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From: Catherine deCuir <>
Subject: Re: DeCuir family and civil rights
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 11:10:25 -0800
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Hi Jessica,

I've heard of this case before -- several years ago on the internet, I
could do a search for DeCuir and find just a few matches -- Randy's page,
L.J.'s fishing lures, and Hall v. DeCuir references. Here's a brief

The page doesn't mention her first name, but sounds like the one you're
looking for. The case is described elsewhere as:

85. Hall v. DeCuir, 95 U.S. 485 (1878).
Louisiana Reconstruction Act, prohibiting interstate common
carriers of passengers from making any discrimination on the
basis of
race or color, held invalid as a regulation of interstate commerce.

Several law schools' courses mention Hall v. DeCuir, too. Good luck with
your research!


>historian, Leon Litwack, has done some investigation on the civil rights
>movement in Louisiana. Apparently, there was a DeCuir family member that
>served as a precursor to the Rosa Parks incident. I think that her name
>was Josephine DeCuir. I was wondering if anyone has any information on
>that incident or knows about any other DeCuir family members' involvement

Catherine deCuir
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