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From: John H. Camp< >
Subject: Harris, Burger, Van Deusen (1688) - the ties that bind
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:07:51 -0500

G'day fellow Colonials,

Just before toddling off to bed last night (which means I haven't had much
time to look into this) I came across the following:

20. Jacobus (Isaacs) VAN DEUSEN, son of Isaac Abrahamsen VAN DEUSEN; m. abt.
1688, Catharina BURGERS (BURGHARDT), dau. of Johannes Gerritsen BURGER
and Lysbeth CLAES, and their children were:

1. Jannetie, bp. 1689; sp. Lysbeth HARRIS, Jan HARRIS, Abraham ISAACS.

- from The Early Generations of the Van Deusen Family in America, by Louis
Hasbrouck Von Sahler, NYGBR, p. 154 (1899)

I was first struck by the sponsors to Jannetie's baptism. Jan HARRIS and
Lysbeth HARRIS are my ancestors (their daughter, Elisabeth, married as his
second wife Hendrick MANDEVILLE). Trouble is, I can't find where Jannetie
was baptised. A quick check of the Albany, New York, Brooklyn, Flatbush,
Kingston, Bergen, and Hackensack baptismal records yielded *nothing*. Does
anyone have anything in their notes about this child and her baptismal


And now on to Lysbeth HARRIS, the baptismal sponsor mentioned above. What do
we know about her?

a. Probably prior to the earliest date that records for the Reformed Dutch
Church of Albany exist (late 1683) she married Jean (aka Jan) HARRIS.

b. I don't have the date handy (which bothers me that I don't have it in my
notes <grumble>) but about 1699 she is thought to have married a second
time (in Albany) to Jean KERR, "bachelor, of Londonderry, Ireland, last
from Southampton."

c. Her partonymic was CLAESE.

d. She had five known children by Jan HARRIS:

(no birth or baptismal record exists for the first two children; all
others baptised at the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany)

1. Elizabeth HARRIS, married Hendrick MANDEVILLE.

2. Jan HARRIS, married Janntje NESSEPAT

3. Marie HARRIS, was bap. 22 Nov. 1685. Wit.: Robbert Sandersz, by
Gerritje Vile.

4. Willem HARRIS, was bap. 7 Apr. 1689. Wit.: Harmon Tomesz, by
Caterina Borger. He died young.

5. Willem HARRIS, was bap. 6 Sept. 1691. Wit.: Mr. Kint, Benoni Van
Corlar, and Lysbeth Van der Poel.

e. She was alive in 1705 when she acted as baptismal sponsor for one known
and one suspected grandchild (see below).


I now begin to wonder if she might not have been married first to Johannes
Gerritsen BURGER mentioned above. There is a *DEFINITE* BURGER presence in
the lives of the HARRIS children. As you can see above, Catharine BURGER
(called Caterine Borger in the baptismal record) acted as a sponsor to the
first Willem HARRIS above. But wait, there's more!

If you look at the children of Jan HARRIS and Jannetje NESSEPAT, we see:

[all baptised at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York]

Catharina HARRIS, was bap. 6 May 1705. Wit.: Leonard Leuwis and Elizabeth

Maria HARRIS, was bap. 24 Sept. 1707. Wit.: Gerret Burger and Saartje,
"s.h. vrou."

Johannes HARRIS, was bap. 12 Sept. 1708. Wit.: Pieter Burger and Catharina,
"s:huys vrou."

Johannes HARRIS, was bap. 2 Dec. 1709. Wit.: Pieter Burger and Maria Goederes.

Elizabeth HARRIS, was bap. 5 Jan. 1715. Wit.: Dirk Bensen and Catharina Van
Deurse. (I include this child on the thought that Catharina VAN DEUSEN is
really Catharina BURGER).


I also just happened to have the baptisms for Pieter BURGER and Catherina
DANIELS (HENNION) handy and saw the following:

[all baptised at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York]

Johannes BURGER, was bap. 13 May 1705. Wit.: Jan Herris Bakker and Elizabeth

Pieter BURGER, was bap. 1 Feb. 1708. Wit.: Jan Herres and Maritje Henjon,


Does anyone have any information on the family of Johannes Gerritse BURGER
and Lysbeth CLAES??? It would seem that if Lysbeth CLAES were born, say,
1650, and married Johannes BURGER in say 1670, she could have Catherina
shortly after her marriage and have her be of prime marrying age (abt. 17)
in 1688 (when she married Isaac Abrahamsen VAN DEUSEN). After a few more
children (Gerrit and Johannes seem to be the names most seen in conjunction
with each other) Johannes could have died and she could then have married
Jan HARRIS and still be in her child-bearing prime (albeit a bit passed the
peak). Her last child by this scenario would have been born when she was
about 41. All in all not a bad little bit of speculation for someone who
hasn't had time yet to really look into this. Of course I realize it is
only speculation :^)

Which is why I turn to you. Can anyone support or disprove this scenario
right off the bat? If so, you'll save me bunches of time and effort. If
not, I'll plug and chug merrily on my way and let any interested parties
know what I find in my travels.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

John H. Camp

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