Prissylla the
daughter of John Langstaff, wid appl 31 Mar 1837 Crawford Cty PA aged
86 a res of Meadville PA, wid d 15 Jun 1839, children were; Sarrah b 3
Apr 1773, Margret b 27 Sep 1774, Jephtha b 3 Apr 1777, Asa b 16 Jan
1779, Jeremiah b 12 Sep 1781, Henry b 30 Dec 1785, David b 13 Jan 1788,
Seimeon b 10 Sep 1792 & Harreot b 14 Jan 1797, sol's bro Moses Dunn & a
cousin Henry Sutton & wid's cousin James Langstaff were mentioned in the

James, Elizabeth, W19199, PA Line, sol was a son of William Dunn & was b
27 Mar 1762 at Mary Ann's Furnace in MD & at age of 6 mths his parents
moved to York Cty PA & when he was 8 yrs of age they moved up the
Juniata River to Big Island on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River
in PA & sol lived there at enl & lived there for 22 yrs after the Rev
War then moved to Genesee ( the part that later became Chautauqua Cty)
Cty NY & sol appl there 12 Oct 1832 a res of Portland NY, sol m
Elizabeth Alexander 14 Jun 1791 in Kishacoquillas Valley in Mifflin Cty
PA, sol d 23 Oct 1838, wid appl 30 Jun 1845 Chautauqua Cty NY aged 73,
in 1845 a David Dunn lived at Portland NY relationship?

James, BLW #s 12067 & 12703-100-16 Dec 1795, srv as a Pvt in the VA Line

James, S8359, VA Line, sol was b 10 Dec 1759 in Orange cty VA & when a
child his parents moved to Albemarle Cty BA & sol lived there at enl &
sol appl there 2 Oct 1832

James T., Eleanor, W732, BLW #26587-160-55, NJ Line, sol m Eleanor
Martin 15 Mar 1832 at Springfield in Middlesex Cty NJ, sol appl in Jun
1833 Middlesex Cty NJ a res of Piscataway Twnshp NJ & sol was b there 9
Mar 1760 & always lived there, wid appl 23 May 1853 Middlesex Cty NJ
aged 84 a res of New York City NY, sol d 29 Jan 1847 in Middlesex Cty
NJ, wid appl for BLW in Marr 1855

Jane former wid, W7050, BLW #276-300, PA Line, see Robert McConnell

Jeremiah, Sarah, W412, NJ Line, sol d 24 Oct 1779, wid appl 22 Jan 1838
Essex Cty NJ aged 92 & living near New Market formerly call Quibbletown
NJ, sol & wid had m 28 Feb 1769, family records; sol w b 13 Oct 1745 &
wife Sarah (DeCamp) was b 10 Mar 1745, children were; Esther b 27 Oct
1771, Sarah b 5 Apr 1773, Decamp b 7 Nov 1774, Ann & Elizabeth twins b 4
Oct 1776, also shown were; Jeremiah Dunn last name illegible b 20 Aug
1792 & Marsh last name illegible b 10 Nov 1796, sol's daughter Esther
Hayden made aff'dt 28 Feb 1853 in Somerset Cty NJ, sol's son Decamp Dunn
made aff'dt 9 Feb 1844 in Seneca Cty NY aged 69 & he stated wid d 24 Mar
1838 leaving children ; Esther Hayden & Elizabeth Bedell both widows of
Samptown NJ, Ann Ross of Springfield IL & Decamp Dunn as aforesaid

Joel, Rachel, W919, NJ Line, sol appl 17 Jun 1833 Middlesex Cty NJ, sol
was b 22 Oct 1747 in Twnshp of Piscataway in Middlesex Cty NJ & always
lived there, sol's son David Dunn was exc'r of sol's estate & he made
aff'dt 30 Dec 1847 in Middlesex Cty NJ aged 52 & stated sol d 27 Jul
1845, wid appl 30Dec 1847 Middlesex Cty NJ aged 95, sol m Rachel Runyon
2 Oct 1771 & she was b 17 Nov 1753 & sol was b 22 Oct 1749, children
were; Beriah b 25 Oct 1772 & d 25 mth not clear in 1773, Esther b 7 May
1774 & d 14 Dec 1810, Jane b 27 Jun 1776, Anna b 8 Oct 1778 & d 3 Dec
1818, Asa b 20 Oct 1780, Mercy Rachel b 12 Feb 1792 & d 8 Mar 1823,
David b 25 Aug 1794 & Sarah b 19 Dec 1796, sol's daughter Mery Wilson of
Trenton NJ appl 12 Jun 1851 as heir of dec'd wid, heirs were Elizabeth
Dunn, Joseph Dunn, Sarah Field, Mercy Wilson & David Dunn (children of
sol & wid)

John, Mary, W14646, BLW #21813-160-55, MA Line, sol appl 24 Jul 1832
Worcester Cty MA a res of Sterling MA, sol was b in 1761 at Marlborough
in Middlesex Cty MA & sol lived there at enl, sol m Mary "Polly" Puffer
28 May 1788 at Westminster MA, sol d 29 Jul 1832 at Sterling MA, wid
appl 5 Sep 1838 at Princeton MA, wid was b 5 Apr 1763, in 1839 wid was
living at Petersham MA, wid appl for BLW 14 May 1855 at Petersham MA,
sons mentioned were John & Asa who was aged 40 in 1838

John, S10593, NY Line, sol was b in Jan 1760 in PA, so lived at New
Paltz in Ulster Cty NY at enl & sol appl there 11 Mar 1833

John, BLW #9254-100-9 Aug 1796 assignee John Broom, srv as a Pvt in the
PA Line

John or John Dun, S35903, VA Line, sol was b 10 Feb 1749, sol loved in
Amelia Cty VA at enl, sol apple 26 Jun 1818 Clarck Cty Ky, in 1820 sol
had a wife aged 67 & a son John & grandchildren were mentioned

John, R3144, VA Line, sol was b 21 Aug 1758 in Albemarle Cty VA & sol
appl 1 Feb 1834 Monroe Cty VA, sol lived with his father in Albemarle
Cty VA at enl, sol signed as John Dunn, Sr., in the fall of 1782 sol
moved to Rich Creek in Greenbrier (later became Monroe) Cty VA & also
enl there

Joseph, S12811, NC Line, sol lived in Rugherford Cty NC at enl, appl 20
Aug 1832 Caldwell Cty KY aged 77, sol was b in 1755 in Guilfornd Cty NC,
after the war sol lived several yrs in NC then moved to GA for 14 yrs
then moved to Caldwell Cty KY

Joshua, S35271, MA Line, appl 8 Apr 1818 Cuberland Cty ME a res of
Poland ME, in 1820 sol was aged 59 with a wife Mary aged 59 & children;
Mary aged 23 & Seth Chandler Dunn aged 18

Joshua, S39467, VA Line, appl 13 May 1818 Essex Cty VA aged 63

Josiah, R3145, one Stephen Dunn adm'r of sol's estated made aff'dt 6 Feb
1856 Columbia Cty GA, sol was killed at Wrightsboro GA

Martin, R3146, VA Line, sol m Molly Anderson Hughes & and the m bond was
signed by the sol & Wm. Hughes, sol appl 13 Oct 1845, Louisa Cty VA aged
82 in Mar 1845, sol srv part of the time as a sub for his bro William
Dunn, sol was b in Albemarle Cty VA near the line with Orange Cty NC in
1763 & sol lived in Albemarle Cty VA during the Rev War, sol stated his
bro James Dunn had family records & sol also stated his bro William was
aged 6 or 7 yrs his senior

Mose, S2523, NJ Line, apll 10 Oct 1834 Middlesex Cty NJ but was a res of
Sussex Cty NJ, sol was b 27 Feb 1758 in Piscataway Twnshp in Middlesex
Cty NJ & lived there during the Rev War

Nahum, Elizabeth, W7051, NJ Line, sol d 5 Jan 1812 in Middlesex Cty NJ,
sol had m Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Dunham on 25 Dec 1778, wid appl
14 Feb 1837 Middlesex Cty NJ, aged 75, sol & wid had children; 1st
child b in 1780 & d in infancy (not named), Edith b in 1781 & d 14 Nov
1782 & Mordecai b in Jun 1783 were the only children named in the claim,
sol's bro Phineas Dunn made aff'dt in 1837 in Middlesex Cty NJ, in 1837
one James T. Dunn stated he was at the wedding of sol & wife, in 1837
one Joel Dunn of Middlesex Cty NJ stated he had known sol from infancy &
always lived in the same neighborhood with him, wid's sis Mary Ball made
aff'dt in 1837 in Middlesex Cty NJ ged 73

Nicholas, S8360, NC Line, appl 29 Aug 1832 Edgecombe Cty NC aged 78 &
sol was b there in May 1764 & sol lived there at enl

Philip, S22224, NJ Line, sol was b 14 Jun 1754 in Middlesex Cty NJ & sol
lived about 2 miles from New Brunswick in Middlesex Cty NJ at enl & in
1802 moved to Hayfield Twnshp in Crawford Cty PA & sol appl there 25 Oct
1832, in 1832 Priscilla Dunn wid of sol's bro James Dunn was aged about

Richard, Elizabeth, R314, VA Line, wid appl 3 Apr 1840 Madison Cty KY
aged 77, sol m Elizabeth Butler in the spring of 1784 in Campbell Cty VA
& in the fall of 1784 sol moved to KY, sol d 5 May 1817 in Madison Cty
KY, wid's 1/2 bro Charles Anderson made aff'dt 4 Apr 1840 in Madison Cty
KY & the said Charles Anderson was b in 1775, on 24 Sep 1852 on Edmund
Dunn was adm'r of wid estate in Madison Cty KY & stated wid d in 1840 or
184 leaving children: Polly who m John Hellard, Wm. Dunn, Nancy who m
John Stephens, James Dunn, Elizabeth who m Sabourn Perd, Susan who m
James Webb & Edmund Dunn

Robert, R20196, NJ Line, appl 17 Jun 1828 New York City NY

Samuel, Barbara, W7048, BLW #26927-160-55, CT & NJ Line, sol was b in
1753 at Enfield CT, sol lived at New Town in Sussex Cty NJ at enl, sol's
bros William, Thomas & Levi Dunn were all in srv at the Wyoming Massacre
with William & Levi being killed, sol appl 2 Oct 1832 Wayne Cty NY a res
of Arcadia NY, in 1835 sol had moved to Wayne Cty MI to be with his
children, sol d 6 Oct 1836 in Plymouth or Nankin in Wayne Cty MI, after
the Rev War sol had lived in Sussex Cty NJ & at Phelps in Ontario Cty
NY, sol had m Barbara Hyles 4 Aug 1811 at Canandaigua in Ontarion Cty
NY, wid appl 5 May 1851 Jackson Cty MI aged 72, in 1852 wid lived at
Somerset in Hillsdale Cty MI & in 1858 wid had moved to Junius in Seneca
Cty NY to live with a daughter Nancy Ann Wife of Henry H. Snyder, in
1832 sol's sis Sarah Adams was a res of Arcadia NY aged 65, in 1853 a
George W. Dunn lived at Somerset MI

Silas, R3147, NC Line, sol's son John R. Dunn appl 3 Oct 1848 Rutherford
Cty TN aged 39, sol enl at Salisbury NC, sol d 3 Jan 1809 about 6 miles
from Salisbury NC & sol's wid Mary d in NC in 1822, sol & wife had 12
children of which 6 were living in 1848, towit; John R., Henry & William
of Union dist SC, George of McCracken Cty KY, Charles & Elizabeth (m
named illegible) of Rowan Cty NC the other children were not named in
the claim

Thomas, Peggy, W21024, PA Line, sol was b in Oct 1750 in northern
Ireland & came to America in Aug 1771 & landed at Philadelphia PA &
later lived in York Cty PA & enl there & in 1777 enl in Washington Cty
MD & after the Rev War sol moved from MD to Campbell Cty VA & in 1800
moved to Franklin Cty VA & sol appl there 30 Nov 1832, sol m Peggy
Marshall 15 Oct 1775 at Hagerstown MD, sol d 18 Feb 1838 in Franklin Cty
VA & wid appl there 29 Jul 1841 aged 83, children mentioned were;
Betsey, Samuel, Peggy, Polly, Charlotte, Jane, Nancy & Thomas, it was
stated that Betsey was the oldest child & that Samuel was the oldest son
& he was aged 16 in 1796 & that Thomas was the youngest child & was aged
4 or 5 in 1804

Thomas, S16373, VA Line, sol was b in 1763 in Brunswick Cty VA & sol
lived there at enl, sol also srv as a sub for his bro Ishmael Dunn,
after the Rev War sol lived in VA & then moved to Oglethorpe Cty GA &
sol appl there 15 Oct 1832 aged 69 & signed as Thomas Dunn, Sr.

Thomas P., BLW #8254-100-7 May 1790 assignee John Linn, srv as a Pvt in
the NJ Line

Timothy, Mehitable, W249, BLW #11176-160-55, CT Line, wid appl 16 Apr
1855 Chenango Cty NY aged 70 a res of Smyrna NY, sol m Elizabeth Sweet
10 Nov 1835 & sol d 2 Jun 1842 or 1843 at Smyrna NY, sol had appl 4 May
1818 Chenango Cty NY, in 1820 sol was aged 64 with a wife aged 64 & a
granddaughter aged 13 & they were living with his son (not named) in
Chenango Cty NY

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