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From: Catherine DiPietro <>
Subject: Tidbits from "The Dutch, the Indians and the Quest for Copper"
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 18:33:55 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings Dutch and Sussex Researchers,

Some points I thought might be of general interest from Herbert C. Kraft's
book, "The Dutch, the Indians and the Quest for Copper" Seton Hall
University Museum; South Orange, NJ 07079, c. 1996 ISBN 0-935137-02-5
which debunks the theory that the "Old Mine Road" (from Esopus to the
Delaware Water Gap) was built and in use circa 1650. He cites 16 pages
of bibliographical references, old maps, 1715 and 1719 expeditions by
John Redding and other papers to conclude that the road did not exist
beyond being an Indian path prior to 1710. Many interesting historical
points regarding the Dutch and Indians are taken up and proven or disproved.

Indian Hostilities:
Governor Kieft War (1643-1645)
Raritan Indians were accused of stealing hogs from a Staten Island farm
and from David DeVries when, in fact, some Dutch servants had committed
the theft. When asked to make restitution, the Indians refused.
Governor Willem Kieft responded by sending Secretary van Tienhoven with
50 armed soldiers and 20 sailors to attack the Indians, destroy their
crops and take as many prisoners as possible. The chief's brother was
killed and others tortured.
Peach War (1655-1657)
Esopus Wars (1659-1664)
Dutch against the Esopus Indians, the Minisink offered shelter to the
Esopus without entering the fight themselves.

First settlers of the Minisink - William Tietsort arrived about 1696
around Esopus (now Kingston) followed by 20 Hollanders who made application
in Jan 1696 as co-partners to purchase lands in Mackackameck (Port Jervis)
including Peter Gumaer, Jacob Cuddeback, Jan Tyse, David Jamison, and
the brothers Thomas, Anthony and Barnardus Swartwout.

West Jersey Deeds in Minisink Island area - purchase made by Johannes
Westphalia, Claus Westphalia, Simon Westphalia, Tunis Quick and Cornelius
Dutcher made of Thomas Stevenson, West Jersey proprietor on 18 Apr 1713
for 2,000 acres.

Hope this was of interest,
Catherine DiPietro listowner: Lunen-Links, Kinney-L

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