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From: "R. A. Durham" <>
Subject: [DURHAM-L] Father of Matthew Durham
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 12:10:02

This is submitted for further discussion as the Thomas Durham at the
bottom could be the father of Matthew Durham - Susannah Lindsey,
or a son of the same name. No flames just thoughts.

The story is told, apparently handed down through several generations, John
Durham, the father of Thomas Durham, b. 1696, England, who married Margaret
"Polly" Lindsey on shipboard or immediately after they landed had brother
Matthhew, b. 1727 in NC/VA. Thomas' mother is shown as Elizabeth Cates
which indicates John md her after arriving in VA. Poor Elizabeth Cates,
have seen her husband as William and Thomas in addition to John. For
unknown reason, this story never rang true to me; also several others. I
accept Thomas as John's son even though he didn't name a son John, until
something else develops.

My theory (unproven) is Thomas Durham as husband of Elizabeth Cates and
father of Matthew
Durham and Achilles Durham and others. Five males as children of this
marriage, Matthew b. 1727 to Achilles. b. c1743. Achilles, the youngest,
had the care of his mother, Elizabeth Cates Durham, who was with him when
he moved to Orange Co., NC, then to Rutherford Co., TN and died and buried
near Shelby. (This has been challenged, awaiting proof). We find data on a
Thomas Durham's estate being administered in Orange Co., NC in Jun 1743 and
inventory being returned in Aug of 1743 showinf a worth of L7+.

Now, this becomes sticky. Matthew Durham md Susannah Lindsey, prbly
daughter of William Lindsey of Brunswick Co., VA, formerly of Spots. Co.
There is a deed witnessed by a Thomas Durham in Spots., who lived near
William Lindsey. Later in Brunswick Co., VA a Thomas Durham is living upon
land owned by William Lindsey. Assuming Matthew as a son of Thomas, what
more natural than he should marry William's daughter, Susannah? And when
Matthew & Susannah named first son, Thomas and second son William Lindsey
after the manner of the times, it seems pretty conclusive evidence of the

William Lindsey had a daughter, Winifred, who md George Durham in Brunswick
Co. Her father deeded land to George Durham. George left a will, d. 1767,
with wife and son, Humphrey as exectrs. He is reported to be last Durham in
Brunswick Co. {My Durhams were in Mecklenburg Co. at the time, adjacent to
Brunswick Co.}

Kenneth Durham who wrote a book on the East Texas descendants of Matthew &
Susannah did a great deal of research and I recently had the privilege of
reviewing all of it. He had a fair amount of data on William Lindsey, his
sons and his ancestry and the only reason I can see why he did not make the
connection was due to his illness or he bought the old story. He certainly
was on the trail.

The following was found by Joan Evans

Thomas Durham of Spotsylvania Co., & Brunswick Co., VA

Spotsylvania Court Orders

1739 Feb 7th Thomas Durham, Pltf against Patterson Pulliam, Dftd. On
motion of Dfdt. a Special imparlance is granted him. In the action of
Trespass between Pattterson Pulliam, Pltf and Robert Turner & Catherine,
his wife. Dfdts., on the motion of Dfdts a Special Imparlance is granted

1739 April Thomas Durham as well as for us and for himself (Turner's) in
his suit against Patterson Pulliam....jury finds for Dfdt. And it is
considered that the suit be dismist and the sd Durham pay the Pltf. the sd
Pulliam his costs, etc.
He is ordered to pay the following for evidence against Pulliam:
John Carr Hanover Co. 115 lbs tobacco
Wm. Cape 25 lbs " "
Wm. Cape, Jr Orange Co. 30 lbs " "
Thomas Rawlings 25 lbs " "
Thomas Gibson Brunswick Co. 385 lbs " "

Pulliam is ordered to pay the following:
Robert Stubblefield 35 lbs tobacco
John Word 25 lbs " "

1740 Jun 3rd Grand Jury against Thomas Durham & Catherine Turner.
Presentment for not coming to church, etc. It is considered that the
Presentment against Catherine Turner be dismist and that an alias Subpena
do issue for Thomas Durham.

1740 Jul 1st
Grand Jury against Thomas Durham Presentment for not
coming to church, etc., the same is dismist. The said Durham being sickly &
unable to ride to church. Ordered that Thomas Durham be discharged from the
payment of County & Publick Levys this ensuing year.


1742 Jun 24 Thomas Durham having by his petition set forth he was very
old decrepit & sickly and had a mortification in his right foot & praying
that he might be set levy free. Its ordered that he be freed from paying
all parish & county dues & he is set levy free accordingly.

1743 Jun 23 Bond of Robert Turner, John Catlet and Wm. Burk unto
Thomas Chew, Justice. For 20L. Robert Turner is admr. of
Thomas Durham.
Wit: Catlett Conway.

1743 Aug 25 Thomas Durham. Inventory. Made pursuant to order of 23 Jun
1743. Total valuation L7. 5. 9. Returned by Robert Turner, Admin.

20 Aug 1745 William Lindsey land patent. 174 a S. side Maherin R. (Corr. S
side of 3 Mile Creek, North side of Maherin River)

12 Jan 1747 Ditto, 400 a both sides of Wildcat Creek.

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