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From: Carla Cushman <>
Subject: BOGAERT.Neeltje&Descs o/Cornelis Theuniszn
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 12:06:09 +0000

Good afternoon.

I¹ve read with interest the recent BOGAERT thread between Betty, Cheryl and Roland,
sufficiently teased to look up this line in my own database. On the plus side, what I have on
the descendants of Cornelis Theuniszn BOGAERT may be helpful to you. On the minus side, I
find that I cannot link Neeltje BOGAERT to this line. At the end of the descendancy, you¹ll
see this lone BOGAERT who married into my RYCKMAN line...just sitting there with no parents
or siblings. Perhaps someone can help me.

First Generation
1. Cornelis Theuniszn BOGAERT. Born in Schoonrewoerd, NL. Died Before 1646 in Schoonrewoerd,
He married Beeltje CORNELISE. Born in Schoonrewoerd, NL. Died Before 1661 in Schoonrewoerd,
NL. They had the following children:
2i.Cornelis Corneliszn BOGAERT

Second Generation
2. Cornelis Corneliszn BOGAERT. Born in Schoonrewoerd, HOL. Buried 28 Jul 1665 in Albany, NY.
Following data courtesy of Cheska Wheatley <>:
"According to Talcott, Cornelius came from Holland prior to 1640 and settled in
Rensselaerwyck where he held lands under Patroon Van Rensselaer in 1641, and owned lands in
Beverwyck (now Albany). [TALC1973, pp. 24]
"Talcott claims Cornlius is the ancestor of all the Albany Bogarts, but John Boagart points
out that the date of his arrival is controversial and no proof for the birth or baptism of
the children of Cornelius has ever been found in this country or in Holland. [BOGA1959, pp.
3i.Jacob Cornelius BOGAERT

Third Generation
3. Jacob Cornelius BOGAERT. Born 1654 in Albany, NY. Died 3 Apr 1725 in Albany, NY.
He married Jannetje QUACKENBOSCH, daughter of Pieter QUACKENBOSCH & Maritje ARIENS_(ARIENSZ),
Jan 1678/1679 in NY. Born 1663 in Albany NY. Died 5 Jan 1721 in Albany, NY. They had the
following children:
4i.Dyrkje BOGAERT
5ii.Marya BOGAERT
6iii.Cornelius BOGAERT
7iv.Magdalena BOGAERT
8v.Jacob Jacobse BOGAERT
9vi.Pieter Jacobse BOGAERT
10vii.Abraham BOGAERT
11viii.Isaac BOGAERT
12ix.Benjamine BOGAERT

Fourth Generation
4. Dyrkje BOGAERT. Born 5 Oct 1679.

5. Marya BOGAERT. Born 14 Jun 1681 in Albany, NY.
She married Samuel Franz PRUYN, 15 Jan 1703. Buried 27 Jun 1752. They had the following
13i.Franciscus Bogaert PRUYN
14ii.Alida Bogaert PRUYN
15iii.Jacob PRUYN
16iv.Maritie Bogaert PRUYN
17v.Johannes Bogaert PRUYN

6. Cornelius BOGAERT. Born 23 Sep 1683 in Albany, NY. Died 27 Jul 1755. Buried 29 Jul 1755 in
Albany, NY.
He married Dorothy OOTHOUT, 8 Oct 1707. Born 18 Dec 1687. Died 23 Dec 1777. They had the
following children:
18i.Jannetje BOGAERT
19ii.Hendrick BOGAERT
20iii.Catharine BOGAERT
21iv.Rachel BOGAERT
22v.Hendrick BOGAERT
23vi.Hendrick BOGAERT

7. Magdalena BOGAERT. Born 2 Mar 1685.
She married Maas Hendrick VAN BUREN, 1711.

8. Jacob Jacobse BOGAERT. Born 14 Sep 1687 in Albany, NY. Died Apr 1725 in Albany, NY. Buried
6 Apr 1725.
He married Catalyna SCHUYLER. They had the following children:
24i.Jannetje BOGAERT
25ii.Alida BOGAERT
26iii.Pieter BOGAERT
27iv.Maria BOGAERT
28v.Maria BOGAERT
29vi.Catalyna BOGAERT

9. Pieter Jacobse BOGAERT. Born 22 Sep 1689 in Albany, NY.
He married Rebecca FONDA. Died in Albany, NY. Buried 5 Feb 1754. They had the following
30i.Jannetje BOGAERT
31ii.Douwe BOGAERT
32iii.Jacob BOGAERT
33iv.Pieter BOGAERT
34v.Rebecca BOGAERT
35vi.Abraham BOGAERT
36vii.Magdalena BOGAERT

10. Abraham BOGAERT. Born 16 Feb 1692.

11. Isaac BOGAERT. Born 18 Jan 1695 in Albany, NY. Died 15 Sep 1770 in Albany, NY.
He married Hendricke OOTHOUT, 25 Nov 1725. Born 1695. Died 21 Apr 1764 in Albany, NY. They
had the following children:
37i.Jacob BOGAERT
38ii.Hendrick L. BOGAERT
39iii.Jacob BOGAERT
40iv.Jacob BOGAERT (Twin)
41v.Catharine BOGAERT (Twin)
42vi.Isaac BOGAERT

12. Benjamine BOGAERT. Born 8 Mar 1698 in Albany, NY.
He married Anna HALLENBECK, 20 Feb 1727. Died Oct 1749 in Albany, NY. They had the following
43i.Jannetje BOGAERT
44ii.Dorothy BOGAERT
45iii.Maria BOGAERT
46iv.Rachel BOGAERT
47v.Jacob BOGAERT
48vi.Anna BOGAERT
49vii.Magdalena BOGAERT
50viii.Anna BOGAERT
51ix.Isaac BOGAERT

Fifth Generation
13. Franciscus Bogaert PRUYN. Born 15 Mar 1704.

14. Alida Bogaert PRUYN. Born 17 Nov 1706.

15. Jacob PRUYN. Born 10 Feb 1712.

16. Maritie Bogaert PRUYN. Born 20 Sep 1713.

17. Johannes Bogaert PRUYN. Born 14 Jul 1723.

18. Jannetje BOGAERT.
She married Johannes V. DOUW.

19. Hendrick BOGAERT. Died 17 Apr 1712.
Twin of Catharine?

20. Catharine BOGAERT. Born 13 Dec 1711. Died 3 Feb 1794.

21. Rachel BOGAERT. Born 3 Mar 1715.
She married Volkbert An DOUW, 19 Apr 1742.

22. Hendrick BOGAERT. Born 29 Sep 1718. Died 27 Jun 1722.

23. Hendrick BOGAERT. Born 3 Jul 1724.
He married Engeltje VAN SCHAICK, 29 Jun 1751.

24. Jannetje BOGAERT.
She married Sybrant VAN SCHAICK, 19 Aug 1733.

25. Alida BOGAERT.
She married Johannes VAN SCHAICK.

26. Pieter BOGAERT.

27. Maria BOGAERT.
Died young.

28. Maria BOGAERT.

29. Catalyna BOGAERT.

30. Jannetje BOGAERT.
She married Wouter GROESBECK, 14 Dec 1739.

31. Douwe BOGAERT. Born 1 Oct 1714.
He married Willempie BRATT, 7 Dec 1739. Born 1715.
Witnesses to her baptism: Albert Ryckman, Willempie Bratt

32. Jacob BOGAERT. Born 21 Jul 1716. Died 1815.
He married Maria YATES, 24 Oct 1741.

33. Pieter BOGAERT. Born 14 Aug 1718.
He married Barbara VAN VRANKEN, Jan 1758.

34. Rebecca BOGAERT. Born 10 Apr 1721.
She married Johannes BOCKER, 15 Jun 1751.

35. Abraham BOGAERT. Born 18 Nov 1723.
He married Marytje BASSETT, Jun 1753.

36. Magdalena BOGAERT. Born 9 Jan 1725.
She married Johannes SPOOR, 18 Jun 1757.

37. Jacob BOGAERT. Born 10 Aug 1726. Died in Died in infancy.

38. Hendrick L. BOGAERT. Born 26 Oct 1729. Died 27 Jun 1821.
He married Barbara MARSELIS, 19 Feb 1758.

39. Jacob BOGAERT. Born 9 Jan 1733. Died 20 Jan 1733.

40. Jacob BOGAERT. Born 25 Sep 1734. Died 20 Oct 1746.

41. Catharine BOGAERT. Born 25 Sep 1734.
She married Gerrit Myndertse VAN YEVEREN, 17 Jul 1764.

42. Isaac BOGAERT. Born 13 Jun 1741. Died 25 Sep 1818.
She married Cathalyna HUN, 1 Dec 1773. Died 18 Nov 1824.

43. Jannetje BOGAERT.

44. Dorothy BOGAERT.

45. Maria BOGAERT.

46. Rachel BOGAERT.

47. Jacob BOGAERT.

48. Anna BOGAERT.
Died 1744.

49. Magdalena BOGAERT.

50. Anna BOGAERT.
Born After 1744.

51. Isaac BOGAERT.
Died Sep 1747.


Now, after all that, I have this one lone BOGAERT--Neeltje--who md. Albert RYCKMAN Jr. in

Husband:Albert RYCKMAN Jr.
Birth:About 1676
Death:8 Oct 1722
Father:Albert Janse RYCKMAN Capt. (1642-1737)
Mother:Nelletje QUACKENBOSCH (1650-1738)
Other spouses:Jessie DE_FOREST

Marriage:29 Aug 1697

Wife:Neeltje BOGAERT

Prob. no children, as none were listed as heirs in his father's will (1736), nor in his
brother Harmanus's will.
1694: Admitted as member of Church of Jesus Christ in Albany on 21 March.
1720: Listed as Freeholder on 1720 census for Albany NY.
1722: An Albert Ryckman was bd 8 Oct 1722, listed as Albert Ryckman's son, therefore,
presumably, this Albert was son of Albert Janse Ryckman.


Surely Neeltje BOGAERT should tie in to the BOGAERTS in the preceding descendancy!

If anyone can get this line figured out for me, I¹d be very grateful. Meanwhile, I hope some
of this helps someone else.

Kindest regards,

Carla Cushman

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