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From: "Harman Clark" <>
Subject: Re: RAPALJE: Verification of Descent; Dutch Naming Patterns
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 14:13:25 -0500

I will have to check my "paper" files, which are not nearly as
organized or accessible as my computer program <g> as I have not gone
beyond the list of children of Maretje Van Neste (by her husbands
David Willemsen and Peter Bodine) in the computer.
Your comments about the naming patterns are interesting. I am
not as "sold" on those patterns as some of the others on the message
list, and my reaction would also be that Rapaljes were not,
themselves, Dutch, and might not have been as rigid as following the
patterns. That, of course, doesn't answer your question, but I am
hoping someone will come along who can.
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From: Perry Streeter <>
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Date: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 10:34 AM
Subject: RAPALJE: Verification of Descent; Dutch Naming Patterns

> Harman and other RAPALJE Researchers:
> Harman, in response to your posting, I was hoping that you might
> be able to confirm or refute my Rapalje line of descent through
> William Williamson, son of Marytje Pieterse Van Neste, dau. of
> Judith Joris Rapale. A violation of Dutch naming patterns in
> William's family indicates that Marytje may not have been
> William's mother. I have included some excerpts from a document
> in progress below. Any corrections or additions will be greatly
> appreciated!
> Thanks for your help,
> Perry
> Perry Streeter () Canandaigua, NY
> 2. David-2 Williamson "Willemsen" (Willem-1 Davidszen), born
> circa 1676; died after May 1710; was perhaps married first to an
> undocumented woman Catalyntje _____; married, perhaps as his
> wife, Marytje-2 Pieterse Van Neste, born 1 June 1678 (BR) at
> Breuckelen (now Brooklyn), Kings County, New York, baptized in
> Reformed Dutch Church of New York City as "Marritie" with
> Gysbertsen & Sara Joris" her maternal aunt and uncle as
> (BDC I:132), daughter of Pieter-1 Pieterszen Van Neste and
> Joris Rapalje (Fred Sisser III, Somerset County Historical
> Quarterly, [1984-85]). David and Marytje were first identified
> a married couple when they witnessed the baptism of "Nicolaes,"
> of Claes Arentszen Tours and Jacomyntje-2 Pieterse Van Neste
> (Pieter-1 Pieterszen) at the Bergen Church on 21 June 1703.
> Marytje married second, circa 1710, Peter Bodine, the son of
> and Marie (Crocheron) Bodine (SCGQ, 3:233-235).
> It should be noted that the names of the children of
> son, William-3, follow Dutch naming practices perfectly with one
> exception. The second daughter was named Catalyntje when one
> expect her to have been named Marytje in honor of her paternal
> grandmother, Marytje (Van Neste) Williamson. As one would
> William-3 and his wife, Jannetje, named their third daughter
> Jannetje. This may suggest that David was first married to a
> named Catalyntje and that she was the mother of William-3.
> However, the name, Catalyntje, is found in Marytje's ancestry;
> mother, Judith Rapalje, was the daughter of Joris Janszen
> and Catalyntje Trico. Marytje's sister, Catalyn, married Dirck
> Aertsen Middagh, son of Aert Theuniszen Middagh.
> Children; there were perhaps others (SCGQ):
> Perhaps by Catalyntje _____, otherwise by Marytje Van
> 3. i. William, b. ca. 1703; m. Jannetje-2 "Jane" Pieters
> Cowenhoven; named after his paternal grandfather.
> By Marytje Van Neste:
> ii. Judith-3, b. 1707; bapt. Church of the Raritan 3 Aug
> 1707 (SCGQ; 2:44) with her maternal uncle, Pieter
> Van Neste Jr. as witness; named after her
> grandmother.
> 3. William-3 Williamson "Willem Willemsen" (David-2, Willem-1
> Davidszen), born circa 1703; married circa 1722 to Jannetje-7
> "Jane" Pieters Cowenhoven, born 28 July 1697 (Notes from Bergen,
> pg. 80 say that "Jane, m. _____ Williamson."), daughter of
> Willemse Cowenhoven (William-5 Gerretse, Gerret-4 Willemse,
> Willem-3 Gerretse, Gerret-2 Wolfertse, Wolfert-1 Gerretse) and
> Patience Daws [Dawes?] (Elias, ...). Peter Cowenhoven settled
> Monmouth County, New Jersey, was a member of RDC of Freehold and
> had a will dated 15 March 1743. (Notes on other New Brunswick,
> Jersey baptisms in "Williamson" Notes, in a genealogy notebook,
> Jersey Room, Rutgers University, Rutgers, New Jersey).
> Children, first baptized at Freehold, Monmouth County, New
> Jersey; remainder baptized at New Brunswick, Somerset County,
> Jersey:
> i. child-4, bapt. 8 Aug 1725 to William Williamson and
> Jane.
> ii. Patenties, bapt. 20 Sep 1728 to Wilm and Jannetje
> Wilmsen; named after her maternal grandmother.
> iii. Catalyntje, bapt. 30 May 1731 to Willem and Jannitie
> Willemse. Based on Dutch naming practices one
> would expect that the second daughter would have
> been named Marytje, after the paternal
> This exception to tradition may indicate that
> David-2 Willemsen had an otherwise undocumented
> first wife named Catalyntje.
> iv. David, bapt. 25 July 1731 to Wellem and Yannetye
> Wellemse; named after his paternal grandfather.
> 4. v. Peterius, bapt. 19 May 1734 to William and Jannetje
> Williamson; m. Catherine-3 Griggs; named after
> maternal grandfather.
> vi. Jannetje, bapt. 9 Jan 1737 to William and Jannetje
> Williamson; named after her mother.
> vii. William, bapt. 6 Feb 1737 to William and Jannetje
> Williamson; d. young; named after his father.
> viii. Johannes, bapt. 2 Mar 1743 to William and Jannetje
> Williamson.
> ix. William Willemse, bapt. 9 Apr 1749, son of Jannetje,
> witnesses: John and Patiense TenBrock; perhaps
> William's maternal grandmother had remarried;
> after his father.

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