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Subject: Re: Thomas Dunn 1606
Date: 12 Jun 2004 10:19:23 -0600

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Hmmm... Bill, I guess we couldn't keep it a secret very long so here goes....
Bill got that info from me about a year ago. I am a direct line DUNN descendant from Thomas DUNN(E) supposedly born 1606 in Brandesburton Parish located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. His Christening date is noted as being 24 August 1606 and his father is named as being Thomae DUNNE. Thomae DUNNE I guess-timate being born about 1570-1580/1. I guessed this 11 yr. span because of the birth of Thomae's other children as follows:
1. (M) Josephus DUN, Chr. 18 Oct 1601 in Brandesburton Parish.
2. (F) Jana DUN, Chr. 10 Jul 1603 in Brandesburton Parish.
3. (M) Wilmo DUN, Chr. 1 Mar 1604 in Brandesburton Parish.
[4. (M) Thomas DUNN, Chr. 24 Aug 1606 in Brandesburton Parish.]
5. (F) Isabella DUNN, Chr. 4 Nov 1610 in Brandesburton Parish. Note: Isabella married Joannes AUGRAM 23 Jan 1635 also in Brandesburton Parish.
6. (F) Anna DUNNE, Chr. 20 Feb 1613 in Brandesburton Parish. Note: "Ann" married Robert BURGESS who died 1683 in Virginia. It is believed that Robert and Ann (DUNNE) BURGESS are the parents of Obedience BURGESS who married JOHN DUNN(E) I, son of 1606 Thomas. This theory implies that first cousins have married and most likely at the New Colony in about 1664.
7. (F) Elizabetha DUNNE, Chr. 2 Apr 1615 in Brandesburton Parish.

As I said, Bill and I have had this information for about a year now and both of us have been working very hard to prove it factual BEFORE providing it to other DUNN line researcher's. I MUST say this before proceeding due to a very recent discovery I made; this information is NOT 100% proven to be our Thomas DUNN(E).

You fellow relatives/researcher's may recall that years ago, all we knew was that Thomas DUNN(E) was from "Chosen", England. Well, I have recently run across that particular Thomas DUNN(E) listed in the same book source as Thomas DUNN who was indentured to Sir Gov. George YEARDLEY.
That book is "The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660" by Peter Wilson COLDHAM. (Note, this is not the book he also authored, "The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775" in which those individuals listed were sentenced to the New Colony and other areas for the crimes they committed in England. I own both books if anyone needs a lookup from either.)
Pages 54 and 404 list Thomas DUNN; transcribed as written:
pg. 54
James City [24 January]
Sir George Yeardley Kt., by Deliverance 1609; Temperance, Lady by Falcon 1608; their children born here: Mr. Argall Yeardley 4; Mr. Francis Yeardley 1; Mrs. Elizabeth Yeardley 6. Servants: Richard Gregory 40 by Temperance 1620; Anthony Jones 26 by Temperance 1620; Thomas Dunn 14 by Temperance 1620; Thomas Phildust 15 by Temperance 1620; Thomas Hatch 17 by Duty 1619; Robert Peake 22 by Margaret & John 1623; William Strange 18 by George 1619; Roger Thompson 40 by London Merchant and Ann his wife; Richard Arrundell by Abigail 1620; George Deverill 18 by Temperance 1620; Thomas Barnett 16 by Elizabeth 1620; Theophilus Beriston 23 by Treasurer 1614; 3 negro men & 5 negro women; Susan Hall by William & Thomas 1618; Ann Willis by Temperance 1620; Elizabeth Arrundell by Abigail 1620. The rest od his servants at Hog Island.

pg. 404
22 December.
.. Henry Davis of Bristol, wire drawer, James Griffeth of Cardigan, Thomas Dunn of Chosen [sic], Glos, and Joseph Dunn of Chosen bound to Richard Allen, surgeon, to serve 4 years in Virginia.

Now being as this later dated Thomas DUNN does not list an age, we can assume he is at least 14 or older.
As most believe William and Thomas DUNN to be the sons of 1606 Thomas DUNN(E), we all have recognized that generation gap which is why we believe them to be his grandson's instead; the sons of John DUNN(E) I who married Obedience BURGESS.
IF using the later dated Thomas DUNN of Chosen, it is quite possible that William and Thomas DUNN were indeed his sons.

This sort of new discovery is EXACTLY why I have not shared the earlier 1606 Thomas DUNN(E) information. It just simply may not be factually our Thomas.

As for the source of information for Thomae DUNNE, (grin) I found it online at Ancestry.com [From the UK Records; BAPTISM: Yorkshire: Brandesburton - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1558-1837, 1606 Baptisms] and again at the LDS familysearch.org site [FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0; British Isles]. Bill verified the LDS records at a FHC near his location.

Though both Bill Dunn and I have worked for many years on this particular Thomas DUNN(E) I don't believe either of us can say for a fact which Thomas is the correct one after all the misgivings that can be found on and off line today. For example, I find that in one of my books, pg. 104 of "The Georgians, Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers" by Jeannette Holland Austin, she states 1606 Thomas to have been a servant to Yeardley and that also was his son, Thomas DUNN. Further research I did on George YEARDLEY shows that he had been passed on for some 40 years prior to his birth so it is impossible for him to have been a servant of YEARDLEY. She also notes that the GRAY's were his servants and if so, that would have had to happened sometime between the list I transcribed above taken in 1625 and 1627, the year which YEARDLEY dies. So.. with Alice GRAY's own grandfather, William GRAY, Sr. not having been born until about 1622 in England (his father Thomas GRAY d. 1627 in England) an!
d her father William GRAY, Jr. born 1640/1650 in VA, I also find that information a bit sketchy.
That just goes to show that even written sources of information, bound and published in black and white, can be wrong and/or misleading.

So please, all I ask is this, PROVE this information BEFORE you attempt to etch it in stone. To say that any of this that I have just shared is 100% factual would be just genealogically unethical because it is NOT until ALL references have been verified and then still, I must double and even triple check all sources of information against one another. Had I not double-checked my sources source of information, I wouldn't have found the errors that I have so far.

Here is a full list of my research thus far on Thomas DUNN(E):

Note: 1606: Sources below MAY NOT BE our Thomas.
1. From the UK Records at Ancestry.com.
BAPTISM: Yorkshire: Brandesburton - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1558-1837
1606 Baptisms
County: Yorkshire Country: England
24 Aug 1606 Thomas f Thomae Dunne
URL: <http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=epr_yorkshir&cres=33;6%2c34;164%2c35;15%2c37;43%2c41;1%2c42;3%2cuki1891;15%2c&gsfn=thomas&gsln=dunne&gspl=3251%2cengland&prox=1&ti=0&sx=&submit.x=39&submit.y=13&gs=dunne+thomas&gss=angs&GS=DUNNE+THOMAS>;

2. From IGI Records at FamilySearch.org.
FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0; British Isles.
Sex: Male
Event(s): Christening: 24 AUG 1606, Brandesburton, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Father: THOMAE DUNNE
Messages: Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date.
Source Information:
Batch No.: C107123
Dates: 1558-1837
Source Call No.: 942.74 K25PR V.142
Type: Book
Printout Call No.: 6910923
Type: Film
Sheet: 00
URL: <http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/igi/individual_record.asp?recid=500167895475&lds=1&region=2&frompage=1>;
Note: Following the Dunne/Dunn links, the IGI record did provide Thomae Dunne's additional children.

3. Email: 10/21/2003: From Bill Dunn.
Kathy, I just got back from an LDS FHC and searched a microfilm that I had previously ordered. The film was # 0919450, Parish Register of Brandneburton Catwick, Yorkshire, England. The film was extremely hard to read and all in Latin. As best I could see it said, "1606 Aug 24 Thomas Dunn filius". If I remember my high school Latin, filius means son. Bill
- 1620: London, ENGLAND to VA: Thomas Dunn, at age 14 left London, England for the new colony on the vessel the Temperance, (this ship at one time was also known as the Sampson; not to be confused with the Sampson of the 1670s that carried Indians across the Atlantic). Reynerd Marmaduke was the ship master.
I can find no detailed logs regarding the trip, the vessel or it's ship master.
[Note: My best friend has her ancestor Capt. John WARD on the 'Sampson' coming to Virginia from England in 1619. The ship's name change to the Temperance must have happened shortly thereafter. This is evidence of the vessel having made at least 2 trips from England to Virginia.]
- - 11 Sept. 2003: Found date of departure and arrival of the Temperance from London, England to Virginia colony.
"sailed for the colony Jan 29 and arrived April 19 at Jamestown"..
Source: Posted By: Robert Mayer
Date: Thursday, 15 February 2001
URL: <http://www.eardley.org/gyeardley/georgyeard.htm>;

*!* 1620 - From Bill Dunn to Kathy Roberson, date Sept. 2, 2003.
Kathy, While at a FHC, the attendant called SLC to find something on our Thomas. He received a call back from a someone in the office there, who confirmed that Thomas Dunn was indeed a Indentured servant to Sir George Yeardley in 1620 in Yorkshire. He also gave a Film # and a Fiche # that may give more information. He said there probably was a recorded indentured servant contract. He gave the name of a book in their Library in Salt Lake that might have more information, but it cannot be circulated.
I have an address and am sending a letter to someone listed in a book, to find a family society in Yorkshire. While there is no documented proof, the record does shows there was a connection in England. Will let you know what I find.
Bill *!*

- June 1620: Yeardley [Sir George Yeardley, Governor and Captain General of Virginia, 1619-1621] had written a letter back to England on June 7, 1620 so the Temperance arrived in VA shortly before.
[I believe the trips from England to the east coast took about 4 months according to most passenger lists I've seen that have shown departure and arrival dates.]
Ref: Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 8. Virginia Records Manuscripts. 1606-1737.
Susan Myra Kingsbury, editor. Records of the Virginia Company, 1606-26, Volume III: Miscellaneous Records
URL: <http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/ampage?collId=mtj8&fileName=mtj8pagevc03.db&recNum=327>;

- 1623/1624: SOURCES:
1a. "The Original Lists OF PERSONS OF QUALITY"
[Regi]ster of the names of all ye Passinger wch Passed from ye Port of London for on whole yeare Endinge at Xpmas 1635.
"The Original Lists OF PERSONS OF QUALITY"
Lists of the Livinge and Dead in Virginia Febr: 16th 1623.[i.e. 162xxx]
URL: <http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?gsfn=&gsln=Dunn&sx=&gskw=&Server=search&DatabaseID=2065&db=origin&ti=0&refine=1&prox=1&submit.x=48&submit.y=6>;

1b. 5. "Virginia People - Muster of the inhabitants of Virginia settlements, February 16, 1623/4"
Source: "Hotten's Lists", page 172
Settlers living at "Flourdien Hundred" in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4
Dune, Thomas
**Note regarding Yearlly; he nor family are located at "Flourdien Hundred". This may be a site error as other references do list Yeardley there. Note that Yeardley sells the Hundred about 1624 or 1625.**

1c. "Hotten's Lists" - "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700."
From Mss. Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, England. Edited by John Camden Hotten. Chatto and Windus, Publishers, London, England, 1874.
(Also reprinted by G.A. Baker & Co., Inc., New York, 1931.)

2. See Reference Note 93
Source Book: "The Georgians, Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers".
Author: Jeannette Holland Austin
[Viewed 3-08-2003 by Kathy Roberson.]
Pages: DUNN; 104-106.

- 1624/1625: SOURCES:
1. Documented as Thomas Dunn living at "Flourdieu Hundred" located on the south side of the James River Weyanoke Plantation on the border of Charles City County, Virginia.

1a. Site: American Plantations & Colonies - "Virginia People 1624/1625; Settlers living at James City and James Island in Virginia January 24, 1624/5"
(1620 The Temperance, from London, arrived at Virginia.)
Dunn, Thomas, 14 (Servant); Arrived on the Temperance in 1620.
**Note: I see "Sir George Yearlley" and family in the same muster but NOT with Thomas Dunn as his servant. Stated with George Yearlley is the following information:
Yearlley, Sir George, Knight ["The rest of his servants at Hog Iland"]; Arrived on the Deliverance in 1609.
(wife) Yearlley, Lady Temperance -- Arrived on the Faulcon in 1608.
(son) Yearlley, Argall.. 4 Born at James City
(son) Yearlley, Francis..1 Born at James City
(dau) Yearlley, Elizabeth.. 6 Born at James City

1b. NEW WEB LINK: "The Voyages, Vessels, People, and Places of English America 1500-1820"
Formerly: American Plantations and Colonies
URL: <http://english-america.com/index.html>;
"Virginia People - Muster of the inhabitants of Virginia settlements, January 20-February 7, 1624/5"; "Hotten's Lists", page 221, and "Adventurers of Purse and Person"
*Exactly as written on the new web site:*
Dunn, Thomas . . . . . . . . . 14 (Servant)
Arrived on the Temperance in 1620
Yearlley, Sir George . . . . . -- Knight ["The rest of his servants at Hog Iland"]
Arrived on the Deliverance in 1610
(incorrectly listed as 1609 in source)
(wife)Yearlley, Lady Temperance -- Arrived on the Faulcon in 1609
(incorrectly listed as 1608 in source)
(son) Yearlley, Argall . . . . 4 Born at James City
(son) Yearlley, Francis . . . . 1 Born at James City
(dau) Yearlley, Elizabeth . . . 6 Born at James City

1c. NEW WEB LINK: "The Voyages, Vessels, People, and Places of English America 1500-1820"
Formerly: American Plantations and Colonies
URL: <http://english-america.com/index.html>;
Ship and Passenger Information: Passengers from the Port of London on the Temperance to Virginia:
Dunn, Thomas -- Age 14 in Virginia Muster, January 24, 1624/5
*Note: This entry from the site could be somewhat misleading considering the date listed.*
1d. NEW LINK: "The Voyages, Vessels, People, and Places of English America 1500-1820"
Formerly: American Plantations and Colonies
URL: <http://english-america.com/index.html>;
"Adventurers of Purse and Person, 1607-1625."
Compiled and edited by Martha Woodroof Hiden, sponsored by the Order of First Families of Virginia, 1607-1620. Printed by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1956
Notes: As described in the Preface, the book holds to its intent of presenting the full Muster of 1624/5 and presents three generations from original families of the establishment of the colony of Virginia. Organized by family names and descendency, with various information regarding individuals.

2. Virginia Census 1624
URL: <http://wolves.dsc.k12.ar.us/cyberace/sbgone/gen/fam1/history/va/contents.htm>;
*Note: Though there is no actual census form, Thomas Dunn would be among the 55 counted at Flourdien Hundred in 1624.*

3. Jamestown, VA - 1624 Census
URL: <ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/jamestown/census/1624cens.txt>;
Source: AAI- CD ROM # 136, December 1994 Edition
Compiled by Paul R. Sarrett, JR. Uploaded AOL Dec. 02, 1995. Internet:
Captain John Smith, founded the first English Colony at Jamestown Virginia in 1607. The following are some (1,033) Early Virginia Pioneers. Indexed by last name, first name from 1624 records.
County/Parish -- Num. of Persons.
Date - County/Parish - Sta - SNDX - Last Name - First Name

- MARRIAGE: Unknown.

- Abt. 1645: Son John Dunn is born probably in Virginia.

- 1650: "Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666" by George Cabell Greer lists a Tho. Dunne in Northumberland Co., Virginia

- Abt. 1665: Grandson William Dunn Sr. is born in Charles City Co., Virginia.

- Abt. 1669: Grandson Thomas Dunn Sr. is born in Sussex Co., Virginia.

- March 9, 1669: Virginia: Essex Co.: W/D 4:261
2 Mar 1669/70 Thomas Dunn [age 60] is the surety on a bond of Thomas Gouldman; this is the first appearance of any Dunn in the county.

- - Info from Bill Dunn via phone conversation March 8, 2003:
Another (1606) Thomas Dunn(e) descendant emailed him the following: "John Dunn(e) b. 1645 [son of Thomas b. 1606] had a son Thomas Dunn who married Elizabeth Gray." [Is this the John Dunn that married Obedience Burgess?]
It's odd there being 20+ years difference in the births of son's John and William (b. abt. 1665). However, this new year of 1645 does make it more logical for Thomas to have begun settling and building a family rather than in his 60s.
But, if this descendant's information is presumed to be correct then William and Thomas (who married sister's Alice and Elizabeth Gray) would be the sons of John and not (1606) Thomas Dunn(e). --Kathy Roberson.

[Possible relation unknown]
- 26 Feb 1689/90: Virginia: Essex Co.: W/D 8:30
"Isaac Dunn" as a witness.
- 26 Feb 1689/90: Virginia: Essex Co.: W/D 8:132
Isaac Ed (X) Dun—witness living in St Mary’s Parish—the upper end of the county or possibly what is now lower Caroline Co.

- 1699: LAND: C & P Vols. in my private library. --kr.
"Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 3 1695-1732" by Nell Marion Nugent. Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1979. Third impression, 1992. Standard Book No.: 0-88490-083-5
Page 27 - Patent Book No. 9
by Sir Edmond Andros, Knight, Governor
THOMAS DUNN, 448 acs., Essex Co; on S. side of Purcation Cr., 6 June 1699, p. 200. Adj. Francis Brown; Thomas Harper; & Samuel Perry; towards the great Swamp. Granted to John Burrett (or Barrett) & James Fullerton, deserted, & granted to Robert Davis, 22 Sept. 1664, deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Imp. of 9 Negroes: Peter, Cromwell, Blackwall, M-nto, Sampson, Toney, Harry, Moll, Bess.

1. Saunders' "Early Settlers," p. 379 refers to Dunn Family of Surry, Sussex and Brunswick counties in Virginia.
2. [Completed by Bill Dunn*] "English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records" by Louis Des Cognets, Jr.
*Reviewed by Bill Dunn on Aug. 6, 2003; found no mention of Thomas. Did locate reference: "True & Perfect Rent Roll of all the Lands held in ESSEX COUNTY this present year 1704 Wm Dunn 220 acres".
3. NEED to view: "Early Child Immigrants to Virginia, 1619-1642" by Robert Hume; Hardcover, January 1986
4. "The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660" by Peter Wilson Coldham, says that indentured servants, were indentured for specified time, generally seven years, at which time they would be granted full freedom and 50 acres of land for every person the brought to Virginia. [Bill Dunn]

- WEB SITES and information from Descendants:
1. Title: Notes of Wayne Dunn ()
Publication: Louisa County, Virginia GenWeb Page
2. [Research @ rootsweb.com] Date: August 03, 1998
Information on first three generations:
Bruce A. Dunn, P.O. Box 93, Shipman, Illinois 62685
Tele(618) 836-7060, Email .
3. Web Site: My Southern Family
© 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000. Josephine Lindsay Bass () and Becky Bonner (). All rights reserved.
[S2098] Descendants of Thomas Dunn from FTM.com sent 25 Dec 2001 by "Jo Anne Mackby" EMail: with Copeland info from From: Linda Stringer, EMail:
4. Web site: Descendants of Phoebe and Frazier Brindley
Includes line from Thomas Dunn through son William.
Contact: Nancy Brindley:

1. Charles City County later became Surry County, VA.
2. Flourdieu Hundred's Reps. in the House of Burgesses.
Source: Where's My Damn Castle? By George D. Ziemann.
URL: <http://www.azoz.com/family/castle>;
Members of the House of Burgesses 1619, Assembled July 30th.
Flowerdieu Hundred: Engisn Rossingham, Mr. Jefferson.
Source: A manuscript copy of the Journal of this session is in the Public Record Office, London, and has several times been printed.
1629: Assembled October 16th
Flowerdieu Hundred: Anthony Pagett.
Source: Hening I, 137-139.
1629-30: Assembled March 24th
Flowerdieu Hundred: John Flood.
Source: Hening I, 147-149.
1631-2: Assembled February 21st
Westover, Flowerdieu Hundred, and Weyanoke: John Flood.
Source: Hening I, 153.
1632: Assembled September 4th
Westover and Flowerdieu Hundred: John Flood.
Source: Hening I, 178-179.
1632-3: Assembled February 1st
Westover and Flowerdien Hundred: Captain Thomas Pawlen.
Source: Hening I, 202-203.
No further mention of reps from Flowerdieu Hundred after this date.
3. About Flowerdew Hundred:
Patent of Flowerdew Hundred, 1636; To Mrs. Elizabeth (Piersey) Stevens.
Source: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. IX (1902), p. 426
URL: <http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5425/flowerdew-patent-1636.html>;
*Interesting notation within said document as written:
"To all to whom these presents shall come. I, Captain John West, Esqr., Governor, etc., send greetings, etc. Now know ye that I, the said Captain John West, Esqr., do with the consent of the Council of State accordingly give and grant unto Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens one thousand acres of land situate, lying and being in the County of Charles City, known and called by the name of Flowerdew Hundred..."
From this statement, it provides factual evidence supporting that Flowerdew Hundred was within Charles City Co. and the Hundred was a tract of 1000 acres of land.*
See Ref. Note ®138 for full document.
4. Flowerdew Hundred Website
URL: <http://www.flowerdew.org/>;
- Flowerdew Hundred Museum
1617 Flowerdew Hundred Road, Hopewell, VA 23860
Phone number: (804)541-8897
- Flowerdew Hundred Foundation Staff
Karen Shriver, Curator of Collections
Debbie Miller, Administrator, Educational Programs, Pavilion Coordinator
Dennis Pickeral, Administrator, Staff Historian
Amanda Schraner, Archaeology Lab Manager
Ron Rowley, Historical Interpreter
Shannon Myers, Wildlife Educator

- [About Sir George Yeardley for further reference]
By 1619, the Virginia Company of London had granted Sir George Yeardley a 1,000 acre tract 25 miles upriver from Jamestown. At that point of land, previously cleared by American Indians, Yeardley established a plantation and named it Flowerdew Hundred in honor of his wife's family. The settlement at Flowerdew Hundred was organized for the production and exportation of tobacco.
1. "Virginia People, 1623/4
Settlers living at "James Cittye" in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4"
Yardley, Argall (Probably Yeardley)
Yeardley, Elizabeth
Yeardley, Frances
Yeardley, Sir George Knight
Yeardley, Lady Temperance
2. The Last will and Testament of George Yeardley
URL: <http://genforum.genealogy.com/yardley/messages/64.html>;
No mention of Thomas (or other "servants") by name in the Last Will and Testament of Sir Geo. Yeardley, 12 October, 1627, proved 14 February, 1628 in James City, VA. All goods and "servants" left to divide by his 3 children.
3. The Third Supply.
Source: Where's My Damn Castle? By George D. Ziemann.
URL: <http://www.azoz.com/family/castle/1607/Supply3.html>;
The Deliverance 1609, Third Jamestown, Virginia Supply
Yearlley, Sir George -- Knight; See name in Virginia Muster
Listed in the Second Charter of Virginia as "George Yeardley, Gentleman". He must have been knighted just prior to the trip.
His wife, Lady Temperance Yearlley, arrived on the Falcon in 1608.

Well, that's all I have for now. I welcome ANY comments, suggestions (other than those stating I need to rewrite/renumber my confusing footnotes.. sorry about that) or theories on these 2 Thomas DUNN(E)'s.
Take care and feel free to email me anytime on this line.
Kathy Roberson

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