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From: "LC & BJ Kirkwood" <>
Subject: Re: [Dyfed] Royal Welsh.
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 10:23:18 +1100
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Dear Robert,

Aren't we lucky. With so many people of importance in our gene pool, we can
blame any personal traits on at least one of them!

Bettye Kirkwood.
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Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2009 9:30 AM
Subject: [Dyfed] Royal Welsh.

> Vera.I was only quoting what others have told me.
> Including a book written quite recently on the Life of G.T.CLARK.They
> mentioned in that book that a lot of the stuff he researched was at the
> most
> "Wishful Thinking".They reckoned that he was what you mentioned,A "Snob".
> The thing I was trying to say was,There are many Millions of us out there
> who are equally descended from these Welsh Aristocrat's.That is if you
> believe whats been written.
> The "Pinch of Salt"that I had mentioned was actually Increased to a
> "Wheelbarrow"Full.
> I can count as my ancestors,The English King Henry the first.
> And William the Conqueror.But so can about another Million or so living
> people all over the world.
> If you Read the 6 Volumes of the book
> "The Plantagenet Book of the Blood Royal",By the Marquis De Revigny
> written
> in 1909,He reckoned there were 100,000 people alive in 1909 who were
> descended from King Edward III,who reigned between 1327-1377.
> Now go back another 300 years to William The Conqureor,and you can count
> all
> the Kings between those dates,and you can mulitply by many times the
> Edward
> III's descendants.
> The same Equasion can be said with the Early Welsh Kings and princes.I am
> descended from the Lord RHYS who died in 1197.Also Ifor Bach,Robert
> Fitzhammon,Robert Earl of Gloucester[illegitimate son of King Henry
> I.]Hywyl
> Da,Rhodri Mawr,and many more.Also many Early Kings of France.
> There was a programe on T.V;Recently and I was Excited to learn it was
> about
> somebody who was Related to Queen Victoria.
> You can Imagine my Disapointment to learn they were many times removed
> Cousins to her,with a Relationship that went back many hundreds of years
> before.
> Well,Like many hundreds of thousands alive today,I too am a cousin of
> Victoria.Also of the Queen,Humphrey Bogart,George Washington,Many other
> Presidents,All descended from William I,
> Also.....
> You, and many others too numerous to mention.
> Graham.
> --
> Graham Williams.of
> Canton,Cardiff.
> Glam;FHS;#551.
> ["Seek,And Ye shall Find!"]
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