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From: Geoff Nicholson <>
Subject: Re: Hello everyone
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 11:12:09 +0100

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>I am Ruth Wilson and I live in Leesburg FL of the USA. Have been doing
>genealogy research on my family for about 3 years now. My maiden name was Bee
>and my ancestor came from England. I must admit that I don't know (at least
>not yet)if it was from the Co Durham, but this is what I hope to find out.
>One of the most often used given names for Bee males in our lineage was
>"Jacob". Not long ago I found the following and ever since I have been
>intrigued if it might be a clue on my heritage. Wonder if anyone in that area
>can enlighten me on it.
>Found this on a page in Family Tree Maker of Genealogy Forum.
>1711 15th January
>Mr Jacob Bee, author of the Bee Diaries, a record of unusual events and
>occurences has died. Durham born Bee, a former skinner and glover has
>been burried at St Margaret's Durham. In his later years Bee had been an
>outpensioner of Sherburn Hospital.
> I 'd be obliged if anyone in Co Durham can tell me if there is a way for me
>to get further information on this individual.
>Also I hate to show my ignorance but what is a skinner and/or glover?

I think Jacob Bee's Diaries have been printed in one of the
earlier volumes of the Surtees Society publications. The Surtees
Society was founded in the mid-nineteenth century to carry on the work
of Robert Surtees, the Historian of Co Durham, who had died young. It's
brief was to publish "previously unpublished material relating to the
counties of Durham and Northumberland and dating from before the
Commonwealth period". Several of their publications have gone outside
this brief, both as regards the chronological and the geographical
limits. They usually publish one volume per year, though in some early
years they produced more than one and they now have just over 200
publications, many of which, including a volume of about four or five
early diaries, including Jacob Bee's, are now very rare.

The Bee family seems to have been quite a wealthy one, based, if
my memory serves me right, in Durham City. Again, going from memory, I
have a feeling that the diary has been well presented, with copious
footnotes to explain references within it and to give background
information, especially about the people who are mentioned.

If you would like me to look further into this matter
(photocopies of the Surtees Society books of the Diaries, etc) please
send me a private e-mail (ie off-list), as it would involve a
significant amount of time and would therefore have to become a
commercial matter (see my signature).

A skinner and glover was a tradesman who skinned dead cattle
etc, or who bought their skins from the slaughtermen, and after suitable
curing etc, made them up into leather goods, particularly into leather
gloves. Of course it was not always cattle - hence "kid gloves" made
from the skins of young goats. There were skinners and glovers in most
large towns but some places, such as Hexham, which were the centres of
large agricultural districts, were particularly full of them and it was
one of the major industries of Hexham until the nineteenth century. In
Newcastle the Skinners and Glovers were one of the old Trades Guilds,
which controlled the trade of the town.

Best wishes,

Geoff Nicholson

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